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Whangarei – Warmest City of New Zealand

Being the regional capital of Northland Region is just another feather in the feathery cap of Whangarei which is not only the extreme northern city of New Zealand but also one of the few warm cities of the country that can be visited anytime a visitor wants. The city is just a small part of the whole district of Whangarei that was incepted in the year 1980 with the main purpose of handling the city and county of Whangarei along with town councils of Hikurangi. The airport of Whangarei city plays host to domestic airlines having interconnectivity with cities like Auckland, Claris and Kaitaia. Tourist will have to book flights interconnecting from these cities to reach Whangarei for vacation. As per the survey data of June 2016, the total population of this green beautiful city is around 56,400, up by 9400 from the population calculated in the year 2001. The area including of suburbs and other close by towns came to estimated population of 85,900 in the year 2015. Visit the city to take in the vibrant arts created by budding local artist, relaxing time spent with family and friends.


The interiors of Whangarei area is classically made up of hills filled with lush green nature that is embedded with scoria cones similar to the ones found in Maungatapere and Maunu. Southern and western area of the city features predominately lifted blocks of rugged ranges and steep hills. The urban area of Whangarei is spread evenly amongst the luxuriously nature rich valleys on all sides with many suburbs to boast of, with Kamo, Tikipunga, Otangarei, Regent, Whau Valley, Springs Flat, Three Mile Bush, Mairtown and Kensington being situated and covering the northern area of the city, while on the western and southern edge of the center of the city there are Morningside, Maunu, Woodhill, the Avenues, Raumanga, and Horahora. The eastern side of the city plays host to suburbs of Riverside, Onerahi, Parihaka and Sherwood Rise.


Peak & Off Season

The climate of a place plays quite a big role in the influx of tourists. The same is the case with Whangarei where the weather is basically oceanic with warm sunny days with not much difference between the maximum and minimum temperature throughout the year. The days of summer are pleasantly warm with maximum temperature touching near about 30 °C while the chances of rain are always there as the rain is spread throughout the year pretty evenly. The weather of Whangarei comes under the category of maritime subtropical that is a direct result of no chilly winter season. As the city receives cold days very rarely, the tourists can pay visit anytime of the year as long as they are fine with rain playing devil’s advocate at times.

Whangarei Airport

The airport of Whangarei city is called Whangarei Airport after both the city and the district. It is a quaint little airport of just 4 Nautical Miles located on the southern east side of the city in the suburban area of Onerahi that is on the eastern coast of the famous Northland of New Zealand’s North Island. It is just 10 minute drive away from Whangarei city. The airport consists of only one terminal that has two gates. As the airport only caters for domestic flight connectivity it has some incredible facilities for passengers who have come from long flight or are about to board their flight. Some of the facilities are:

  • Passengers boarding and de-boarding the flight have access to free Wi-Fi that can get them connected to outer world instantly without any charge.
  • Terminal building consists of family areas wherein the young moms and dads can get their toddlers and babies fed as well as changed.
  • Being considerate towards physically challenged passengers, the airport has three spaces reserved in the parking area for special passengers.
  • Passengers can park their car in the parking space free of cost. However the end limit is a month over which the car will be dealt with if parked without prior discussion.

Airlines Landing on Whangarei Airport

The airport caters for only domestic connectivity within the cities of Auckland, Kaitaia and Claris. Any tourist planning a trip from any other country has to book interconnecting flights from their place to any of the cities mentioned from where they will further travel to Whangarei. The airport is equipped with many facilities to cater for any emergency and need of passengers who de-board there after their long journey. Airlines, catered by the airport and their respective destination are mentioned below:

Air New Zealand Link – Auckland

Barrier Air – Auckland, Claris and Kaitaia

Fine Dining Options in Whangarei, New Zealand

Dining opportunities in Whangarei is abundant with most of the places having multi-cuisines menu ready. The city locals brag about fantastic restaurants with intriguing décor and relaxing ambience that are just perfect for an early morning kick-start, yummy delicious lunch / brunch or just want to wind down for dinner after a long touristy day. These restaurants have been given people choice nomination for specific kind of menu or type of place. Some of these restaurants are illustrated below:



A perfect start to a healthy morning with scrumptious and filling breakfast for a long day of walking and trekking is what this cafe, with Fresh as name, promises. The cafe décor screams the comfort with walls being dedicated towards flowers and all that nature stands for. Menu of the cafe have interesting breakfast combo with even more interesting name to boot. Coffee of the place is definitely worth the trip in the early morning hours – a perfect pick-me-up when the day starts too early.

Modern New Zealand

à Deco

Modern New Zealand is what this place promises and what it definitely delivers. Top choice in this category, this restaurant has won many hearts of locals as well as tourists of Northland with wide-choice and innovative combination of dishes menu. The dishes are created using pre-dominantly the local raw veggies and products with myriad range of seafood included. The ambience of this marine-style villa inclusive of all the original appliances just makes for best place for lunch or relaxing in the evening for dinner. To reach the place, people will have to walk in the northern direction along the Bank St. and then when they reach the Kamo Road take the left road. Considering its popularity it is highly recommended to first book their place before reaching.

Thai Cuisine

Pimarn Thai

For those who are craving for a little flavor of Thai cuisine, the best place to be in Whangarei is the Pimarn Thai restaurant. This restaurant boosts of Thai features from its décor and ambience to flavor and aroma inside the place. The restaurant is as bright and gaudy as any other Thai place can be. The menu and dishes served by the ever friendly staff ensures to bring to high quality of Thai herbs and an aroma so good you will only want to keep inhaling your food’s fragrance. All the special dishes of Thai cuisine is included with yum talay being hot favorite of most of the guests.

Spell Binding Experiences in Whangarei, New Zealand

Whangarei being the northern most city of New Zealand’s North Island have quite warm temperature which is actually perfect for all kinds of activities as the climate all round the year remains same with few days of rain guaranteed throughout the year. Sunny days are just perfect for outdoorsy activities like water sports, trekking, backpacking etc. There are many places in this cities which are must visit to experience Whangarei in its full glory. Some of those places that a tourist should not miss out on are as follows:


Kiwi North

One of the most famous and intriguing museum of Whangarei, kiwi North is constructed about 5 km from the city in western direction. The place includes old buildings dating back to 19th Century along with the museum that basically acquaints visitor with old Maori culture through the artifacts depicting Maori and colonial way of life. Another house converted into home for gecko and kiwi accords visitors a real life experience to view these species in their natural environment of nocturnal and dark house.


Whangarei Quarry Gardens

An old quarry in Whangarei being wasted away was converted into one of the best tourist attraction of the city – Whangarei Quarry Garden. The volunteers of the city with green magic fingers have transformed the place into one of the most relaxing place full of vibrant flowers, lush green grass, wonderfully smelling aromas with inclusion of waterfalls and nature at its best is what you get. To reach this flowers heaven tourist need to take the Rust Ave, go to right direction to enter Western Hills Dr and then left to Russell Road. Just recently towards the ending of the year 2015, the garden got a cafe and visitor center for any kind of information.

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange No
Fine Dining Yes
Baggage Locker Yes
City Guide Yes
Prepaid Booth (TAXI) Yes
Terminal Interchanging Facility No
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge Yes
One Day Shelter No
Local Transport Yes
Apartments Rent Starting from $200 / week
Beer $5.00/ 0.5l (NZ)
Mineral Water $ 2.50 / 1.5l (NZ)
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