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Gisborne – Food, Wine and Beaches Galore

Gisborne is located in the eastern region of Northern New Zealand under the government of Gisborne District Council and thus is also referred to as East Coast region. It is named in respect to the largest settlement of all namely – City of Gisborne. Although it called East Coast region, it is located between East coast proper (East Cape) and Poverty Bay. This city’s mesmeric quality is that it is the first city in the whole world which is touched by sunrays firstly every single day. This has resulted in many people booking interconnecting cheap flights to Gisborne at the first opportunity they get, which has resulted in Gisborne being valued for mouthwatering delicacies, local wine and the surfing. Unofficially declared as Chardonnay Capital of New Zealand, this city is reputed for its amazing wine collection. The airport of Gisborne is not big with only one terminal and catering of two regional airlines, namely, Air New Zealand and Sunair.


As per the recent census done in 2013, the total population of Gisborne ranges around 43,000 which has actually declined in about 800 people or 1.8 percent of the population when compared with the census performed in 2006. O the total population gender demographic of the city is:

  • Male comprise of 48.3% as compared to total male population of 48.7% in the whole country.
  • Females on the other hand make up 51.7 % as compared to total female population of 51.3% nationally.

On the forefront of ethnicity the population of Gisborne stands on following place:

  • European – 56.1% whereas nationally it is 74%
  • Maori – 45.1% whereas nationally it is 14.9%
  • Pacific Islanders – 3.5% whereas nationally it is 7.4%
  • Asian – 2.2% whereas nationally it is 11.8%
  • New Zealanders – 1.4% whereas nationally it is 1.6%
  • Middle Eastern / Latin American / African – 4% whereas nationally it is 1.2%
  • Others – 0.05% whereas nationally it is 0.01%


Peak & Off Season

If you are one of those who plan their trip as per the weather then you can visit Gisborne as and when you wish to. However for those looking forward for surfing activities ensure you enquire before booking so that you can catch in some good waves. Some of the information about weather is as follows:

  • Months of June, July and August experience high range of rainfall as these months are Rainy season of Gisborne.
  • As per average temperature January is the warmest month and is perfect for beach strolling as long as you apply proper sun block cream.
  • August on the other hand is the coolest month and can be enjoyed by walking and strolling along the quite streets of Gisborne wrapped up in warm jackets.
  • On the rainy season front, June experiences maximum rainfall and thus should be avoided as most excursion and beach activities are closed at this time.
  • November is considered to be the driest month of the whole year and it is recommended to carry and take in as much liquid as possible.

Gisborne Airport

The airport of Gisborne is a regional airport located in the East Coast of the Northern Island in the outskirts of Gisborne. It is one of the rarest airports that have rail line called Palmerstone North – Gisborne Line that crosses the runway. There are two tarmac gates for the only terminal in the airport.


At the end of the terminal baggage claim area is located on the left side after walking off the tarmac. The baggages of the passengers are provided as soon as possible as the airplane is unloaded.

Passenger Assistance

For those passengers who require wheelchair or any other sort of assistance they can contact the airline staff or the airport ones while checking in. You can also notify the airline you are flying with before reaching Gisborne Airport.

First Aid & Medical

The staff at Gisborne Airport are trained and certified to provide First Aid along with full fledged kit for the first aid.

Baby Facilities

For those young mom and dad having babies and toddlers, Gisborne Airport has specified areas for baby facilities like changing nappies and a place for laying down the tired ones.

Airlines Landing in Gisborne Airport

As the airport is a regional one and not International, there no International airlines that land on the airport. However, internal connectivity and network with the other cities and districts of New Zealand is quite smooth and tourists can reach Gisborne through connecting flights from any of the cities mentioned below:

Fine Dining Options in Gisborne, New Zealand

New Zealand is not just a land down under, but a land of delicious food options as well. Gisborne has many restaurant options with differing food cuisines. Some of the best ones are also accorded top choices by locals as well as tourists. List of top restaurants in New Zealand are:


Muirs Bookshop & Cafe

Cafe choices in Gisborne are quite vast but the personal favorite of many locals and tourists alike is Muirs Bookshop & Cafe. Its ambience with vibes of old heritage building in combination with book and wafting of fresh coffee smell makes the cafe the Go To place for relaxing and early morning coffee dose. Sweet and tasty collection of food is another bonus.

