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Cancun is a city in Mexico which sits on the Yucatan Peninsula. It boarders the Caribbean Sea and as is obvious, people tour it for its beaches, bustling nightlife and to view the ZonaHotelera.

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Which is a long beachfront strip endowed with high-rise hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. Book a cheap flight to Cancun at today and get a firsthand experience of its offerings.

Best time to fly to Cancun

flights to cancun

Cancun’s peak tourism season begins in Decembers and fades away in April. The city records heavy tourist traffic in the period beginning March to April (spring). There is a noted trend of students who regard the city as their favorite coming to vacation here in spring when college breaks.

Off Season 

The off season begins in May and ends in November at the onset of the winter season. People continue touring although not as many as those who arrive in winter. If you are looking to save money, there are several hotel and flight discounts you can take advantage of. Temperature differences between the seasons are merger. However, it rains a lot in the low season and not to forget that the city’s location puts it at risk of hurricanes.

Why should you take a flight to Cancun?

Cancun is an ideal destination for people with an insatiable appetite for adrenaline rushes. Apart from the beaches, tour the Cancun Underwater Museum, Xel-Ha Park and the Belize Barrier Reef. For casual site-seeing, consider visiting Chichen Itza (The Mayan Ruins), Sistema Dos Ojos, Coba and IkKil.

Cancun weather and climate

Cancun subscribes to the tropical climate. The temperature differences between seasons are merger although there are distinct dry and wet periods.  It rains most in the months between May and September and starts transitioning into dryness when autumn sets in.

Cancun Highlights

If you are currently planning a trip to Cancun, be sure to visit its beaches and historical sites like The Mayan Ruins. You will also like the high-rise hotels at Hotel Zone strip.

More useful information about Cancun

  • Most tourists come in through the Cancun Airport.
  • The destination is a favorite for students who arrive in crowds during the college spring break.
  • Cancun has merger temperatures variations between seasons making it favorable for travel all year round.
  • The city has a very busy and intriguing nightlife.
  • The peak season begins in November and ends in April
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