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London is the capital of England. Its history stretches back to Roman times and as is obvious, a city its age has a lot to feed the sight of tourists.

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The city has many recognizable landmarks like the Big Ben City Clock, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. You can find cheap flights to London at

Best time to fly to London

flights to london

The tourism industry of London is usually busy all year round. However, there are more visitors who fly in the seasons of summer and spring. Hotel rates will go up during these seasons. In spring, the city has mild temperatures and lush parks. The good weather explains why more tourists opt to visit in the months between April and September.

Off season

London really does not have an off season. It is busy all year round although when autumn sets in, the number of touring visitors fluctuates. It is easier to find accommodation deals in winter than it is in summer when competition is steep.

Why should you take a flight to London?

First of all, this is a world-famous city. It has a very rich cultural heritage and a lot of landmarks which are its major attractions. If you are going to visit, do not go back home without having visited the Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. There is a lot you can learn here if you happen to like history. Apart from the sight-seeing, there are a lot of activities you can indulge in and especially sports. The city is home to several soccer teams citing Arsenal and Chelsea.

London weather and climate

London has a temperate climate. The temperatures are during winter but they rarely fall below freezing. Rain falls in the city throughout the year. It snows but not too much; the snow settles just a few millimeters deep.

Highlights in London

Most people already know what they want to see in London. It is all about the landmarks and parks although you would like to note that this is one of the best cities for shopping. If you like sports, show up in good time and having organized your ticket to the stadium.

More useful information about London

  • Major airports include London Gatwick, Heathrow and London Stansted.
  • The city has a rich cultural heritage and is widely believed to the culture capital of the world.
  • The city has biking trails which can be used to get around
  • As the capital of England, London receives many domestic tourists as well as foreign ones.
  • London is an expensive city so plan your finances well.
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