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Auckland – Trendiest City of the World

Auckland is lovingly called a “City of Sails” as it is surrounded by sparkling blue water which just adds on to the charm of this quaint city. The imperial harbour is quite similar to other cities having watersides however the old school charm of this harbour has something special to it. As the city is quite small in area, many tourists prefer to explore the place on foot. Its vibrant locals are more than happy to lend a hand if you get lost. Catering to International Airlines from all over the world, Auckland International Airport has a dedicated terminal for foreign tourists. Domestic connectivity of flights to other cities of New Zealand is also quite smooth and frequent.

auckland new zealand

The metro area of Auckland consists of urban cool population ranging to somewhere around 1,495,000 people, as per the survey done in June 2016, which makes up for more than 30% of New Zealand population in total. Aucklanders make up of many ethnic groups travelled from all different countries of the world that in short makes the demographic population of Auckland quite diverse. Of the whole ethnic group major portion is of Europeans, with others being Maori, Pacific islanders and Asian. This city has the world record of having largest number of Polynesian people in the whole world.

auckland new zealand

Peak and Off Season

Auckland is one of those fantastic pieces of land that can literally be visited anytime of the year. However, if forced to inform, then the peak season can be called in from October to March of which November to April is summer season. The peak season is traveled not only by the tourists of other nationality but by locals as well as the school holidays start from 20th December and carry on till last of January. Thus the season is generally completely booked and if you wish to travel to Auckland, then best is to book in your accommodation and other necessary places way much in advance. For those who prefer less crowd, the best is to book in other months as the accommodation is easier and cheaper as well as the weather is also quite warm.

For those in love with beaches the best is to pack for January and February months, however, the weather in all year round is quite fine. If you book tickets in the months of May or June, the climate is quite cool and pleasant in most of the areas as the rates are also quite cheap. There are certain shops in high altitude and trails which might be closed due to winters, however, peace and calmness of the place more than makes up for it.

Auckland Airport

Auckland International Airport is the most used and largest in size airport of Auckland. In a year it caters for more than 16,000,000 passengers of which larger number are tourists from around the world. The airport is situated near Mangere and the Airport Oaks somewhere about 21 km from the center of Auckland city in the south direction. This airport is the major hub for Air New Zealand on the international front and Virgin Australia’s and Jetstar Airways’ New Zealand Hub. To cater for many of its passengers and looking after their comfort and convenience the airport is facilitated with many services some of which are:

VIP Lounges:

For relaxing and stretching before boarding the International flight or after you have landed; passengers can make use VIP Lounges that are located in the international terminal. However you have to be on the list of VIP passengers of the airlines you are travelling with. To locate one lounge you can consult the Airport maps.

Pick up Service on Arrival:

Carrying around unnecessary stuff you have bought on departure from New Zealand is no longer needed. Now when you buy any product from duty free stores they can put in care of the airport while you depart from the airport. Once you step back in New Zealand, you can take these bags back with you.

Conference Centre in Domestic Terminal – The Clubhouse, the Cabin and the Coachrooms:

Passengers can hold meetings, seminars and other personal parties and gatherings in the Airport itself. The meeting rooms are located in the Domestic Terminal of the airport and rented to put in any sort of gatherings. Proficient caterers are also available to hire.

Collection Point:

Collection point can also be called pick up point as in this place you can pick up of all your products purchased from stores outside the airport having duty or tax free services.

Airlines Landing in Auckland, New Zealand

As per the rapport of Auckland with its tourists, this beautiful city faces infusion of travelers from all over the world. Some of the airlines catered for landing and taking off from Auckland Airport for both International and domestic flights are as follows:

Fine Dining Options in Auckland, New Zealand

Dining opportunities in Auckland is vast with many restaurants offering many different cuisines. Some of them are quite good in some of the dishes for which they have been chose as best in particular cuisine by the locals and tourists alike. Some of these restaurants have been listed below:



This iconic cafe with one wall consisting of mural of a Maori Maiden and filled with Kiwiana is must visit for those who enjoy lavish and tummy filling breakfast. Although the rate of food is a little above than that of normal cafe rate, the menu full of Kedgeree, Musabaha, cassoulet and Turkish eggs etc totally worth every penny spent.

Modern New Zealand


This trendy restaurant of Al Brown, TV Chef, offers comfort in every sense of the name – from food to communal table and chairs, kept on butcher style tiles with constant chatter of customers and staff alike. Believing sharing is caring, this restaurant offers delicacies in share way with its clams and oysters being freshest in the whole country. Despite being so popular, the place doesn’t believe in booking and as such it is preferable to leave in time for seat.


Best Ugly Bakers

For those with sweet tooth, best option is Best Ugly Bakers who rule the world of Bagel lovers with them being prepared by hand rolled, boiled as well as wood-fired. Take in your early morning breakfast delicacies from this super cute in a heavy vehicle workshop with options from pastrami, smoked salmon, beacon or any of the vegetarian dishes with killer fillings. Another recommended option by many is cinnamon bagel with jam and cream cheese. You can’t leave without coffee as well.

