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California is a state in the U.S which boarders Mexico and lies on the western side of the country.

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It is known for its scenic terrain which encompasses forests, the Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Central Valley Farmland. Popular cities in the state include San Francisco and Los Angeles. Find cheap flights to California at

Best time to fly to California

flights to california

California has its peak tourism season in summer. During this season, the city records the highest number of arrivals by domestic as well as international visitors. It is however important to note that the state is a year-round destination only that the winter season does not attract as many visitors.

Off Season

The off season in California begins in November and ends in February. However, some attractions in the state like Palm Springs and Lake Tahoe continue receiving considerable numbers of visitors even in the winter season. Lake Tahoe is a popular skiing spot.

Why you should take a flight to California

California is all about having fun and unwinding. You will be spoilt for choice and certainly go through a hard time deciding which attractions to visit and which ones to assume. Tour Las Vegas and San Francisco and if you are not so much into cities, take a tour to the Sierra Nevada Mountains or the Mojave Desert.

California weather and climate

As a state, California has five climatic zones. Since most of its visitors are attracted to its coast, the climate is generally categorized as Mediterranean. It does not snow at the coast but it does in the mountains. Mojave Desert receives very little rainfall and slight variations in temperatures.

Highlights in California

Most tourists who come to the state of California are either interested in Los Angeles or San Francisco. The beaches are especially popular although some people tour with a particular interest in the state’s geographic terrain.

More useful information about California

  • Focus cities in the state are Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • The weather changes with elevation. It is warmer at the coast and cooler in the mountains.
  • Tourists with an interest in Los Angeles get in through the Los Angeles International Airport
  • Tourists with an interest in San Francisco get in through the San Francisco International Airport
  • California is an all-year-round tourism destination
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