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Cheap Flights from Aberdeen to Atka

The El Magnifico of cities, Aberdeen looks like a fairy land come to life. The awe inspiring castles were once home to the audacious warriors of Scotland.

We as humans require change. Anything can get a lot boring after doing it repetitively, like having pizza everyday and every time for a week.

Looking for change?

Atka might be the best destination that offers change. One of the most remote islands in the world, the hamlet, Atka, with its picturesque sceneries and placid ambiance makes it easy for individuals and couples to get the most out of  their isolation. The countryside of Atka city is just as delightful as any other, though their are no urban settings on the island. This makes sure that your romantic getaway does not get disturbed. People have witnessed analgesic effects while traveling to Akta but that pleasant feelings become cold and sinister during the winter time.

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A population of less than 100 people, in Atka, corroborates my point. The highest point of Atka Island, the Korovin volcano is as mighty as it seems. The continuous eruptions paused after 2007 but still  you can witness the great volcano all dressed up in black and white. There is too much pressure on it; it has to perform black as well as the white swan at the same time. does win the hearts and souls of visitors.

Consolidated B-24 Liberator, the pride and power of America during World War Two was crash landed in at Atka island due to weather disturbances. The Liberator has a glorious story of its own. Germans were using their advanced tanks and submarines to beat the competition. Then comes the B-24 Liberator with great mileage for the time. This enabled America to bomb Axis powers such as Germany, Japan and so on. The industrialisation of America in collaboration with heavy bombers such as B-24 made the real difference in World War II.

Peak & off season

Do you love travelling in temperatures below 0oc?

Well, no one actually does unless they want to play with fire, figuratively.

Even in summer, the temperature can fall below 2oc. Unless and until you want to meet the white walkers or become one of them, i would recommend to stay the hell away from the island during winters.


The sole heavyweight airport champion, cuz there is only one airport on this island, is endowed with top notch facilities. Not many people travel to Atka, making it one of the most tranquil environments for people who want to be one with the ambience.

The airport would give a chimera of being colossal but seems that way due to the absence of people.

To visit Atka from Aberdeen, follow the steps given below:

  1. Goto Faremachine.
  2. Search flight from Aberdeen International Airport (ABZ) to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC)
  3. From Ted Stevens Anchorage International airport you should book a seat with the regional airline, Grant Aviation, to Atka Airport (AKB)
  4. Make sure to get a jeep or hitchhike to the hamlet in Atka and enjoy your vacation.
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