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New Emerging Norms and Trends of Flying this Summer

June 5, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

First, let’s crack the good news which is that this season seems cheaper than the last years as per the analysis done on most of the travel sites.

An average round-trip fare on the Memorial Day or the Labor Day will go under $350 this year, which is nearly 6 percent drop from the last year.

Flights to Europe from the U.S. are also in the range of 9-2% cheaper and to 5% cheaper to Canada. However with destinations like Asia, and Mexico and Central American a little is expected to change.
Here are a few things you are liable to meet while travelling this season.

Expect company –A lots of it

Summer is the busiest travel season for U.S. airlines, so airports will be witnessing more packed scenes, long waiting hours extending 2-3 hours and many instances of lost baggage too.

A record 246.1 million people are expected to fly between June 1 and Aug. 31, this is a nearly 4 percent increase over the last year, according to an industry group – the Airlines for America which spots a buoyant economy as the main reason. The increase if boiled down to numbers equates to about 96,000 more passengers a day.

Airlines are cringing at the sharp rise in fuel prices, and to counter this these airlines are adding newer routes and more frequencies to cash on the summer season.

The battle of the airlines, especially the with low-cost ones like Norwegian Air and WOW Air are offering 4.3 percent more seats in the May-July period.

Some airlines are trying their hands on new destinations like the American Airlines, inaugurated flights from Philadelphia to Prague and to Budapest as well as from Chicago to Venice.

Nashville , will get its first nonstop connection to Europe by British Airways starting service from the London Heathrow airport.

Passengers in Dallas will be able to take a flight to Reykjavik early this june courtesy the United Airlines.
United is starting new routes as well this year, including seasonal service from Newark, New Jersey, to Porto, Portugal. Another service that it intends to start shortly is from San Francisco to Zurich.

Delta has already begun a 5-times-a-week service from New York’s JFK International Airport to Ponta Delgada as well as from Atlanta to Lisbon.

Pack light or pay more

Airlines have been charging coach-class passengers for a long time but for those who flew internationally got a pass, but not anymore.

American and Delta have started charging travellers who bought basic economy fares that are generally the lowest fares to check their bags on trans-Atlantic routes. They are charging $60 to check the first bag. Alternatively, they can book a cheaper, regular economy-class ticket, which comes with a free checked bags.

The difference between Basic economy and regular economy-class tickets is that the former doesn’t include perks that generally come with the regular economy, such as advance seat selection etc. These are the passengers who also get to board last. Some airlines also do not allow passengers to use overhead bins on its domestic basic-economy fares.

The À la carte life

And that doesn’t stop there, low-cost airlines in a quest for more fees charge passengers for food and beverages on board, as well as for cabin baggage.

Other more expensive airlines provide the things mentioned above for free but they equate it by charging for other things like priority boarding at $9 to as high as $60, depending on the flight.

Some airlines have even banned suitcases that charge your phone too. These are the ones that have non-removable lithium-ion batteries.

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