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Cheap Flights from Biratnagar to Atka

Atka is the perfect place to escape away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Biratnagar is a large city and associates most city problems with itself including a huge population density. To achieve nirvana, there might not be a better place than Atka for people of Biratnagar.

The peaceful and isolated island is as far away from the noise and pollution of cities as it can be. A hamlet located at the southeast corner of the island hosts about 100 people. Rest of the island is inhabited by the placid environment and the roaring sounds of the waters on either side of the island. The countryside will surely be a good spot for a family vacation and Atka is nothing but a big old countryside.

The hamlet in Atka is occupied by people indigenous to the island. You will be able to learn a lot about their ancient traditions and way of life. Though Atka has a small population still it is rich in culture and tradition like Nepal.

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B-12 liberator landing site is one of the most celebrated tourist spots on the entire island. The fighter was crash landed due to weather problems. Consolidated B-12 Liberator was the killer during World War 2. It helped the allies in bombing strategic locations as it could carry behemoth amount of weight for longer distance than any other bomber of the time. Visitors from across the globe flock to see the spot where this liberator was crash landed. The place has also been consolidated on the list of National Register of Historic Places.

Korovin Volcanoes are famed for the picturesque landscape they endow the island with. The highest point on the island, Korovin volcano does take over the hearts of visitors. The giant volcano stopped erupting after 2007 and so it is safe to as near as one would want to.

Peak & off season

Alaska is famous for its ice cold temperature. Atka island are no exception to these temperatures. The chilling temperature makes it advisable for tourists to visit during summers. Make sure to take blankets and camping materials to keep you warm at night.


Atka Airport is the sole airport on the entire island. All flights for Atka Island land at Atka Airport. Grant Aviation is the only regional airline that offers flights to Atka Airport. Passengers need to travel to Alaska prior to boarding a flight with Grant Aviation.

There is no shortfall in the services offered by Grand Aviation and the airport is equipped with state of the arts technology.The only airport on the Island, Atka airport is equipped with state of the art technologies. All the basic amenities are available at the airport and you can contact the authorities for any help you would want.

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