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The state of Florida is the Southernmost of all the 50 states which make up the US.

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It is a major tourism hub and known all over the world for the beaches and nightlife in Miami, the amusement parks in Orlando and several other attractions which have earned it the nickname “Sunshine State”. You can find cheap flights to Florida at

Best time to fly to Florida

flights to florida

Most visitors flock to South Florida in the winter season. Arguably, the high season for tourism begins from mid-December to mid-April although a considerable number of tourists continue visiting even after. In North Florida, tourists flock during the summer season which begins in May and ends in September.

Off Season

Very few tourists explore South Florida during summer when it is very hot and humid. If you can bear the temperatures, your reward will be cheaper flight and hotel rates. The peak and off seasons in North and South Florida alternate making the entire state worth visiting all year round.

Why you should take a flight to Florida

Unless you have a very extensive touring budget, you cannot exhaust all of Florida. You will want to experience the beaches in Miami, the coral reefs in Key West, the museums in Tampa and the amusement parks in Orlando. Generally, Florida is all about having fun. Apart from the aforementioned hotspots, check out the attractions at Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Everglades, and St. Petersburg.

Florida weather and climate

Florida has a subtropical climate. Spring is marked by warm temperatures and tropical showers beginning from late March to May. Summers are marked by very high temperatures and a humid atmosphere. When the autumn season set it, temperatures drop considerably and rarely does it rain. It rarely snows in Florida during the winter although the cold to extremes in some parts.

Highlights in Florida

Florida’s economy highly depends on the state’s tourism industry. Miami is arguably the center of all its fun but if you are interested in something more than a bustling nightlife, wander farther into Orlando and other attractions like Everglades. There is so much you can do and learn in Florida although your trip won’t be complete until you visit a few beaches.

More useful information about Florida

  • There are many cities and hence airports you can use to get into the state citing Miami and Orlando.
  • Due to its ever bustling tourism industries, there are very many carriers around the world which service flights to Miami.
  • The nickname sunshine state is taken from the fact that Miami has year-long sunshine.
  • Miami Beach has the largest collection of Art Deco Architecture with more than 800 buildings in the style.
  • Miami Beach is a manmade island.
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