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The dynamic market of Business class is breaking all barriers innovative products in competitive prices and there is a new arrival on board which has quickly became a game changer in offering the cheapest business class flight tickets. Although in its nascent stage the company is already making quite a stir in the market.

La Compagnie is an independent company which flies solo class operating on one of the world’s busiest routes which is also among the largest financial centres of the world; between the Paris (Orly) Airport and Newark. The company has Boeing 757s that flies twice a day with 74-seats on the deck giving boutique style flying experience in prices of an economy class of its competitors. The Parisian service is making quite a killing with flights going packed with 85 percent load factor. They have a staunch belief in their groundbreaking concept that makes sense as an ample number of corporations nowadays are willing to pay for the business class on a long-haul journey particularly to some of the busiest business destinations like New York and Paris.

La Compagnie follows a simple business dynamics of tapping on business travellers who are well acquainted with business class and coach travelers who are willing to pay a tad more to upgrade to the luxury and comfort of flying business class. Almost 40 percent of their passengers were not travelling earlier in business class have switched over to them – confirms one of their top sources. They were travelling coach class but now for a few hundred dollars extra, they can get a bed and also travel with better comfort and luxury.

Then the other 60% of their frequent flyers can now spend an average of $2,000 to 2,500 less per person.

There are umpteen advantages besides upgrading like when you board the plane, you don’t have to wait with the coach class as there is only one product on board, from the first row to the last row that beat the ridicules of class within classes of other airlines.

Passengers can enjoy the fast track security “Checking in is seamless with only barely few people in the front” says one of the regular passenger. Everyone will have access to a lounge; get served the same meal with same wine and champagne.

At Newark, La Compagnie passengers are granted access to the “Art & Lounge” space. It’s quiet and comfortable with a nice food as well as sandwiches, savoury muffins, nuts, olives, selection of cheese, salads, dry fruits, cookies & cakes, and scones and a wide variety of drinks to choose from.

Cuisine on board follows the seasons inspired recipes based on diners’ desires and inspires. Enjoy choicest wines and campaigns selected by the chief team who are experts in picking the rare wines from the award-winning harvests and vintages directly.

Fly in comfort of the 175° declinable seats 26 inch-wide with 62 inches of pitch. Every seat also had a Samsung Galaxy Pro tab which can also be removed from the port. You can see TV shows, movies, music, newspapers, and E-books as well as in-flight menu.

While deboarding the plane one doesn’t have to manage to deal with hundreds of other passengers through the immigration or claiming the bags. There are not more than 73 other passengers travelling which is not the case with any airline.

La Compagnie competes with British Airways’ Open Skies, which flies between Newark and Paris (Orly Airport), and JFK and Orly.

A quick comparison with the lowest fare offered by airlines that come up with discounted tickets sometimes like around the month of August, the price is around euro 2000 between Paris and France (to quote Air France) but even when they are out with that deal La Compagnie still has 50% cheaper tickets available says its founder, Frantz Yvelin.

A round trip with La Compagnie fetches near about $1,800 to $2,400 and $4,600 depending on options and the summer sale offers a round trip for even less. Booking last minute one-way fare costs approx $1,208 as compared to $7,300+ on other carriers. Of course, a round trip is cheaper as compared to a one way. The crux is that La Compagnie offers business-class seats at better rates than any economy and business class of other airlines

They have other offers like the Buy One Get One Free Fare and the cheap last-minute tickets that are hard to resist for passengers.

Check out the latest current Family trip for 2 offer where they are giving an R/T from $1,500* per adult and $1,300* per child.

There marketing is as out of the box as their product. Their breakthrough offer like the “’All You Can Fly Passes” enables passengers to get unlimited flights for full one year for $35,000.

Frantz Yvelin is buoyant about the immense development opportunity that exists on other routes from New York to Europe – cities other than Paris and also other routes between Paris and the US. He is hopeful that the services can extend to several cities in Europe, including Frankfurt, Geneva, Milan and Rome, as these markets are so strong that they are bound to succeed, he is upbeat about sectors between Paris and some destinations in Asia.

La Compagnie operates Boeing 757 planes which are the most efficient single aisle airplane in the world. Growth from here is not imminent, and it would require the airliner to add more aircraft. At the moment they are looking to seal a deal with the A321neo which is a lighter model that can fly long haul with better seat management, high efficiency and keeping the same model of operatives intact of only 70 passengers on board.

Yvelin says they may not pretend to be the best one but they are certainly providing the best value for business class in the world with prices that are cheaper two to three times. The airline believes in keeping it simple by doing what it’s best at, providing business class to a limited number of passengers. It’s a far better experience than travelling coach class yet at a near-coach price.

La Compagnie flights do not show up on travel-booking engines so passengers need to book directly from its website.

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