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New York the State is sometimes confused with its namesake city.

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It has its capital as Albany although its largest and most populous city is New York City. The city gets the most attention from visitors who clamor to see world-famous attractions like Times Square, The statue of liberty and several other icons. You can find cheap flights to New York at

Best time to fly to New York

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New York State is labeled as a four-season destination. However, most visitors arrive in the summer season when the weather is pleasant. The period between June and November accounts for 40% of the state’s tourism.

Off Season

New York State is an ideal destination for touring all year round. Although there are more visitors during summer, a considerable number of tourists flock here during summer too. In other words, you will have a good time irrespective of the time of the year you choose to visit. Some people love the state in its fall season; the vegetation is very scenic as the tree leaves transform into red and gold in preparation for summer.

Why you should take a flight to New York

First of all, the state looks good in all seasons. Fall unleashes cute red and gold tree leaves, lush vegetation in summer and the snowing during winter. Other attractions which will make you want to travel are the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, popular landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and a diverse collection of museums and art galleries

New York weather and climate

New York has a subtropical climate. Summer begins in June and ends in November. Generally, the weather becomes pleasant when summer sets in with warm temperatures although a few places like New York City could feel a little bit too humid.

Highlights in New York

If you happen to take a trip to the city, there are a few sights you should not go back without seeing and things you must do to make it complete. Check out the five boroughs in New York City and the famous statue of liberty. If you have time, tour Manhattan. The city is also known for its numeral shopping outlets.

More useful information about New York

  • Popular entries into the state are the Albany International Airport and the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.
  • The state is a four-season destination implying that visitors will find it fun irrespective of when they plan their trip.
  • Take advantage of the state’s diverse cuisine options. There are chain restaurants but why would you do things you normally do at home?
  • The Niagara Falls is breath taking. Apart from the scene, there are shopping places, casinos and Canyons
  • Niagara Falls is an ideal destination for honeymoon goers.
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