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Cheap Flights from Dayton Beach to Atka

Dayton Beach is one of the most celebrated beaches of Florida. The sunshine state is highly acclaimed for its beaches and nightlife. People from all across the globe flock to Florida to witness the high it can provide them with. Though for someone who has been living in Florida for a while, the nightlife, the glitz and the glamor may have started to feel blase. This is what makes many search for cheap flights to different destinations.

This is the main reason why change is important in our life. Change motivates us to move and make something better of our life. For people living in Florida, nothing may shout out loud Change as Atka Island. The isolated island would fall in as a deep contrast to Florida. For one, the island hosts a population of less than 100 people. The only places where you would be able to find people on this Island are Atka Airport and the Atka Hamlet. The hamlet is home to people indigenous to Atka Island. Their traditions and cultures might seem aberrant to visitors but their food is something that every gourmand would love to have.

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The highest point of the island is the Korovin Volcano which stopped erupting in 2007. The magnificent landscape adds to the overall alluring beauty of the island. The green fields end at the inception point of the Volcano which is covered in thick snow. The volcano has been one of the top attractions on the island and is a must visit site if you decide to visit the island.

Heavy Bombers canger the course of World War II. Both Axis and Allied Powers were trying to bomb the hell out of each other. All hell was breaking loose until the invention of Consolidated B-24 Liberator. The Liberator instantly provided Americans with an upper hand during the war. The bomber could carry colossal amount of weight for long distances and this is what made all the difference. A B-24 Liberator was crash landed on Atka Island due to weather problems during the war. The spot was them consolidated on the list of National Register of Historic Places.

Peak & off Season

The temperature is usually around 2oc during summers.


The only airport on the island, Atka Airport, is equipped with all modern equipments. You can easily find all the basic amenities at the airport. There are not many airlines that fly to Atka Island. Most visitors travel to Alaska before boarding a flight for Atka Island.

Airlines that operate cheap flights to Atka Island:

You can easily find cheap flights for Atka Island at FareMachine. After reaching Alaska, you can book your cheap ticket for Atka Island with Grant Aviation. Grant Aviation is one of the few airlines that provide flights to Atka Island.

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