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Costa Rica is a country in Central America. It is characterized by a rugged terrain of volcanoes and rainforests although it is its beaches which make it popular in tourism circles.

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However, there are more attractions in its capital, San Jose. A few popular ones are the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, MuseoNacional de Costa Rica and the. Visit today and discover cheap flights to Mexico which are serviced by your favorite carriers.

Best time to fly to Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s peak season for tourism begins in late November and extends all the way to April. You would like to note that most tourists who arrive in this period are running from the cold at their homes in the United States, Great Britain and Canada. Christmas, New Year’s and Easter Holidays attract hordes of tourists and if you plan to travel then, expect hiked hotel rates and crowds at major attraction sites.

Off Season

The off season in Costa Rica begins in May and extends all the way to November. This is the country’s wet season and although there are not as many arrivals as witnessed in winter, the country’s lush vegetation attracts a considerable number of visitors. Summer travellers stand a chance of finding cheap hotel and flight deals.

Why you should take a flight to Costa Rica

It is an ideal destination for family vacations as well as lone travellers. Its beaches are popular the world over and not to forget several other natural endowments. You will find yourself intrigued by its jungles and volcanoes. Besides, the country offers an assortment of national parks if you happen to be a fan of wild game.

Costa Rica weather and climate

Costa Rica experiences a tropical climate. It has two distinct seasons where one is wet and on the other hand a dry one. The dry season begins in November and gives way to the rainy one in May. Being in a tropical region means the country will be at risk of hurricanes in its rainy season and especially in the months of October and September.

Highlights in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has very strong bonds to the Roman Catholic Church. Christmas and Easter are hence very popular with its people. Most people who visit at these times of the year will head to the beach. The best time to visit the jungles would be in the months of December and January when vegetation is still lush but with a clear sky overhead.

More useful information about Costa Rica

  • The highest numbers of tourist arrivals are recorded in the last week of the year and during Easter celebrations.
  • Costa Rica scenery is best enjoyed in the months of December and January
  • The San Jose International Airport is the most popular and used by most tourists to get in.
  • If you are going to travel during the rainy season, be warned that some jungle roads are inaccessible.
  • It is ideal for family vacations.
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