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New Plymouth – North Island’s International Deep Water Port City

Main city of Taranaki region of North Island in New Zealand, New Plymouth is located on west coast and is unofficially declared as one of the most important deep water port city of New Zealand’s North Island area. The city derives its name from Devon’s Plymouth in England as the first settlers of New Plymouth were from that region. New Plymouth city along with neighboring small towns in the area combined make up a district called New Plymouth District. The airport of the city by the name of New Plymouth Airport is located about 11 km away from the city and caters for the New Plymouth District along with Taranaki region. The airport serves only domestic flights of Air New Zealand and Jetstar Airways and thus tourists will have to book flight to cities that interconnect with New Plymouth. The airport has garnered quite a name for itself in North Island and has been voted as the best airport in regional category of New Zealand. Come to New Plymouth and experience lush green surroundings of Mt. Taranaki. With globalized outlook and vibrant art décor the city leaves tourists mesmerized with its hospitality, warmth and perfect vibrancy.

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The district of New Plymouth, consisting of New Plymouth city, is at 10th position out 67, in the list of largest district of New Zealand accounting for 1.7% of the total population of the country. The total population of the district is about 74,200 which are in total 2/3rd of the total population of the whole Taranaki region. The population is dissected into following cities and towns:

  • New Plymouth City – 56,800
  • Waitara – 6,483
  • Inglewood – 3380
  • Oakura – 1359
  • Okato – 561
  • Urenui – 429

The New Plymouth city is center for many services in the New Plymouth district with some of the main activities including pastoral tasks (Dairy Farming being main focus), exploring and production of natural gas, petrochemical and also oil. Apart from this, city is also quite important in terms of handling financial activities with TSB Bank (one of the non-government bank owned by the country) having home base in the city. New Plymouth has been recipient of many awards in the year of 2008 and was also chosen as one of the ‘Model Communities’ of New Zealand in 2010.

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Peak & Off Season

Different weather conditions are apt for different activities. Considering the type of activities that tourists wish to do in the city, it can be visited at anytime of the year. However, having a clear idea of the weather brings in better planning on the part of the tourists. Locals of New Plymouth enjoy a moist temperate weather conditions with details as follows:

  • Weather in summer is quite relaxing in the city with average in mornings between 21–22 °C and in evening ranging around 12–13 °C.
  • As with summer, even winter season is quite pleasant with average being around is 14–15 °C while the nights do become quite cold with average ranging in between is 5–6 °C
  • The rainy season can be quite a downpour on the plans of the tourists and should therefore be avoided if possible. The average rainfall recorded is around 1,432 mm.
  • The best month is December where the weather is pleasant and ambience is just exquisite with the season of bloom running ensuring vibrancy of many colors in focus and gardens become the main focal place to relax.

New Plymouth Airport

The airport of New Plymouth caters for the New Plymouth city and the other areas of Taranaki. The airport is built near a highway about 4 km from the center of the city on the west Coast of New Zealand’s North Island. The airport is near Auckland in the Northern direction and about 4 km from the outer suburb area of Bell Block. The airport handles more than 19,600 movements of aircrafts taking it to the 14th position in list of busiest airports of New Zealand as per the aircraft operations. On the other hand it was tagged on 9th position on the same busiest airport of New Zealand list wherein passengers were main focus. Catering to such large number of passengers this regional airport offers many facilities many of which are enumerated below:

  • Access to free Wi-Fi.
  • Car Parking – First 60 minutes are free.
  • Cafe for dining in order to curb hunger and thirst.
  • Taxi Rentals – to book cab to and from airport.

