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Best Budget Destinations to Travel in the US

May 28, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

U.S. News & World Report recently released a joint ranking of the “Best Summer Vacations in the USA” that ranks top destinations in the US in different categories serving as an ideal getaway this summer season.

#1 Boston is at the top of the list occupying the no.1 spot in the Best Summer Vacation destination in the US category. Packed with a lot of history, high on a music scene and a chance to enjoy an iconic match between the Huston Rockets and the Boston Celtics at the most famous basketball stadium at Boston.

# 2 The no.2 position is held by the beach friendly Oregon which is a nature’s wonder with tranquility all around.

# 3 The Steamboat Springs, Colorado occupies the 3rd spot which is ideal for hiking and camping.

And there is something for the budget travelers as well in the list.

# 4 A trip to Grand Canyon takes the no.1 spot followed closely by Virginia which has a good mix of history, islands, wildlife refuge and the Virginia Beach. No. 3 spot is for Fort Myers, Florida that attracts travelers for its large nature reserves and catchy beaches.

# 5 And if you are willing to expand your domain a little then try out some of the best affordable summer vacations. Topping the list of Budget friendly international destination is none other than Paris which already has the distinction of being the world’s most visited capital full of famous monuments and iconic sights.

# 6 Florence follows the trail by being no. 2 for its architectural and cultural wonder.

And the list goes on with best beaches accessed state wise and also the best of international beaches.

The list is compiled taking into consideration more than 700 destinations and a methodology that combines travelers’ opinions with expert analysis and is supposed to be a revered guide for travel enthusiasts and for those seeking refuge from work and want to try a quick getaway to revive their spirits.

Nency Willims

Nency Willims

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