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Invercargill – Experience Southern Hospitality of New Zealand

The southernmost city of not only New Zealand but also one of the southernmost cities of the world, Invercargill is located on the southern and western end of New Zealand’s South Island. This city basically acts as the commercial hub for Southland as it lies right in the heart of New River or Oreti with just acres and acres of Southland Plains as its surrounding. The southernmost town of South Island called Bluff is located about 18 km away in the South direction. The lush green beauty of the city is direct result of it being surrounded by farmland, rich in natural reserves, along with marine reserve and conservation land also bordering the city. This border of green reserve also includes Fiordland National park situated between the Southern West corner of South Island and Coastal region of the Catlins. The airport of Invercargill is small and caters for only domestic flight flying in from local cities of New Zealand. Tourists wishing to visit Invercargill will have to book flights to first Christchurch or Wellington and then fly to the city from there via interconnecting flights. The impeccable combo of Southern hospitality and warm locals of Invercargill will surely make for an interesting and relaxed vacation days as you go about exploring the enriched heritage of this city.

invercargill newzealand

The streets of Invercargill especially near and about shopping area and the center of the city, are peculiarly and innovatively named after rivers of Great Britain with Scotland being the main focus which not only includes main streets named Tay and Dee but other streets and roads as well with river names being – Forth, Esk, Thames, Ness, Spey, Eye, Yarrow, Mersey, Don and Tyne. This city is well known for being the southernmost city of New Zealand and is smacking down on the most fertile soil of South Island as well New Zealand in whole. New River Estuary’s shore is where Invercargill south part touches while the northern part touches the Waihopai River’s bank. Western side of the city is covered by Oreti beach about 10 km in the distance.

As per the census done in the year 2013 the total population of Invercargill was about 51,696 that is 2.6 % more than what it was in 2006.

invercargill new zealand

Peak & Off Season

Peak and off season does not impact much when you plan a vacation for a reason. Some go on holidays for peace and relaxations while other to party hard and try new adventures. However, what is needed is to know the climatic conditions of a place in any particular month. Invercargill is a city that garners temperate oceanic climate with summer season equivalent of northern area of British Isles while winter season resembles the climate of Southern coast of France towards Atlantic. Average temperature of the city is around 9.8 °C while the month of July is much colder with 5.2 °C being average as compared to weather in January of 14 °C. Months of July, August and September are some of the coldest month with chances of snowfall. Apart from being the southernmost city it is also one of the least sunny cities of New Zealand with an average of only1580 hours of sunny weather in a year.

Invercargill Airport

The city’s one of the most attractive qualities is that it is the southernmost city of South Island in New Zealand which invariably makes it one of southernmost city of the world. This quality attracts hordes of tourists to visit Invercargill along with other similar neighboring cities like Queenstown, Fiordland and the Catlins. The airport to reach these beautiful spots is located around 2-3 km away from the center of the city and about 28 km away from the south port of Bluff. Airport mainly caters for flights from Christchurch and Wellington which in nutshell means that passengers have to book connecting flights from these cities to Invercargill airport. To sooth the ruffle feathers of tired passengers due to long journey airport also provides for various facilities some of which are:

  • Passengers can rent for vehicles to tour around the city from the airport itself.
  • Changing room for babies and toddlers are provided in the airport for young parents.
  • Cafe equipped to offer perfect pick me up beverages and dining options for the people who are waiting for their flight or are de-boarding from one.
  • Meeting or conference rooms can be rented in the airport for quick business meeting or a get together.

Airlines Landing in Invercargill Airport

Airport Invercargill located about 2 km away from the center of the city in western direction is home to two airlines namely – Air New Zealand and Stewart Island flights that caters for domestic transportation of passengers from local cities of New Zealand to Invercargill. The Air New Zealand airlines operate about 10 flights to and from Christchurch and Wellington. Passengers who wish to view the southern beauty of New Zealand should not miss out on visiting Invercargill and book connecting flights from the any of the other cities mentioned above to this southern heaven. Airlines landing on the airport and their destination are illustrated below for further perusal:

  • Air New Zealand Link operated by Air Nelson and Mount Cook Airline – Christchurch, Wellington
  • Stewart Island Flights – Stewart Island

