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Hastings – Fruit, Wine & Everything Fine

The image of fruits and wine is what crops up in one’s mind as soon as Hastings – Heartland of New Zealand, is spoken about. It comes under one of the main urban area of Hawke’s Bay located around the East coast of New Zealand’s North Island and is ranges around 18 km inland of Napier – the coastal city of New Zealand. As per the survey done in June 2016, the population of Hastings was recorded to be around 68,900. Napier and Hastings together are lovingly called The Twin Cities or the Bay Cities which when combined offers area to around 131,000 people of New Zealand that brings this combined urban area of two cities on the 6th position following the city Tauranga which caters for 134,000 population of New Zealand. The airport of Hastings is called Hastings Aerodrome which unfortunately does not allow passenger airlines to land on the airport. To visit Hastings people will have to book flight for Hawke’s Bay airport from where the passengers will further travel by road to Hastings covering the distance of 20 minutes. Visit Hastings to have the fortune of meeting some of the warmest people of the world, relaxing in the Mediterranean climate and partaking in some of the adventurous activities hosted in this area.

hastings newzealand

An annual census done in the year 2013 brought forward following details regarding the warm people of Hastings, New Zealand:

  • The district population of Hastings was near 73, 245 which is a 2.9 % (2,803) increase as compared to 2006 census.
  • Hastings’ population is made up of diverse kinds of ethnicity.
  • 2 % of Hastings population is of European as compared 75 % nationally.
  • 4 % of Hastings population is of Maori as compared 14.9 % nationally.
  • 3 % of Hastings population is of Asian as compared 11.2 % nationally.
  • 6 % of Hastings population is of Pacific Islanders as compared 7.4 % nationally.
  • 5 % of Hastings population is of Latin American / Middle Eastern / African as compared 1.2 % nationally.
  • 8 % of Hastings population is of New Zealanders.
  • For last 15 years and so, the unemployment rate of Hastings has been at 6.9% as compared to 7.1% nationally.
  • For these 15 years the average income of a Hastings citizen has ranged around $26,500 that is lower than national average of about $28,500.
  • Of this average income holder, 39.1% % have less than $20,000 income, whereas 22.3 % earned more than $50,000 annually.

hastings new zealand

Peak and Off Season

Hastings is a city that has been favored with more of an oceanic climate than the Mediterranean one. Although it does get good sunny days and less of rainy days, driest month of Hastings garners at least 1/3rd of total rainfall as experienced in the wettest month of the year. Thus it can easily be denoted that the area does not truly experiences Mediterranean climate. Another thing to note is that although the city garners about 2200 hours of sunny weather, the annual average of rain is also quite good with 800mm. Hastings unique point is that it is considered to be the warmest urban settlement of New Zealand and the climate does not get affected due to sea breeze as Napier as it is about 15km inland. Sunny days can go up to lower graph of 30 °C while winters are also warm with temperature ranging in between 15 °C to 20 °C due to winds in Northern West direction. Although winter nights are quite frosty and cold, the days are warm enough for touring around the city.

Hastings Aerodrome 

Hastings has an aerodrome constructed with the name of Hastings Aerodrome which is actually just a small airport also known as Bridge Pa Aerodrome that co-owned and operated by Hawke’s Bay along with East Coast Aero Club Inc. Located in the plains of Heretaunga adjacent to two 18 hole golf courses and also near the mesmeric settlement of Bridge Pa. The Hastings Aerodrome is constructed about 8km away from CBD (Central Business District) of Hastings. However, the aerodrome does not cater for passenger airlines and to reach this area tourists will have to take up flight to Hawke’s Bay Airport.

All the airlines that land and take off from Hawke’s Bay are catered and serviced for by the Hawke’s Bay Airport that is actually constructed in Napier. This airport also called at times Napier Airport acts as the main airport for Hawke’s Bay for commercial purpose catering for domestic interconnectivity with cities like Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington along with small areas including Wairoa, Blenheim and Gisborne.

Different Ways of Reaching Hastings:

Apart from traveling via plane to Hawke’s Bay there are two different ways of reaching Hastings –

By Car

  • State Highway 5 from Taupo – 2 hours
  • Via Taihape Road from Taihape – 3 hours
  • State Highway 2 from Napier – 15 to 20 min
  • From Wellington – 3 and half hours

By Bus

  • Intercity operated busses on national level with frequent services in and around Hastings that connects the area with other parts of North Island. Prices range starts from as low as $1 which can be bought online. People can catch the bus from the main bus station – 117 Russell St. right across subway.

