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Tauranga – Busiest Port of New Zealand

North Island in New Zealand is home to Bay of Plenty region which houses Tauranga – a beautiful port city. The first settlers of the city were Maori clan during the end of 13th century along with the Europeans who came in the 109th century and was finally declared as city in the year of 1963. The city is central towards the 5th largest urban area in the whole of New Zealand and as per the survey done in the month of June, 2016 has total population of 134,400 in the urban area. The city itself comes to 5th position in terms of largest city in New Zealand with approximately 125,000 individuals. The airport serving the city and parts of the region of Plenty of Bay is named Tauranga Airport that caters for domestic flights from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Passengers will have to book flights from their place to any of the three cities mentioned and then take connecting flight to reach Tauranga. The city is located amidst the beautiful sea, clear blue sky and lush green Mother Nature.

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Tauranga city crossed the population of Dunedin in the year of 2008 to become the 5th largest city in terms of urban population as well as to go up to the position of 9 in terms of Territorial Authority is. As per the census the city population was growing at the rate of 1.5% in the year of 2008 and it is predicted that this city will also go beyond Dunedin in terms of Territorial Area by the end of 2018. In the year of 1976 the population of the area was around 48,000 that increased to 82,092 in 1996 and 103,635 by the end of 2006. This increase in population is hugely amounted due to construction of Harbour Bridge in the year of 1988 which brought Tauranga and the Mount much more connected and closer.

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Peak & Off Season

Planning a visit to any destination should not depend on its peak season, as much it should be on the reason for the holiday. The activities you plan to take part in results on the choice of the holiday destination. The same is the case with Tauranga. Thus here are small details regarding the weather of this city which would help you to decide which time to go for the vacation:

  • The climate of Tauranga is closer to Oceanic or Maritime Temperate weather that can also be described as subtropical weather wherein summer season garner high rate of humidity peak.
  • This is also the season when there is huge influx of tourists as well as local tourists as the country has school off at that time.
  • The most popular places frequented by the tourists are white beaches along the coastline and perfect for surfing from Mount Maunganui to Papamoa.
  • Off season also gets tourists as at this time the city is much more peaceful and the prices of activities and accommodation are quite low.

Tauranga City Airport

The city of Tauranga is catered to by the airport called Tauranga City Airport that is constructed along the Harbour of Tauranga in the suburban area of Mount Maunganui that is about 3 km away from the Central Business District (CBD) of the city in the direction of Northern East. The airport has one terminal with four tarmac gates constructed in the Northern direction of the runway created on Jean Batten Drive along with the building of 2 storeys. Subsidiaries of Air New Zealand named Mount Cook Airline and Air nelson, together caters for flights between Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. The airport further caters for scenic and charter flights along with 2 regional airlines and provided top quality services for general aviation and skydiving operations. Catering for passengers, the airport also provided for facilities some of which are:

  • Car Parking facilities are available for both tourists and locals alike who can park their car or rent cars from the airport itself.
  • Access for Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport that helps to connect with the outer world the moment passengers lands down or is about to take off from the airport.
  • Conference or meeting room can be hired in the airport that can be used to conduct business meeting or get together.
  • Cafe within the airport is perfect place to quench the thirst and hunger before boarding your flight or after landing in Tauranga. The cafe is opened half hour before the departure of first flight and remains open till last flight.

Airlines Landing in Tauranga Airport

The Tauranga City Airport caters for numerous airlines that interconnect Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington with Tauranga along with also connecting regional destinations of New Zealand. Sunair airlines that have a home base in Tauranga have established operation with light aircrafts fleet. This airline connects Gisborne, Whitanga, North Shore, Claris and Motiti Island to Tauranga. Another airline by name of Barrier Air connects Claris with Tauranga via Partenavia P68.

