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The state of Hawaii is an isolated archipelago in the central pacific.

flight to hawaii

In tourism spheres, it is revered for its islands which have a rugged terrain encompassing cliffs, tropical foliage, waterfalls and beaches which are defined by the color of their sand. If you plan a flight to the state via its capital Honolulu, you can find cheap flights to Hawaii at

Best time to fly to Hawaii

flights to hawaii

The best time to visit Hawaii is in its spring season. The weather is normally good implying that there are no showers although vegetation will be at its best. However, the high season for tourism in the state begins in mid-December and ends in April. It is important to note that visitors flock here in the week beginning Christmas to New Year.  Winter sees the happenings of most events and not to forget that activities like surfing and whale-watching are just beginning to garner interest from visiting tourists.

Why you should take a flight to Hawaii

Vacationing at Hawaii is over-hyped but most tourists who visit agree that the state is in fact worth the praise. There are many beaches which will intrigue you if you came here to relax and garner energy for the beginning of yet another hectic year. Apart from the beaches, check out the Islands’ volcanoes, historical artifacts like the USS Missouri and if you like surfing, Hawaii is a paradise for people with whom you share interests.

Hawaii weather and climate

Hawaii has a tropical climate. However, the weather varies with altitude. Temperatures lower as you climb to higher altitudes and generally, and heighten as you approach the sea. Albeit hurricanes which come during summer, the state’s weather is generally bearable all year round.

Highlights in Hawaii

Although there are lots of activities you can indulge while in Hawaii, there are some you will love better. Count the beaches, the Hawai’i National Volcanoes National park and other thrills like surfing.

Off Season

Ironically, the tourist industry will be in its low season during the summer season. Not to say that visitors do not come but they are not as many as those who visit during the winter season.

More useful information about Hawaii

  • While visiting Hawaii you can get in via the Kona International Airport, Lanai Airport and Waimea-Kohala Airport.
  • Surfing is very popular in Hawaii and almost all tourists who tour the Islands try it.
  • There are a total of seven national parks in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • The highlight of Hawaiian festival is the Aloha Festivals which are characterized by feasting, music and dance competitions.
  • Surfers will be thrilled by the Van’s Pipeline Masters which is one of the biggest surfing competitions in the world.
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