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An Island Nation – United Kingdom is basically divided between the sophisticated England, fairyland Scotland with its national animal being Unicorn, lush green Wales and Historical Era vibes Northern Ireland. All four parts bring in different set of value to the magnificent United Kingdom. Out of the four the one country which ropes in maximum attention is England probably due to it being home for not only the world famous music band the Beatles but also playing residential status for the literary legend William Shakespeare. London, one of the most influential cities is the world and also capital of England, is another reason for strong attraction of tourists from all over the world. It is the reason why United Kingdom as whole is stated as the 8th nation in the world for best tourist experience with more than 37 million tourist visits every year. It is backed by the fact that more than US $ 23 billion are spent on the tourist visit to United Kingdom by the residents of the USA alone.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom’s biggest tourism supporters are its own residents with domestic tourism being one of the highest factors behind colossal tourism popularity of the nation. As per VisitBritain survey in the year 2008 alone the total tourism expenditure was around £21,881 million. Furthermore, as per National Statistical Agency more 130 million trips can be possible in the near future.

It is surveyed that most common period of domestic tourism is around the summer break from school and bank holidays which ultimately resulted in August being the most hustled month of the year. In regards with most visited cities are the coastal areas like Blackpool, Swansea, Lancashire and Wales with families preferring to reside in Holiday Camps accommodation. The accommodation, however, in this area has fallen due to emergence of reasonable flight tickets and hotel accommodation options.

Weather Conditions

United Kingdom

The UK rings in temperate climate along with rich amount of rainfall throughout the year. Few selected details regarding the weather faced in general in United Kingdom is noted below:

  • The weather, although changing, do not go beyond 35°C or below the temperature of 11°C.
  • The wind directed from the Southern west region often carries regular spell of cool and wet climate from the direction of Atlantic Ocean.
  • On the other hand, country’s eastern region is secured from these frequent wet conditions as the rain mostly falls on the western part, thus making this region drier than ever.
  • Currents from Atlantic region bring in cool winters, as they are warmed by Gulf Stream, specifically in the western part where the weather is considerably wet.
  • Summers in the country, however, is warmest is the Southern East part of England as it is closest to the mainland of Europe while North is quite cool in the summers.

Major Airport Hub in United Kingdom

There is no doubt that almost all the cities of United Kingdom is worth visiting, however there are certain cities which garner more popularity and thus inevitably also caters passengers with much better airport facilities and conditions. Three busiest airport of UK, which coincidentally all fall under the capital city London are London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport and London Stansted Airport catering for around 66million, 32 million and 19 million passengers respectively. Of the three, London Heathrow Airport is probably one of the most important airports of UK that is located in the west of London about 15 miles away boasts of handling maximum number of International passengers. It is also the airport hub for British Airways (Flag Carrier) and Virgin Atlantic. Other major airports of the nation United Kingdom are illustrated below:

  • London Heathrow Airport – London
  • London Gatwick Airport – London
  • Manchester Airport – Manchester
  • London Stansted Airport – London
  • London Luton Airport – London
  • Edinburgh Airport – Edinburgh
  • Birmingham International Airport – Birmingham
  • Glasgow International Airport – Glasgow
  • Bristol International Airport – Bristol
  • Newcastle Airport – Newcastle

Airlines Flying Off to United Kingdom

It is but obvious that this large nation have all kinds of activities to entertain toddlers and young kids to teenagers, young adults and oldies. The activities range from interest in fitness, nature and adventure sports to art, history and long walks, thus ensuring all the range of tourists garner enough fun time in the country. To ensure smooth arrival of International tourists many airports of UK cater for landing of International flights as listed below:

  • Qantas Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Malaysian Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Royal Brunei Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Air Canada
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Virgin Australia
  • Emirates Airlines

Spell Binding Experiences in United Kingdom

The nation United Kingdom in today’s era offer different array of culture, one that is its own and mixed with it is the culture brought in by the immigrants, ensuring that this ultimate combination of native culture with that of the foreign residents settled in the country results in another unique factor leading higher rate of tourism. Although the capital London pulls in many different types of tourists, the beautiful quaint villages and town hold their own charm. Visit this country for its benevolent and warm hearted people welcoming you to their home.

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