Air New Zealand Link operated by Air Nelson & Mount Cook Airline – Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
Barrier Air – Claris
Sunair – Claris, Gisborne, North Shore, Whitianga and Motiti Island

Fine Dining Options in Tauranga, New Zealand

Fine dining and Tauranga in one sentence sounds as amazing as the food prepared here with full love and warmth of the locals. The city is 5th largest urban populated city of New Zealand, and is home to some world class restaurants that have record of visitors coming in again and again. Some of the places as so far even got top choice awards for their ambience or the cuisine offered in that places. Some of the top choices award winners declared by the voting of local and tourists along are mentioned below:


Med Cafe

Hot favorite amongst the locals and a frequent stop to get morning coffee fix by the tourist, Med Cafe is said to offer New Zealand’s best coffee in the North Island with wide variety of choices in an all day breakfast menu. Customers can either make choices from the blackboard or from the delicacies showcased in the cabinet filled with salads, sandwiches, cakes and flans. The lunch menu is loved by many and can be one of the most crowded times in the cafe. With myriad range of dishes in gluten free and vegetarian category, the place is perfect for all kinds of foodies.



For all those who are new to Tauranga, as in the tourists, Asian cuisine is best when it’s from Macau restaurant. This beautiful restaurant along the strip of Tauranga has brought the tangy taste of Asian cuisine and perfected it to an extreme extent. The menu offered in terms of small and large measurement gives shared worthy portion size. Hot favorite amongst the customers are steamed buns with roasted pork belly and crispy Sichuan-spiced eggplant. Classic décor with the elegance and warmth of the staff makes the place perfect for dinner or lunch.

Spell Binding Experiences in Tauranga, New Zealand

Experiencing Tauranga in its full green glory is a sight worth every penny spent on this particular tour. From sandy sun kissed golden beaches to glory of Mount Maunganui, every traveler has found a favorite sport or activity of theirs to do in this beautiful city of New Zealand. The warm hospitality of the locals combined with awesome weather makes for relaxing days of holiday. For those who wish to view more than what is offered in just Tauranga, regular tours and excursions can be booked that is guided by experienced and knowledgeable locals who are well acquainted with the history and culture of places in Tauranga and it’s surrounding. Two most popular tour and excursions are:

  • Tauranga Shore Excursion: Rotorua Highlights

    Rotorua highlights take in the beautiful city of New Zealand when the cruise ship of Tauranga Shore Excursion docks into the port of Tauranga. Tourists aboard are welcomed with traditional ceremony at Whakarewarewa which holds the prestige of being the only village upholding Maori culture and traditions with full authenticity. Rotorua area is full of lunar sourced landscapes and scenic geysers with beautiful combination of Maori culture.

    • Duration: 7 and half hours
    • Price: Starting From $ 105
    • What’s included
      • Wine tasting
      • Kiwifruit and juices
      • Driver/guide
      • Live commentary on board
      • Transport by private vehicle
      • Port pickup and drop-off
      • Entrance fees
      • Covered by Viator’s Hassle-free Policy: Assurance of on-time return to your ship
  • Tauranga Shore Excursion: Small-Group Bay of Plenty and Tauranga Tour –

    Get an insight into the whole region of Tauranga and get a new perspective of the area around as an experienced guide who is a local as well, brings down the history of all the places you view. With leisure and comfort of your cruise ship that docks in the Bay of Plenty enjoy this 5 hour excursion as most notable places around Tauranga are pointed out and explored. The excursion includes gourmet produce, green farmland, while spending time with close contact of wild Mother Nature’s mesmeric creations. This peaceful place offers delicious taste of Kiwifruit, Manuka honey and scrumptious lunch at impeccable cafes.

    • Duration: 5 hours
    • Price: Starting From $ 403
    • What’s included ?
      • Tastings of Kiwifruit, produce, juice, wines and liqueurs
      • Local Driver/ Experienced Guide
      • Live and Informative commentary on board
      • Transport by private vehicle
      • Port pickup and drop-off
      • Entrance fees
      • Hassle-free Shore Excursion Guarantee

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange No
Fine Dining Yes
Baggage Locker Yes
City Guide Yes
Prepaid Booth (TAXI) Yes
Terminal Interchanging Facility No
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge Yes
One Day Shelter Yes
Local Transport Yes
Apartments Rent Starting from $410 / week
Beer $ 4.52/ 0.5l (NZ)
Mineral Water $ 2.60 / 1.5l (NZ)
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