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New Orleans is a city in the state of Louisiana and on the banks of Mississippi River.

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It has its nick name as Big Easy and is reputed the world over for its nightlife which stays busy around the clock. Mardi Gas which is a festival set in late winter attracts many tourists. It features raucous costumed parades, public partying and is fosters socialization. Visit today and discover cheap flights to New Orleans.

Best time to fly to New Orleans

flight to new orleans

The best time to fly to New Orleans would be in its peak season which begins in February and ends in May. The weather is normally cool and just for the record; this short period sees most annual festivals and celebrations. You can fly to New Orleans at any time of the year and enjoy a good time but for the ultimate experience, plan your trip well so that it coincides with the festivals.

Off Season

The off season for tourism in New Orleans begins in June and ends in September. At this time, tourists will still be flowing in but not in the big numbers witnessed in winter. Temperatures are a little bit too hot in summer which explains why the traffic descending to the city decreases.

Why you should take a flight to New Orleans

Many tourists imagine a nightlife which never stops on their flight to New Orleans. However, other attractions like the St. Louis Cathedral which was built in the 18th century, Preservation Hall and the National World War II museum are potent enough to motivate you into boarding a plane. The city has a single distinct traditional cuisine which is borrowed from the French, African and American cultures.

New Orleans Weather and Climate

New Orleans has all the characteristics of a humid subtropical climate. Its winters are mild while its summers are very hot. In addition, the city is prone to hurricanes in summer so read its forecast before traveling.

Highlights in New Orleans

As it has been aforementioned, New Orleans is known for its parties. A notable event is Madri Gas which comes towards the end of the winter seasons. It features costume wearing and public partying.

More useful Information about New Orleans

  • Most festivals are planned towards the end of winter in the period between February and May.
  • The city’s major entry point is the International Airport
  • New Orleans is popular for its music scene
  • The city’s major entry point is the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.
  • There are several accommodation establishments downtown
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