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New Zealand – An island where the nature lovers are in tandem with adventure freaks. Every trip, even by regular New Zealander tourists, results in exploration of new areas which will look familiar as well as peculiarly unique at the same time. This incredible country, reached new heights of popularity after the release of Lord of the Rings series, has been classed as one of the world’s most potent travel destination.

The population, most commonly called as ‘Kiwis’, rank on about 127th number in the world with equaling 0.06% of the total population in the world. As of October, 2016 the total population of New Zealand ranged somewhere 4,575,541 and the density of people per square kilometer is 17 of which 87.6% live in urbanized areas.

New Zealand is a country where people not just view the beautiful sights but also feel them within their core. Any experience felt in this majestic country is remembered for lifetime.

Major Airport Hub of New Zealand

New Zealand has garnered quite a lot of popularity for its mesmerizing scenic that has allured many travelers from all over the world. Although the busiest airports of all are Auckland International Airport and Christchurch Airport, some of the major airports of New Zealand are:

  • Hamilton Airport in Mount Hope, Hamilton: John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport
  • Rotorua Airport in Rotorua: Rotorua Regional Airport
  • Wellington Airport in Suburbs of Wellington: Wellington International Airport
  • Dunedin Airport in Otago region of the South Island of New Zealand: Dunedin international Airport and Momona Airport
  • Queenstown Airport in Frankton, Otago New Zealand

Airlines Flying off to New Zealand

As per the rapport of New Zealand with its tourists, this beautiful country faces infusion of travelers from all over the world. Some of the major airlines working to and fro are:

Peak and Off Season

The countries which offer only one type of activity are restrictive with on and off season. However, that is not the case with New Zealand where there is a low season but not completely an off season.

Peak Season:

December to February with the onset of summer season. The beaches and outdoor activities gain much preference along with sporting events and festivals that in turn increases the rates for accommodation in big cities. June to August is also counted under Peak season as in this skiing opportunities are at an all time high.

Moderately Filled Season:

March to April and September to November encounter moderate range of tourists as at this time families avoid to travel due to children being in school. However, fine weather and cool evening do rope in elderly and young couples.

Low Season:

From May to August the rush of tourists comes down to bare minimum. Most travelers prefer to hit the Southern Alps in search of Skiing adventures. This season the prices of accommodation are at all time low with only locals and bare minimum tourists in the name of crowds.

Spell Binding Experience in New Zealand

New Zealand offers the opportunity of adrenalin rush water and land adventure sports with ski opportunities in the winters. Peaceful sightseeing and nature hiking are two attractive and tourist pulling experiences which makes New Zealand an all round tourist destination that has small morsel of dessert for every individual.

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