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Cheap Flights from Idaho Falls to Atka

Falling in the midst of Idaho, Idaho Falls is one of the major cities of the state. The city houses major attractions for hiking, biking, fishing and so on. Though for some travelers, the population and the number of travelers visiting Idaho might be a deal breaker. Such passengers often end up searching for cheap flights to remote areas.

One such area is the Atka Island. The isolated island has attracted many souls who are looking to spend some time in solitude by themselves or with their partners. Atka also is considered a great place for a getaway from the banal city life and will allow you to explore nature and the beauties associated with it. The vast fields are great for having a family trip.

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The hamlet in Atka holds no more than 100 people. This bolsters my point of the place being completely isolated as the people who live here are completely devoid of all connections from the outside world. The people inhabiting the hamlet depend entirely on fishing hunting and agriculture to sustain their lives. The lack of trade makes it important for them to hunt for food.

Korovin Volcano, being the highest point of the island, is a magnet for mysterious stories. People have forever associated bening as well as sinister stories with this giant. Covered entirely in snow, the volcano is one of the most celebrated tourist destinations on Atka Island.

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Consolidated B-24 Liberator was the game changer during World War II. The heavy bomber could carry behemoth amount of weight for unprecedented distances, making it far more lethal than any other technology of the time. The bomber was able to fend off and even destroy German Luftwaffe and submarines. One such B-24 Liberator was crash landed at Atka Island due to weather problems and the landing site has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Pleasant temperature of Idaho falls will fall in complete contrast with freezing temperature of Atka Island. 2oc being the average temperature during summers, the winters are known to be icy cold. Pack as many blankets as you can and carry all the camping material. All of this will help you get through the freezing nights on Atka Island.


To visit Atka from Idaho Falls and to get cheap flight tickets, follow the steps given below:

  1. Goto Faremachine.
  2. Search flight from Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA) to Unalaska Airport (DUT)
  3. From Unalaska Airport purchase a ticket for a flight to Atka Airport from Grant Aviation.

From there, you can easily travel to the landing spot or the hamlet by hiring a jeep. Make sure to book tickets in advance as there are not many flights that head towards Atka Airport.

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