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Chatham Islands – Island of First Dawn

Chatham Islands boosts of being the first populated place in the world having the privilege of seeing the dawn for the first time every day. This place near the south of New Zealand is quite isolated from other places and as such can only be reached through the domestic flight called Convair 580 aircraft of Air Chathams from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, that to only on certain days. This is probably the reason for its pristine clear waters and heavenly beaches.

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Chatham Islands along with Pitt Islands in total consist of around 600 residents as per the population census done in 2013. The main settlement of around 200 residents is in a town called Waitangi. Other towns like Owenga, Te One and Kaingaroa are also inhibited with two schools up to primary level also being available. Another school is constructed in Pitt Islands. Owenga along with Port Hutt also constitute fishing village.

The most populated township is headed by Waitangi which has many facilities to cater to its population such as bank, stores for groceries and other useful appliances, hospital with a residential doctor, marine along with engineering services. The most important shipping wharf is also found here.

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Peak and Off Season

This awe-inspiring Island can be visited at any point of the year. However, months of summer and spring which are from September to March are preferred over autumn and winters from April to August, which do accord tourists with mesmerizing scenery as well as mild climate.

On one hand, summer days in Chatham Islands offers clear days with warm breezy weather and winters, on the other hand, can bring in frosts at times. Despite this change in the weather, conditions at best can be described as variable, which means at times tourists can experience all four weather conditions in one day. Rainfall situation on the Island is also not very dicey as the average of annual rainfall revolves around 1000 mm which is accumulated through showers and not torrential rainfall. It is advisable for the tourists to carry warm jacket and sunscreen both amongst their vacation clothes.

Summer temperature is felt somewhere 15°C to 24°C while winter temperature is felt somewhere 6°C to 10°C.

Chatham Islands or Tuuta Airport

Tuuta Airport is the name of the airport of Chatham Islands. It is the only airport of the island and can be reached through one domestic flight called Air Chathams. This flight does not operate from any foreign countries and only takes up passengers from selected cities of New Zealand.

Considering the ever growing popularity of Chatham Islands few proposed changes were authorized by the government in the year of 2012. As per the plans made, the airport of Chatham Islands was to be improvised in order to elevate the economy of the Island. Resurfacing of runway as well as extending to 1600m was also a part of the improvement process. The last part proposed was to add another terminal for both passengers and administration along with a new large hanger for the aircraft.

Airlines in Tuuta Airport

There is only one airline that goes to and from Chatham Islands and that is – Air Chathams. It is a domestic airline that connects with selected cities of New Zealand, namely, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The days operating for all these cities via Convair 580 aircraft of Air Chathams are:

  • Monday: Chathams-Wellington
  • Tuesday: Chathams-Christchurch
  • Wednesday: Chathams-Wellington
  • Thursday: Chathams-Auckland
  • Friday: Chathams-Wellington
  • Saturday: Chathams-Auckland

Fine Dining Options in Chatham Islands

Top options for easing that raging hunger in Chatham Islands are illustrated below:

  • Best Bar & Restaurant
      • Hotel Chathams Public Bar & Restaurant

    Hotel Chathams is one of the top most hotel in Chatham Island, wherein getting booking is quite difficult. Get comfortable with the hotel’s top chef’s most popular dish in the public bar and restaurant. Restaurant and Bar have different timings as shown below:


    Bar lunches are from 12-1.30 pm on Tue to Sat.

    Bar meals and dinner are from 6-8pm on Mon to Sat


    Restaurant opens 7 days from 7am till late.

    Breakfast is from 7-9am, Lunch menu is from 12-1.30pm and while Dinner menu is from 6-8pm.

    • Best Seafood:
        • Waitangi Seafood’s

      The only store owned by the local resident of Chatham Islands, Waitangi Seafood’s operates in importing and exporting of fish. A tour of this island is not fully satisfactory till Seafood from this store is not tried. Take in the whiff and taste of fresh, chilled or frozen fish right at the doorstop of the accommodation you are living in.

    • For Groceries:
        • Dough ‘n’ Go

      This store keeps maximum amount of grocery items that is quite comfortably located in the impressionable Township of Waitangi. You can make your own selection from myriad grocery products, dairy products, food, drinks and bread. For those fond of fresh fruits, Saturday morning will be the best day for them.

Spell Binding Experience in Chatham Islands, New Zealand

There is much to see and do in Chatham Islands for which prior acknowledgement to your hosts at times is needed. This islands accords activities for each and every type of traveler from wondrous nature walks, getting up close and personal with the wild life of Chatham Islands and of course having fun on sandy beaches and water. For your discretion some of the hot shot packages have been illustrated below:

Tour Packages:

    • Chatham Islands Wild Sheep Hunts:

The best place to get your hunting gear out of rust. With experienced guide Abe Nielson having access to hunting ground of over 10, 0000 hectares, hunting of wild cattle and sheeps is just an experience worth every penny you will spend on it. Trophies with your name on it are waiting to be collected.

      • Contact person: Abe Nielson (+64 3 305 0220)
      • Hours: By arrangement
      • Chatham Charters:

Activities performed by passengers are from spear fishing and Scuba diving to hunting of wild pigs, bulls and sheeps along with Island tours.

        • On FV Starkey’s of 52 foot only 10 passengers can be accommodated.
        • Contact Person: Floyd Prendeville (+64 3 305 0046)
      • Pitts Island Day Tour:

Pitts Island’s culture and history is just waiting to be discovered by history buffs and cultural enthusiasts. The tour will be processed by the experienced tour guide local of Chatham Island. The 25 minute long flight is just a trailer of the impeccable beauty of the island, followed by tour of the place in 4*4 luxury vehicle, after which a wholesome lunch at Flowerpot Bay Lodge that is ended by the same mesmeric return flights. Some passengers may opt to stay on the island for which they will have to make arrangements in advance.

      • Contact Person: Brent and Bernie Mallinson (+64 3 305 0212)

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The Chatham Islands has the privilege to be known as the first inhibited location to catch sun rise every single day.
  • The local time as compared with New Zealand time is just 45 minutes ahead and overseas same daylight hours except for start and finish of the day.
  • Connected with only three cities of New Zealand, namely, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.
  • Air Chathams’ Convair 580 aircraft flies to these cities only one in a day. Every city has been specific day for transfer.
  • Tuuta Airport houses only two domestic aircraft in its hanger at a single time.
  • Due to lack of public transport the tourists will need to arrange for transport privately with their hosts.
  • As most of the sightseeing places are located either on or through private places, it is imperative to have prior permission to visit the place. On the island, private land at times starts straight from the road side and go up to water edge.
  • Accommodation options available on Chatham Islands range from guest houses (self-catering), farmstays, homestay, hotel and lodges etc. In order to avoid any confusion and bad start to a holiday, tourists should book their stay much in advance.

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi No
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange No
Fine Dining No
Baggage Locker No
City Guide Yes
 Prepaid Booth (TAXI) No
Terminal Interchanging Facility No
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge No
One Day Shelter No
Local Transport Yes
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