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Making Affordable Business Class Flying and Save Big

Business class tickets and affordability, many a times, are like hangover and math exam, they don’t go together. Business class ticket offer the best travel experience and cost accordingly. Many airlines have shut down the first class tickets and moved solely to issuing business class and economy class tickets. The airlines which do offer both first class and business class tickets provide more or less the same amenities though first class tickets are more expensive.

The price of business class tickets are at the paramount and can make you pay through your nose.

Below are a few techniques which can abate the impact of purchasing a business class ticket on your pocket and make them affordable:-

Sale and discount offers

Airlines offer discount at regular intervals. You need to be on the lookout for these. You can even subscribe to the travel websites and they will inform you about any recent offers that may be appropriate for you.

You should also be on the lookout for last minute flight deals. Many a times, due to cancellations,

seats are left vacant. These vacant seats can be a cause for loss for the airline and so they offer these vacant seats at a heavy discount. For booking these deals you must subscribe to receive offers and advertisements from a website. Though these offers are for last minute booking, still you can save a lot by availing these.

Booking in advance can save you a considerable amount of money on airfare. This will enable you to hunt for discounts from an early period of time. A huge amount of competition in the airlines industry due to the advent of immense amount of airline companies has led these companies to offer discounts as much as possible to their customers.

Google’s Matrix

There are secret fares known as Y-up K-up or Q-up fares. These are not available online and are not offered directly to the customer by the airline. To get hold of these fares you must contact your travel agent who will inform you about the recent offering of these fares. These tickets automatically convert to first class or business class on the basis of availability of seats automatically and without additional costs. You can also use Google’s Matrix. Matrix enables you to find Y-up fares by searching for them in its search engine. There are a lot of codes that can help you in finding affordable business class or first class tickets.

For using ITA flight matrix go to their website. Matrix functions like a search engine but only for airlines and airfares. You can check the airlines and airfares for a round trip, one way trip or even multi city trip. You have to enter the data in the fields provided and set the date for your travel. Select the number of travellers, cabin and stops. Instead of entering a particular date you can work with the calendar which predicts the dates with lower airfare rates. After this click on search and all best airlines would be listed.

You can then copy down the code of the flight and contact the airline or your travel agent for completing the booking process.

There are other useful tools pertinent to airfares. Hopper notifies subscribers about any significant drop in the airfare. WhichBudget will give you the list of all the affordable airlines which provide service in the route you want to travel in. You can also try some other tweaks such as deleting the cookies on your computer. Many times websites store cookies on your computer to find out if you are searching for a particular flight too often. Then they assign a higher price to that ticket to gain more profit.


Goes without saying that it will behoove you to compare airfares of different airlines. This can be done by many means. There are a lot of companies specialising in travel services who can aid you with this. FareCompare is a website that can compare airfares and help you select the cheapest one. Book your airfare as soon as you find the most affordable one as it may be gone within the blink of an eye.

Airfares are constantly fluctuating from hour to minute basis. You can monitor the airfares through the websites of airlines or you can even contact your travel agent to know of the best time to purchase your ticket. Also, check the fee for baggage. Many a times the baggage fee is not included in your airfare and you may have to pay extra for it. Baggage more than the permitted weight will only increase the cost of travelling.

Business Class Consolidator can help you save up to 72 percent on business class tickets. They believe in providing their customers with the best price and experience for a luxury air travel. They can help you a lot and undercut the cost by a huge amount.

Price of business class tickets vary on the basis of  geographic location as well. If you start your journey from a country that offers business class tickets at cheap rate then you can considerably decrease your travel expenses. Arbitrage s a technique that you can employ while purchasing airfares. This techniques makes the most of differing prices of a given asset to increase profitability. Also, while buying tickets in a different country make sure to check the currency rates or you might end up gaining nothing while losing more. For example, India is considered one of the cheapest country to fly in. Tickets in India average around $10 per 62 miles. Finland is on the other end of the spectrum costing you an average of $138 per 62 miles. You can use Google’s Matrix to find air tickets from various different locations at a single time.

Travelling through lesser known airlines which offer cheaper tickets would be a great idea. Not only will you be able to enjoy the perks of a business class ticket but also save a lot on airfare. Though you may not get the same standard of service at some of these as opposed to the major players in the airlines industry.

