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Dunedin – Royal Combination of Nature & Creativity

Dunedin is basically the main city in the region of Otago and has garnered the second position in the list of largest cities of South Island in New Zealand. Its name has been inspired by the Scotland’s capital– Edinburgh, wherein burgh is actually the Gaelic adaptation of ‘Dun’ that in context is ‘Fort’; however in English it also means ‘town’. The Dunedin airport is one of the most important International airport of Otago regions. The passengers from all over the world can book flights to tour this city of South Island. Although the cities Napier-Hastings, Hamilton and Tauranga’ size and subsequent larger population has brought Dunedin to seventh number in terms of urban area of New Zealand, this gorgeous city is still counted in the 4 main cities holding great value of New Zealand’s culture, history and geography.

dunedin new zealand

As compared with the rest of the country, population statistics of Dunedin offers a picture mainly related to the education stats of the locals because of the student population. The traits in the statistics are:

  • Higher percentage of female inhabitants as compared to males.
  • More than 50% of the population is under the age of 25.
  • Most of the population below the average median age.
  • Ethnicity of Dunedin is more of European and Asian.
  • On the other hand Maori and Pacific Island ethnicity make up for lower proportion of Dunedin population.
  • There is higher rate of unemployment and also the average income is quite low.
  • The population of Dunedin consists of mainly those who have school and post that qualification.

Ethnicity demographic of Dunedin population is as follows:

  • European – 78.7% as compared to 67.6% of total population.
  • Maori – 6.4 % as compared to 14.7 % of total population.
  • Asian – 5.3% as compared to 9.2% of total population
  • Pacific Islanders – 2.2% as compared to 6.9% of total population
  • Middle Eastern / African / Latin American -0.7% as compared to 0.9% of total population
  • New Zealanders – 13.6% as compared to 11.1% of total population
  • Others – 0.04% as compared to 0.04% of total population

dunedin newzealand

Peak and Off Season

The summer season of Dunedin starts from November and carries on till April, however, the peak season when there is influx of tourists from all sides of the world are the months of December, February and March. There is higher number of tourists in months of end December to mid January as the locals have vacation generally from 20th of December to somewhere around end weeks of January. Another vacation time is late October as well as the Easter weekend. Hence if the tourists are planning to visit Dunedin in these months, it is advised to book accommodation much in advance to get good places in good rate.

The best months to visit Dunedin is in January and February, however those who are vary of crowd and are budget stricken they can visit in other months as well as the weather in this city all year round is quite pleasing and warm. People planning to visit in March and October enjoy special rates as the peak season is about to start or end due to which the prices are quite low and the atmosphere is quite calm and relaxed. The weather in winters is quite chilly, however those who enjoy cold weather and can bear with the chilly winds then Dunedin in winters offers a whole different scenario.

Dunedin Airport

Dunedin International Airport, now known as just Dunedin Airport and informally called Momona Airport, is one of the two international airports located in the area of Otago, the other airport being Queenstown International Airport. The airport is located in the surrounding of South Island in Otago region of New Zealand’s South Island catering for not only Dunedin city but also Southland and Otago region. The airport is constructed adjacent to Momona village, hence the name Momona Airport, on the Taieri Plains about 22km away from the Dunedin’s Central Business District and is 5 most used airport of New Zealand. To cater for so many passengers, the airport offers many must have facilities, some of which are:

ATM Machine

To take out money, passengers can make use of an ATM of Westpac which is located adjacent to the front entry of the terminal. This ATM machine deals in all credit and ATM cards.

Baby Change Facilities

For parents with toddlers and babies a private changing facility is provided inside the room called Parent room that is located on first floor right next to escalators on the right side. This room is fully equipped with basic needs that are needed to change and feed the baby like microwave, nappy disposal, changing table and toilet.

Free Wi-Fi

Passengers can make use of Free Wi-Fi that is powered throughout the airport terminal. However, the Wi-Fi is free for first 30 minutes or 1000 MB, whichever comes first, and after that to access Internet passengers will have to choose any of the paid usage option from Roaming Account, Tomizone Account or Credit Card.

Charging Stations

To keep the batteries of various devices charged, passengers can make use of the charging facility on the first floor to keep their gadgets like phone and laptop along with other devices in working condition.

Airlines Landing in Dunedin Airport

Dunedin Airport is one of the only two international airports catering for the region of Otago of South Island in New Zealand. As such its connectivity with not only other cities of New Zealand but also other countries is quite smooth. Internal network of domestic airlines connecting countries with New Zealand cities is commendable. Some of the airlines, both International and Domestic, catered by Dunedin Airport are:

  • Air New ZealandAuckland, Wellington and Christchurch
  • Air New Zealand Link – Christchurch and Wellington
  • Jetstar Airways – Auckland and Wellington
  • Virgin Australia – Brisbane

Fine Dining Options in Dunedin, New Zealand

Dunedin is another city having diverse range of cuisines for food lovers. As with other cities many of the restaurants have received awards and accolades for providing top class taste, friendly staff and ultra cool and appreciated ambience. Some of the top choices for specific kind of cuisines are:


No 7 Blanc

This out of the ordinary cafe is located right on top of the Maori hill and it is better to go with cab rather than walking up to this elegant cafe. The extravagant menu includes delicacies from venison loin to beef with sweet dish being a must to order.