Airlines Landing in New Plymouth Airport

Airport caters for the region of Taranaki and New Plymouth District inclusive of New Plymouth city and surrounding towns. Although, it caters for only domestic flights mainly with many connecting with cities of New Zealand only, however, some of the international airlines do land on the airport connecting these cities of New Zealand together. Some of the International airlines are:

The main domestic airlines connecting to other cities are:

Fine Dining Options in New Plymouth, New Zealand

New Plymouth, like other cities of New Zealand, apart from offering impeccable sights and attractive views also gives many dining options ranging from cafe to Mediterranean New Zealand cuisine. The best part about these restro and bistros are that they are not specific to one style of food and have all the options that a person could look for. Some of the top choices in the restaurant category for New Plymouth as voted by the tourists and locals alike are:


  • Chaos
  • The name Chaos befits this quaint little cafe in terms of being heavily crowded by customers who just love the ambience, food and the service too much to go somewhere else. Perfect option for bohemian brunch of splendid coffee accompanying spicy dishes of beans with avocado and cheese. Completing the relaxing atmosphere is the jazzy music playing in the background, warm and super-friendly staff as well as the rustic décor of art and graffiti covered wall. Totally apt place for vegetarians and gluten free meal eaters.


  • Arborio
  • From its appearance resembling to a cheese grater to its star status in a food show, Arborio has stolen hearts and hunger from many of its diners. This restaurant’s perfect location in the Puke Ariki building with bang on ambience of classily decorated with impeccable view of the sea and top notch service. Another aspect and probably the most important is cuisines that are heavily influenced by the Mediterranean with menu offering options from Tandoori chicken pizza to risottos, steaks as well as fish and chips. Accompany your favorite dish with the best of the best New Zealand wines and cocktails.


  •  Andre’s Pies & Patisserie
  • Best bakery option in New Plymouth, this place has been contributing its own share towards the ever expanding business of large size clothes by baking sweet goodies so good you just can’t resist pulling over the bakery for a taste of your favorite delicacy. Started in 1972, the bakery right on the main road of the town with delicious options ranging from sandwiches and pies to buns and cakes of all kinds.

Spell binding Experiences in New Plymouth, New Zealand

New Plymouth is a city having enormous importance in terms of being the only International deep water port. Considering its nearness towards on the west coast of North Island, the city is known for having myriad range of water sports as well as adventure sports for all those outdoorsy tourists. It also has many options for those who would like relax through gardens, walk through museums, and relax on the beach while watching people surf and partake in other water sports activities. Some of these activities are listed below:

Art Gallery

  • Len Lye Center
  • In the words of one of the greatest artist of New Zealand Len Lye (1901 to 1980) – Great art goes 50-50 with great architecture. Keeping this in mind, this specific art gallery structured in the honor of the great artists boasts of exceptional art décor with mesmerizing architecture that stops tourists in awe even before entering the gallery. Its interlocking appearance of large flute shaped mirror clad structure with interlinking of galleries within it through ramps are home for some of the explosive work of Len Lye is guaranteed to make everyone speechless. The building also consists of gallery for kids, cinema place and is right next to another master piece gallery called Govett-Brewster Art Gallery. It is definitely worth few hours of your day.


  • Puke Ariki
  • This museum with name meaning ‘Hill of Chiefs’ caters diverse range of entertainment options from i-SITE, library to museum, cafe and ever famous food show favorite Arborio restaurant. The museum is famous for its beautiful pieces on Maori culture through different antiques along with perfect exhibits depicting the wildlife, geology information of the mountains and the colonial information. The museum will probably take few of the best hours of your trip.


  • Pukekura Park
  • This most extensively large park of New Plymouth is of 49 hectares featuring trails, gardens, children playground, waterfalls, streams, house displays along with ponds. Relax in this vast area of lush green area while going over the main lake through a rowboat (that costs about $12 for every half hour operational only in summer) and enjoy the relaxing light meals offered in the Tea House whose best offering is the carrot cake. Summer special is the festival of light that brings in hordes of crowd due to Technicolor display along with superbly mowed oval ground of cricket.

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange No
Fine Dining Yes
Baggage Locker Yes
City Guide Yes
Prepaid Booth (TAXI) Yes
Terminal Interchanging Facility No
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge Yes
One Day Shelter Yes
Local Transport Yes
Apartments Rent Starting from $200 / week
Beer $ 3.67/ 0.5l (NZ)
Mineral Water $ 2.25 / 1.5l (NZ)
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