A trend has been noticed that during weekends and holidays the airfares tend to rise up. This seems quite obvious, so you need to book you tickets in advance. The heavy traffic during the weekends and holidays augments the airfare. During holidays like christmas or easter airfare become exorbitant. As soon as this traffic subsides the airfares drop. This is when you should book your ticket.

There are some websites that offer ‘Price Drop Payback.’ If the price of the airfare declines then these websites will refund you the amount of drop that the airfare witnessed. Though there is a limit on the amount of refund. You should check with the service provider or travel agent if they have some policy of price drop refund.


Doing a split is arduous both in terms of fitness and airlines. Still splitting up our can reduce your net airfare by a considerable amount. For example, you can travel from Europe to India and then from India to Australia. This way you can avail the cheap airfares offered by indian airlines. If you miss your flight then the loss of time and money will surely send chills down your spine. To avoid this situation make sure to give yourself some time between switching planes.

A combination of different airlines for the round trip can also lead to cost reduction. You can easily do this by booking your ticket with a travel website or travel agent. They will identify and rope in the best and cheapest combination of flights for you.

Fifth Freedom Routes

Fifth Freedom Routes are a great way to save more on airfare. Through this route airlines have the right to fly between two different countries. The airlines is based in nither of the two countries. Major airlines frequently use such routes to cut down on the cost of travel and then some of the benefit of this is presented to the customer as well. You as the the customer can reap the benefits while travelling in better aircrafts than offered normally. You should find these routes and save on airfare so than you may be able to spend on other things.

Example of this would be a flight of Air India commuting from London to Toronto.

You must be wondering, “How to find fifth freedom routes easily?” Well what better way than to google it. You can simply type in ‘travel from one city to another’ and you will get your routes. Remember that google does not include all the airlines. Many small airlines are not listed.

Frequent Flyer Miles

Airlines offer a lot of loyalty programs. These programs are there to make sure that airlines retain their customers. What they do is essentially provide you with a card that holds all your booking details. Through this card they assign you points which can be redeemed later while booking another air ticket. Most airlines have shifted from assigning cards to online accounts.These points are also offered by credit cards while buying the ticket specifically through them. You can make the most of these marketing strategies by availing these alluring discounts.

You are assigned points on the basis of miles you travel. If you fly a total of 2000 miles then it means that you will be assigned points according to that and does not mean you will get a free ticket. You have to accumulate points to a certain level before you go on to avail discounts or even free tickets.

With credit cards, you would have to check whether they provide flyer miles and on which airlines do they provide miles for. Instead of distance covered, credit cards often give you miles on the bases of the amount you spend.

You can even get miles through shopping at a store or online. Airlines, often in cahoots with restaurants offer miles on dinner. There is no expiry date for these miles and you will be able to avail offers based on them anytime you want.

To book a ticket using your hard earned miles, head to the booking section and type in the flight that you want to book. The amount of miles needed to book the ticket will be listed with every flight. Book your ticket and have a happy journey.

Remember that you will have to pay the taxes on these flights and also that sometimes airlines restrict the use of frequent flyer miles to book tickets especially during a holiday. You can buy miles from the airlines or credit card as well. They will charge you extra for this but you may be able to get an overall discount. is a website with which you can buy and sell your frequent flyer miles. There are many tips and tweaks to use these miles to gain maximum benefit out of them.

Check with the place you work at as many a times employers offer free business class tickets for their employees. Use a VPN to check the prices of airfares. A VPN will disable the airline or travel website to grab your real location. With this you can know the real price of airfare at a given geographical location. Also, purchase the tickets in local currency as foreign currency keep on fluctuating and many a times you can end up paying way more than required. Subscribing to the loyalty program by a particular airline that you prefer can turn out to be cost cutting. Avoid making last minute changes to your booking as these involve additional cost of around $50.
The market for business class tickets is augmenting. You can easily find lufthansa business class ticketsunited business class tickets and so on.

Business Class Tickets offer you with the best bang for every buck you put into it. The tantalising food and the grand service will make for a great travel experience. The perks are unlimited especially with the first class tickets dwindling into shadows. Though expensive still Business class tickets can be made quite affordable by employing the tips and tricks given above.

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