Modern New Zealand


Get a taste of Modern New Zealand menu in this ultra classic restaurant located in an old wooden house, the ambience of the place with an informal air and friendly staff makes you super comfy.



Craving for a taste of your favorite scrumptious Scottish dish. Well keeping with the tradition followed in the Scotland’s capital – Edinburg, this restaurant offers cozy ambience accompanied with Scottish hospitality. Scotties ever famous single-malt whisky graces one wall of the place while customers do justice to hearty meal of Otago hare and smoked salmon. Customers, locals as well as tourists alike, stand by their choice of haggis and whisky-mixed pate included in the menu along with the two Scottish Robbies, namely Coltrane and Burns.

Spell Binding Experiences in Dunedin, New Zealand

Dunedin, as with other cities of New Zealand, offers much of the beach activities at decent prices. You can indulge in adventure and water sports activities or have a relaxing day at beach by playing in the golden sand. However, apart from this Dunedin has much more to offer in terms of Art Galleries, museums, monuments and nature made attractions. Some of the must visit places in Dunedin are illustrated below:


Toitu Otago Settlers Museum

This museums most unique point is the way it knits the story and reels the listener into getting engrossed completely in the story. Main section dedicated to Maori culture is followed by the larger than life ceiling to floor portraits of the imperial settlers in Victorian era hiding their stories behind sophisticated lace and beard. Know more about these old settlers by clicking on their terminal. Other attractions of the Museum range from cabin of a passenger ship and incredible compilation of record creating cars to a room inspired by the underappreciated stars of Flying Nun Records.


Dunedin Shore Excursions:

This excursion of about 8 hours starts the moment a cruise ship docks into the shore of Dunedin’s Taieri Rivers while being aboard Taieri Gorge Railway and taking in the incredible views. The tourists can walk around in the tunnels and overhead ramps of this train and combine it with beautiful sights Dunedin has to offer before heading t=back to the port of Dunedin.

  • Duration: 7.5 hours
  • Price: Starting From $118
  • Inclusion:
    • Round-trip tour on the Taieri Gorge Railway
    • Dunedin city sightseeing tour
    • Professional guide
    • Worry-free Shore Excursion Guarantee
    • Port pickup and drop-off


Dunedin Public Art Gallery

The mesmeric scene of New Zealand’s top class artists is given their due in this art gallery. However, only part of the gallery covers the beautiful art pieces and the rest is given over to display shows and other entertainment options.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The International Airport of Dunedin is constructed about 30 km away from the center of the city. However the easiest way to reach the city is through the shuttle service only due to lack of public transport.
  • Shuttle can be availed for different costs and timings depending on the area where the passengers have to be dropped down, although the time can range around 20 to 40 minutes. Passengers can also book their tickets in advance via website or phone number.
    • Phone Number – +64 9 522 5100
    • Website –
  • Alternatively passengers can also book taxi for the city that can take about 20 minutes to reach the city and cost around $90. Some of the reliable ones are:
    • Southern Taxis
      +64 03 476 6300
    • Dunedin Taxis
      +64 03 4777 777
  • The airport also caters for renting car options from some of the major car companies such as Hertz, Eurocar, Avis and Budget that helps passengers to choose car as per their comfort and budget.
  • Dunedin’s downtown area comprises of quite condensed city center which has all the attractions and sight-seeing points are reachable by walking and cycling. Thus the public transport is quite redundantly used and is mostly done by either students or those locals who wish to travel on to the remote areas of Dunedin.
  • Most used mode of public transport is buses that are quite efficient in transferring people in need. Different companies handle different brand of buses:
    • Go Bus
      Website –
    • Ritchies
      Website –
  • Dunedin also caters for perfectly efficient system of cabs that are available 24*7. As the city is quite compact, most of the touristy stops can be reached within set number of minutes via car such as Port Chalmers is around 30 minutes while Otago Peninsula takes about 20 minutes. Some of the most reliable cab services are:
    • Dunedin Taxis
      Number – +64 03 477 7777
      Website –
    • City United Taxis
      Number – +64 03 4771 771
      Website –

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange No
Fine Dining Yes
Baggage Locker Yes
City Guide Yes
Prepaid Booth (TAXI) Yes
Terminal Interchanging Facility No
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge No
One Day Shelter No
Taxi Cost $3.00/ km (NZ)
Local Transport Yes
Apartments Rent Starting from $190 / week
Beer $3.75/ 0.5l (NZ)
Mineral Water $ 1.50 / 1.5l (NZ)
Call Now: +1800-982-0425
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