Airlines Landing on Hawke’s Bay Airport

As the Hastings Aerodrome is not functional for commercial purpose and does not allow services of passenger airlines, tourists will have to book interconnecting domestic flights landing on the Hawke’s Bay airport in Napier. Airlines and their subsequent destinations landing on the airport are enumerated below:

  • Air Napier – Gisborne, Wairoa (Cargo Only)
  • Air New Zealand Link (Both by Air Nelson and Mount Cook Airline) – Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch
  • Jetstar Airways – Auckland
  • Sounds Air – Blenheim

Fine Dining Options in Hastings, New Zealand

Hastings is known for its winery and fruits collection along with offering delicacies ranging from numerous different cuisines. From menus dripping in deliciousness of cuisine like Turkish and Asian etc, to one of the finest wine you will ever get to taste, dining options in Hastings is in multitude. Some of the top choices in eating category as chosen by locals and tourists alike are:

Theme Pub

Rose & Shamrock

Full of quirky charm, memorabilia stacked together giving of a unique look this quaint little restaurant is must visit if you wish to see how sophistications easily jell with ruggedness. Constructed in mid 90s, 1996 to be exact, this pub was first of its kind in terms of themes and décor. Apart from the ambience, this pub has also stood all the dining challenges and withheld its own reputation in the eyes of locals and tourists alike. With beer and wine from the largest collection in Hawke’s Bay with dine options from burgers to steaks and chicken nuggets for the kiddos. This place is perfect to wind down after a long hectic touristy day.


Cafe Anatolia

If you are one of the Turkish food fanatic and after a long day of trekking and hiking want to relax in cool place with your favorite Turkish delicacy, then Cafe Anatolia is constructed just for you. This cafe alike restaurant offers wide range of coffee and tea options with other snack foods of Turkish delicacies. It is open from 11 am to 9 pm on all 7 days.

Spell Binding Experiences in Hastings, New Zealand

Experiencing Hastings is like getting closer to nature and feel its wildness under your wings. From normal touristy activities like trekking and visiting local man-made attractions to venturing on with wild fun in terms of adventure sports like water sports, paragliding etc. However, the best tour is the winery tour as Hastings is known for its wines and flavors. Some of the tour you should book for while visiting Hastings is listed below for your perusal:

Grand Tour of Hawke’s Bay:

From mesmeric view of countryside while soaring in the wild vistas of Hawke’s Bay and having to witness the prestigious Spanish architecture and art décor, this place is bound to leave you fascinated with the stunning contrasting scenic beauty. Hawke’s Bay has always been the favorite holiday destination for many celebrities as well as the local families looking to get away in summer from their residence and enjoy carefree sunny days on beach and other attractions.

  • Duration: 10am to 5pm
  • Price: Starting From $230
  • Highlights
    • Mesmerizing central Napier’s Art collection and décor of all the architectures.
    • Go through and partake in the Marine Parade towards south into the countryside of Hawke’s Bay.
    • For all those with sweet tooth, this is must visit to taste all the bearilicious honey from the largest producer of New Zealand.
    • Take-in the heart soaring sight of Te Mata Peak from the top in all its glory from 360 degree.
    • Take the walk through of world famous village of Havelock North.
    • View the beautiful city of Hastings with all its Spanish Mission architecture.
    • Stop to relax and get a taste of chocolate at authentic chocolate maker boutique.
    • Return back to Napier and relax for your next tour via Ahuriri village

Above & Beyond Napier:

One of the closest cities to Hastings, Napier has some of the best views and attractions to take in. With an airborne view to boot, go through the whole of Napier with a flight across Hawke’s Bay.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: Starting From $249
  • Highlights
    • With paramount comfort and luxury at its best travel in the limousine for the tour.
    • Get up close and personal with Art Décor splashed around incredible architecture of Napier.
    • Farming, Orchards and vineyard – tick all these of your list of sights to view.

Essential Information

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Privilege Lounge Yes
One Day Shelter Yes
Local Transport Yes
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