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Cheap Flights from Blountville to Atka

Before searching for cheap tickets to Atka, make sure to read the following about the cultures and traditions that have forever occupied this island. Travelling to Atka does not cost a lot as you can easily find cheap air tickets to Atka. Atka Island is an isolated place that would be best for nature lovers. This is the place where you will be able to find yourself engulfed in the sheer beauty provided by mother nature. Blountville already has a very small population nearing around 4,000 people but Atka is famed for its population of less than 100 people. The island is inhabited by amiable indigenous people who depend a large on agriculture and fishing for survival. The bucolic setting is something that both Atka and Bountiville have in common.

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Annihilator of German tanks and submarines, the B-24 Liberator was once crash landed on Atka Island due to weather problems. The consolidated b-24 Liberator was responsible for saving the allies during dire times of the war. Allies were losing miserable due to the sinister German submarines. These submarines would hunt allies’ ships in packs like wolves. With the invention of the B-24 and Radar, the allies were able to out maneuver the axis powers, especially Germany and Japan.

On map, you will easily be able to identify the giant white spot on Atka Island as the Korovin Island. The volcano stopped erupting in 2007 and has been dormant since. This makes it safe for you to go on a hike near the volcano. The volcano is the highest point on the island.

Peak & off season

Alaska and Atka Islands have similar weather. The temperature is usually near 2oc during the summers but can drop substantially during the winters. This is why most people like to travel to Atka during summer season. During summers too make sure to carry your warm clothes as the temperature is considerably lower than that of Blountville.


Atka Airport is the one and only Airport on the entire island. The airport receives regional flights mostly from Alaska. Most tourists travel to alaska before boarding a flight to Atka Island.

Grant Aviation is the leading airline in providing premium flights to Atka Islands. There are not many airlines that offer services for Atka Airport. From Bountiville you can take a cheap domestic flight to Atka Island.

Airlines that offer flights from Tennessee to Alaska:

You can go to FareMachine and find cheap flights from Tennessee to Alaska. After travelling to Alaska, you can contact local airlines in order to book your flights to the mysterious Atka Islands. Cheap tickets can easily be found from Alaska to Atka Island.

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