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About Kenai

Yet another place in Borough, Alaska that is a hit among frequent travellers. Unlike other isolated places in Alaska, Kenai’s population is noticeable. More than 7000 people live in this large area of Alaska. Kenai river is famous for providing a great fishing opportunity to travellers. Even an ameture fisher can catch a lot of fishes. Though it will require a lot of experience and the right bait to catch on of those colossal legendary Kenai salmons. Kenai’s development has only been possible due to huge amount of fishing opportunities. The large amount of fishes provide money unabatingly to the citizens.

Apart from fishing, oil is something that attracts large corporations to Kenai. Contribution of Kenai towards the total oil production in America cannot be overlooked. Though there is not much oil digging near the Kenai river and hence its popularity as a fishing river. Permission for fishing is easily granted as the river has always been used as a site for fishing sport. Myriad varieties of these salmons can be found swimming around in this river like, the red salmon, Coho and soon.

Beluga whales are also responsible for a deluge of visitors to Alaska rushing towards Kenai. These whales always appear with the arrival spring in order to mate. Many take their kayak and rush into the waters to get a close look at these giant creatures. Large tides can be experienced in these shallow waters. It is always advisable to go out into the Pacific with professionals. Akaskan eagles are continuously roaming around in the sky. The blue sky coalesces well with the clear and  placid waters of Kenai.

Tourists can also head over to the Kenai Visitor and Cultural Center. This organization ensures that visitors leave well informed about the culture and history of this place. Kenai has a long history and an interesting one. The story of the inception of this town and thereafter is told through artifacts and manuscripts recovered from the ground. Along with this, the rich modern history of the city will be enough for having an enlightening journey in addendum to an amusing one.

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Best Time for a trip to Kenai?

Kenai’s frigid weather during winters is something that can break the deal for many. The cold temperatures and breezes can send chills down your spine. On the other hand, summers and springs come along with a pleasant weather.

Airports in Kenai

  • Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport [ANC] (For international Flights)
  • Kenai Airport [ENA] (For domestic flights)

Airlines that operate routes to Kenai:

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