Modern New Zealand

USSCO Bar & Bistro

This restaurant famous for Modern New Zealand menu is structured inside the renovated USSCO (Union Steam Ship Company) building and thus is aptly named USSCO Bar &Bistro. The ambience, location and setting inside screams class apart with highly appreciated menu having yummy delicacies like caramelized yams with soy-glazed pork belly, with side dishes – toasted nuts salad and parsnip puree. Devil tempting sweet dishes accompanying world’s best beers and local wines.


Yoko Sushi Express

Japanese cuisine lovers, especially bending towards sushi, will love to visit Yoko Sushi Express. It world class sushi combined with usual side dishes including bento boxes.


Marina Restaurant

For those who are craving a little bit of French taste in their platter, the Marina Restaurant is the only stop they should pay attention to. This restaurant is voted for having the best French cuisine in the whole of Gisborne and is fitted with relaxing bistro influenced menu for lunch and dinners. The ambience of Gallic aura alone makes up for any penny spent in this over meals n drinks. The specialty and must try dish for carnivores is duck breast with honey jus.

Spell Binding Experiences in Gisborne, New Zealand

There was a time when the exclusion of Gisborne from other populated areas of New Zealand resulted in low tourism in the city as most wanted to see famous places of New Zealand rather than exceptional hidden gems. However this very same quality of this peaceful place has ensured rapid growing tourism in Gisborne. Tourists can enjoy the peaceful environment of this place along with going in for some touristy activities like going for sightseeing both nature and man-made attractions, surfing on its clean beaches, getting acquainted with wilderness and Mother Nature. Some of the must visit sights are:


Statue of Young Nick:

Amongst the beautiful surrounding of the Riverside Park in Gisborne, a statue of Nicholas Young is also a quite famous reason for the popularity of the park. Nicholas was the cabin boy of Captain Cook and also the first person to lay eyes on New Zealand. Captain Cook himself is a proud owner of a statue near the area on a globe which is engraved with all the findings and routes roamed by the captain.


Eastwoodhill Arboretum:

Get as close to Mother Nature as possible by visiting this tree nirvana in Gisborne. This garden has been proclaimed to harbor the most illustrious assortment of trees and shrubs of Northern Hemisphere region in the southern hemisphere region. Although this fact is enough to garner a visit to this haven of a garden, another would be the relaxing walk amongst the ever scented and beautiful themed trails.


Surfing with Frank

Surfing is one of the must do activity in Gisborne as the beaches and waves here are perfect for it. For those who wish to learn surfing, expert guidance of Franks is the best option. Surfing with Frank with one on one attention or in group is just perfect for learning surfing. They teach both male and female from the age of 8 to 80 years. This group of surfers is certified to provide guidance with level 1 certificate and has been in business for past 9 years now.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The airport of Gisborne is about 3km from the city in West direction. While Air New Zealand, (, networks Auckland and Wellington with Gisborne, Sunair ( on other hand touches base with Whakatane as well as Rotorua and then to further cities from there.
  • To rent cars from the Airport, either top brands or any of the local ones, passengers can contact the agent at the airport itself.
  • Another option to reach to reach the city from airport and vice-versa at small fare of NZ $20 approximately.
  • For those with medical emergency after landing into Gisborne, passengers or tourists alike can contact the Gisborne Hospital, where 3 medical doctors of Rivers and dentist can be contacted with proper appointment.
  • For those who wish to get calls and posts from their home country, they need to inform family and friends of Area Code being 06.
  • Current population of Gisborne is more than 40,000 who all are ever ready to help people with anything and everything. If you ever got lost, you know you can depend on these locals.
  • For those who have landed in Rotorua they can reach Gisborne in 3 and half hours through road and those who wish to visit from Auckland can book flight tickets which will take an hour to reach Gisborne.

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange No
Fine Dining Yes
Baggage Locker Yes
City Guide Yes
Prepaid Booth (TAXI) Yes
Terminal Interchanging Facility No
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge No
One Day Shelter No
Taxi Cost $1.00 / km (NZ)
Local Transport Yes
Apartments Rent Starting from $770 / week
Beer $5.49/ 0.5l (NZ)
Mineral Water $ 1.00 / 1.5l (NZ)
Call Now: +1800-982-0425
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