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Las Vegas has its nickname as The Entertainment Capital of The World. It is overly popular for its casinos, night clubs and luxury resorts. There are several movies which are set in or have a scene which features Las Vegas. Because of the hype it receives in entertainment, the city attracts a large crowd of tourists annually and will often be featured first on most people’s To-Visit wish list.

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Things to do in Las Vegas

You cannot exhaust what Las Vegas has for you. You can drive a race car, skydive indoors, take a helicopter tour, go on horseback tours or take a racing lesson. For a fulfilling experience, you will need to plan your trip well and choose activities you are interested in otherwise you will be confused. If you have got money to risk, you can play slots in a Casino or gamble. Other activities visitors can indulge in are sports and attending production shows and music concerts. Las Vegas is also an ideal destination for honeymooners and couples who intend to marry.

Where to stay in Las Vegas

There are many sleeping establishments in Las Vegas. Most Hotels are planted on the famous Las Vegas strip although several others exist off The Strip and in the suburbs. You will have to choose between Casinos hotels and Mainstream hotels; if you do not plan on gambling, go with the later. Apart from the hotels, visitors can choose to stay at a hostel, a camping site or a bed and breakfast establishment.

Places to see in Las Vegas

When one is not gambling, partying away or being lured by the norms of Las Vegas, there are a few places they can go to see. These are:-

  • The Auto Collection
  • Botanical gardens at Bellagio
  • The gallery of fine art at Bellagio
  • Titanic: The exhibition

Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas has very hot summers. If you plan to visit, the best months are November, October, May, April and March. However, Las Vegas is always receiving visitors irrespective of what time of the year it is. In winter, there are people who come to snowboard and ski in the nearby mountains. It rarely snows in the metropolitan area.

Getting around in Las Vegas

Most visitors come to Las Vegas by air through the McCarran International Airport. It is the 8th busiest airport in the world which goes to prove how much people love being entertained. Major domestic carriers which service it are Alaska, Frontier, jetBlue and Sun Country Airlines. Popular foreign carriers which frequent the airport are Air Canada, British Airways and Copa Airlines. You can purchase tickets for these carriers at To get around the city, use bus tickets or rent a car.

Where to shop in Las Vegas

You cannot come to Las Vegas and fail to take a souvenir with you. If you have a growing passion for gambling, you will probably want to purchase a skills book from the Gamblers Book Club. Considering the gambling culture, most shopping stores are affiliated to casinos. Some of the popular brands include the Fashion Show Mall and Town Square.

Where to eat in Las Vegas

It has been joked that buffets are omnipresent in Las Vegas. They can be found everywhere even in casinos and serve good meals at budget price explaining why they are chosen by locals as well as tourists. A few popular examples are The Buffet at Bellagio, Spice Market and Village Seafood Buffet.

Nightlife in Las Vegas

The kind of nightlife found at Las Vegas describes the city. There are several nightclubs where people dance while gambling goes on undisrupted 24/7. Nightclubs are operational 7 days a week but very busy on Fridays and Saturdays when the city is inflated by visitors from nearby cities who will normally depart on Sunday.

Las Vegas Passport & Visa Requirements

US citizens flying to Las Vegas will be allowed to board a plane after showing an authentic ID. It is not necessary to carry a passport unless you intend to connect to an international destination after landing in Vegas.

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