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business class sale and discount offersDoes flying economy guarantee that your flight is cheap?  To an extent, you save money when you fly in main cabins, but that does not mean you bought a cheap flight. Really cheap flights are not hard to find for people who are in the know. You will certainly need to purchase your ticket from low-cost carriers like Horizon Air, Southwest Airways, Frontier Airlines and jetBlue. It is as easy as that; just opt for a low-cost airline.

What to expect from cheap flights

Most budget carriers have a one-class cabin configuration and operate regionally. To match their fares, some low-cost carriers do not have many of the amenities you would expect to find in the cabins of other airlines including personal entertainment consoles, extensive recline and complimentary inflight meals. An example of a carrier which does not offer in-flight personal entertainment is Us-based Spirit Airlines. Others like Southwest, jetBlue and Frontier are equipped with personal entertainment screens. You can even find inflight Internet service.

Baggage allowance policies to expect when looking for cheap flights

BaggageLow-cost carriers are gradually switching to charging for baggage. Some examples of airlines which have already enforced the policy are Frontier Airlines and jetBlue which is regarded as the fifth largest airline in the United States. It could seem illogical to pay for baggage on a flight which is supposed to be cheap although there are benefits if you look at it closely. When an airline begins charging extra for baggage, they have excluded the fees from your fare. In other words, such an airline does not assume that everyone is carrying baggage and will only charge those who have it. If you are travelling light with a backpack as your only attachment, your fare will be even cheaper.

Amenities: What to look for in cheap flights

Even though you are flying cheap, there are amenities you should not overlook. You can do without personal entertainment but your seat should be comfortable. Go for airlines which have a bigger seat pitch and seats which recline to a certain degree. Something else that should be offered is meals and especially if the flight will take long. Some airlines offer complimentary meals while others offer snacks that are available for purchase. For marketing purposes, some low-cost carriers will offer passengers free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

If your flight will take long, you will want a carrier which has personal entertainment. This can either be offered via a touchscreen TV or an optional entertainment tablet which can be rented like in the case of Alaska Airlines.

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