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About Kiana

Kiana, located in Borough Alaska, is much more renowned as a commercial city than one for tourism. The vast tourism opportunities have been left unexplored by people who want to make profit off of the land and water of Kiana. Kiana literally means the intersection point of three rivers. These rivers, combined together, supply colossal amounts of fishes such as pikes and salmons to the fishing industry. This industry has been the backbone of Alaska’s economy. This is why the median salary of the people averages above $30,000.

The development of the city skyrocketed after introduction of a good transportation system. With the profits from activities such as commercial fishing, cities like Kiana were able to procure world class infrastructure for themselves. Even the public transportation in Kiana is better than that in other places in Alaska.

Storms in Kiana are frequent and up the ante for travel experience. Tourists can enjoy kayaking on the fast running rivers of Kiana. There are plenty of options for boating and kayaking. Markets save people from carrying around their own kayaking kit from far off distances. Tourists can rent a boat or a kayak as well. Snowfall can be expected throughout the year. People who love snowboarding or skiing can easily head over to Kiana and rent out kits. Tag your family and friends along for some snow fight. Skiboards are available on rent. Drive as fast as you want to as their are no speed limits.


Tourists also like to soak in the amusement provided by ice skating. There are many rings around Kiana. All of these are well maintained due to the frigid temperatures that rule the ambience. To ameliorate the effect of this cold weather, make sure to carry your warm clothes along with you. Companies like The north face are acclaimed for providing warm clothes that can keep you warm in such a frigid climate

Fishing is a major tourist attraction with thousands of visitors solely visiting for the reason of easily catching a few of those notorious Alaskan salmons and pikes. Fishing equipment’s are easily available in markets all around Kiana. Take a stroll down these markets to discover some of the best indigenous art works made by denizens of Kiana.

Best Time for a trip to Kiana?

Kiana’s frigid weather is something that is acclaimed throughout Alaska. Most of the major tourist attractions depend on such a weather. Despite the time of the year, you will be able to enjoy most of these amusing activities. Still, it is advisable to travel during summers for a better experience.

Airports in Kiana

  • Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport [ANC] (For international Flights)
  • King Cove Airport [KVC] (For domestic flights)

Airlines that operate routes to Kiana:

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