Fine Dining Options in Invercargill, New Zealand

Calling Invercargill a heavenly paradise for foodies all over the world would not be wrong. This city boasts of dining options ranging from sweetbreads and salmon to seaweed and saison, with seafood being more prominent delicacies than the other cuisines. However there are certain restaurants in this beautiful city that have earned brilliant reputation for being best in certain cuisine other than seafood. These restaurants have been labeled top choices for that particular type of food and some of them are listed are below so that you do not miss out on any superb restro or bistros:



Cafes are that God’s gift to humans when they are facing a long day of touristy activities in the early hours of the day. When that cafe is Batch of Invercargill in New Zealand it is even better as the dishes and coffee served here are made to try again and again. With relaxed atmosphere enhanced by beach mood set in and dining on large table perfect for sharing food with friends and family all on one table this cafe attracts hordes of tourists and locals on daily basis. Menu includes smoothies and counter dishes like bagels, banana-coffee (Banoffee) brioches, delicious cream filled rolls and cakes as well as brownies make up for a paradise breakfast or lunch, as you prefer, for all the sweet tooth customers. Accompanying the lunch is wide list wine and beers perfect for summery afternoon.



Tapas are those small Spanish finger foods that any Spanish cuisine fan will know all about. Those same fan will not get disappointed with booking an evening with Louie’s as they offer just perfect Spanish cuisine that will leave wanting for more long after you are done with the place. The tapas bar combo with perfect place to cozy down right next to fire nook or on squishy sofas, this place will not get any cooler than it probably is. The menu ranges from finger foods like muttonbird, venison tacos, mussels with mix of chilli and lime to scrumptious tummy filling dinner or lunch options.


Elegance at 148 on Elles

French cuisine is one of the most popular food cuisines in the world. However, giving that perfect French taste that only authentic French cook can give is quite a task. That is what this restaurant is able to pull off. Elegance at 148 on Elles gives off the vibes and ambience of culture and sophistication of 1980s that strikes perfect cord with the name of the place. The menu is designed to offer a little of French and a little of British taste to the customers. One of the must try dish for all is perfectly cooked venison prepared beautifully on the layer of creamy mash.

Spell Binding Experiences in Invercargill, New Zealand

Incepted in the year of 1850, Invercargill, southernmost city of New Zealand is unofficially declared as the capital of Southland and getaway to the Southern charm, hospitality and adventures. The city got developed in the presence of early European people whose influence can be made out from the architecture and heritage buildings of Invercargill. The glorious culture and warm people are two gemstones of this country with every kind of facility catered by the city that provides comfort, relaxation and pride to the locals. The city has activities planned left and right that tourists can spend all their days busy and still be left with some or the other activity unfinished. A perfect holiday in company of great family and friends is what a trip to Invercargill promises to deliver. Some of the activities that can be done are:


Invercargill Brewery:

Visit to this most brewery of New Zealand is a must on the activity list of each and every tourist. This southland’s pride basically offers a tour throughout the brewery that has 20 taps for flagon fills along with a section cut out for authentic brews and visitors. Tourist can either go for tour of 45 minutes starting from 1 pm or just go in for a taste. Local favorite of this place are Pitch Black Stout with chocolaty flavor or Pilsner.

  • Price: $25
  • Duration: From 10 am to 6 pm


Queens park

The park comprising of 80 hectare is segmented with half being total nature’s zone while other half being constructed with human’s help. The Queens Park basically is vibrant collections of numerous trees, playgrounds, flowers, ponds, tamed animals, along with a majestic castle to boast.


Water Tower

Landmarks are important buildings in any city as they are perfect way to guide a person around the city. However when this water tower of 43 m high was built in the year of 1889 the purpose for it was to help the city with water supply in case of huge and uncontrollable fire. The building is constructed using bricks with the architect similar to that of a lighthouse.

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange No
Fine Dining Yes
Baggage Locker Yes
City Guide Yes
Prepaid Booth (TAXI) Yes
Terminal Interchanging Facility No
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge Yes
One Day Shelter Yes
Local Transport Yes
Apartments Rent Starting from $100 / week
Beer $2.80 / Km (NZ)
Mineral Water $3.75/ 0.5l (NZ)
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