Spell Binding Experiences in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland offers the opportunity of adrenalin rush water and land adventure sports with ski opportunities in the winters. Peaceful sightseeing and nature hiking are two attractive and tourist pulling experiences which makes Auckland an all round tourist destination that has small morsel of dessert for every individual.

New Zealand Encompassed:

New Zealand as a country may not seem big but is however quite large when you come down to planning a trip. To overcome the issue of few days for too many places, we have selected an excursion for you that bind the whole of New Zealand in one tour called New Zealand Encompassed. This is probably one of the longest tours in New Zealand – full 24 days tour of New Zealand starting from the Auckland itself. It gets the tourists introduced to many new authentic experiences of New Zealand giving them the glimpse of how the people of New Zealand live. You can enhance your New Zealand experience by visiting volcanoes; explore the waters in form of surfing and kayaking in keen guidance of experts and National Parks full of wildlife. At the end of the tour we guarantee that you will wish it longer than 24 days.

  • Duration: 24 days
  • Price: Starting From $ 3554
  • Itinerary
    • §  Day 1 Auckland
    • §  Day 2 Auckland/Bay of Islands (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 3 Bay of Islands/Paihia (1B, 1L, 1D)
    • §  Day 4 Paihia/Auckland (1B)
    • §  Day 5 Auckland/Raglan (1B, 1L)
    • §  Day 6 Raglan (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 7 Raglan/Rotorua (1B)
    • §  Day 8 Rotorua/Tongariro National Park (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 9 Tongariro National Park/Wellington (1B)
    • §  Day 10 Wellington/Abel Tasman National Park (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 11 Abel Tasman National Park (1B)
    • §  Day 12 Abel Tasman National Park/Punakaiki (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 13 Punakaiki/Franz Josef (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 14 Franz Josef (1B)
    • §  Day 15 Franz Josef/Queenstown (1B)
    • §  Days 16-17 Queenstown
    • §  Day 18 Queenstown/Doubtful Sound (1B, 1L, 1D)
    • §  Day 19 Doubtful Sound/Wedderburn (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 20 Wedderburn (1B)
    • §  Day 21 Wedderburn/Christchurch (1B)
    • §  Day 22 Christchurch/Kaikoura (1B)
    • §  Day 23 Kaikoura/Wellington (1B)
    • §  Day 24 Wellington (1B)

New Zealand – The Bay of Islands:

Bay of Islands can easily be given as an example under paradise for nature lovers. This excursion of 4 days will keep busy and entertained with variety of activities ranging from hiking in the trails around the island to water sports options like snorkeling, kayaking, sailing and swimming in the surrounding crystal blue water. Want even more than that? Well how about a peaceful night spent upon a houseboat with your special someone or your whole family. Enjoy 4 relaxed days full of adventure and water without any worry in mind.

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Price: Starting From $529
  • Itinerary
    • §  Day 1 Auckland
    • §  Day 2 Auckland/Bay of Islands (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 3 Bay of Islands/Paihia (1B, 1L, 1D)
    • §  Day 4 Paihia/Auckland (1B)

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Auckland International Airport situated about 21 km away from the center of the city in the South direction that can be accessed either by taxi or bus without much hassle, serves mainly the Auckland city.
  • Bus service from the airport to the city center is served by Airbus. Its services are quite frequent with 15 minutes of difference between each bus.
  • Auckland has grown a lot recently in terms of population as the city has attracted lot of foreign interest which has subsequently also increased the tourists population in the city as well. This has also made the roads more congested from last few years. However as the city comparatively is quite small to other New Zealand cities the traffic is still bearable and public transport services is frequent.
  • For information on all the public transport in Auckland from bus and taxis to train and ferries tourists can refer to service called Maxx.
  • To travel around Auckland, tourists can also opt for taxis by booking them through phone, hiring from taxi stand or hailing from the street only. On such Taxi service company is Auckland Co-op Taxis
  • To parcel or send a letter / postcard to anyone from your country you can do so through any of post services in form of Post offices as well as shops. A central is situated in the corner of Wellesley Street and Aotea Square by the name of Wellesley Street Post Shop.
  • For medical emergency it is better to approach pharmacies or hospitals for expert opinion rather than taking care of it by self. Two hospitals located at easy access are:
    • Auckland Hospital
      Park Road, Grafton
      +64 9 307 4949
    • Mercy Ascot Hospital
      90 Greenlane Road, East
      +64 9 520 9500

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange No
Fine Dining Yes
Baggage Locker Yes
City Guide Yes
Prepaid Booth (TAXI) Yes
Terminal Interchanging Facility Yes
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge Yes
One Day Shelter Yes
Taxi Cost $3.45 / km (NZ)
Local Transport Yes
Apartments Rent Starting from $380 / week
Beer $4.62/ 0.5l (NZ)
Mineral Water $ 2.51 / 1.5l (NZ)
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