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Sydney – Face of Australia

Sophistication and majestic are two words that people blindly associate with the beautiful city called Sydney. Its power-packed energy of local people to relaxed atmosphere of beaches are as polar opposite as any tow beaches of this same city. True meaning of mixed culture and warmth of accepting new culture with open arms celebrates the uniqueness and popularity of Sydney. From Sydney Opera House to Sydney Harbor Bridge all the notable and popular attractions of this place guarantees to leave awestruck and mesmerized. The city is quite big and as such can take a lot of days to cover if the tourists decide to explore all the popular and hidden gems of Sydney. To empower the tourists to view this city Sydney’s International airport has accorded Terminal 1 fully dedicated towards International airlines. Domestic connectivity of the city is also smooth.

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As per the census done in the year of 2011, the total population of the city was about 4,391,674 and it was predicted at the time that the population of Sydney will go up to 8 to 9 million by the year 2061 considering the rate at which the population was increasing every month. However another prediction made was that Melbourne city of Australia is more bound to take over Sydney’s population by the year of 2053.

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Peak and Off Season

Sydney is another city that can be visited in any season, however, the season where tourist influx is maximum is spring along with summer season. Months from September to November of spring season where the weather is quite cool and dry with average temperature being 22 in day and 13 in the night. Summer season brings in the perfect temperature to relax by the beach. Thus those who are in for water sports and beaches, they should book their tickets for months December to February.

Considering the fact that at times summer season can be quite hot, many people would like to travel in the winter season from June to August when the temperature is not quite cold and is just perfect for walking and sightseeing. Autumn season takes place in the months March to April and have clear days full of blissful sunshine. As this season doesn’t get much of tourists, there is less crowd and also the prices of all are down.

Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport or Mascot Airport also known as Kingsford Smith Airport is constructed about 8 km away from the center of Sydney in Southern direction. It is located in the suburbs of Mascot and serves as the main airport of Sydney while being the major hub for Qantas and another hub for both Jetstar Airways and Virgin Australia. This big international airport consists of three runways – namely East to West, North to South and Third runway. In order to cater for large number of International and Domestic airlines passengers, the airport offers many facilities some of which are:

Baggage Services:

The airport offers many baggage services ranging from baggage storage and baggage trolleys to a section for unaccompanied and extra baggage. The terminals catering for these services in the airport are:

  • Terminal 1 (International)
  • Terminal 2 (Domestic)
  • Terminal 3 (Domestic)

Free Wi-Fi:

Passengers can access free Wi-Fi in two specific areas of the airport. As the service is not coded sites like online banking, social websites and emails should be avoided as they are liable to get hacked until and unless they have their own security like SSL enabled. The locations for Free Wi-Fi are:

  • Terminal 1 (International)
  • Terminal 2 (Domestic)

TTY Phones:

TTY phones for passengers who have hearing problem can be found in two locations around the airport, which are:

  • Terminal 1 International – In arrival and departure area after customs area.

Currency Exchange:

For those passengers who are departing and wish to exchange the left over currency to their country’s or those who have landed in Australian can get their money exchanged to Australian currency through many desks located around the airport for this only. The locations are present in :

  • Terminal 1 International
  • Terminal 2 Domestic
  • Terminal 3 Domestic

Airlines Landing on Sydney Airport

Sydney is one of the most popular cities of Australia and as such garners tourists from all over the world. In order to arrange for these people to arrive in Sydney the airport accords many airlines to enter into the airport. Some of the International and Domestic flights networking to and from Sydney airport with other countries and cities of Australia are:

Fine Dining Options in Sydney, Australia

Sydney can be easily pictured as example under food paradise meaning in any dictionary. The top choices of Sydney restaurants come by competing under Sydney Morning Herald Good Food which also provides reviews and best meals in their columns. Some of the top choices are:


Cafe Sydney

Dine in this impeccable cafe constructed right on top of Customs house of 19th century that reflects the same character of Sydney with beautiful view of harbor as you feast under stars and moon on a clear night on the outdoor terrace, have cocktail parties in lounge area. The best part is the menu encompassing all range of meals with relaxed environment and ever-helpful staff.



When it comes to Chinese delicacies especially dumplings, Mr. Wong is the just place to go. This Chinese favored restaurant is located in a basement offering a spotlight on the dark glamour of Sydney. The popularity of the place is such that although the house is full of around 240 people, the line to get in is still increasing.


Bourke Street Bakery

If you visit Sydney and do not get to taste the delicacy of Bourke Street bakery then your experience of Sydney remains incomplete is what many believe. Dishes from regular bakery stuff of pastries and cakes to legendary spring rolls and sandwiches, this place has large queue to get in for filling bakery products. Although there are tables inside, many prefer to savor their meals out in the street.

Spell Binding Experiences in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is considered to be one of the largest and most populated cities of Australia that has much to show than just the most notable attractions like Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney opera House. Its beaches are quite beautiful and perfect to get tan while relaxing from a long day. However, the best part is that tours and excursion to view many places in Australia in short time starts right from Sydney. Some of them are:

Australia Encompassed:

This 25 days long tour is just perfect to enjoy many facets of Australia as you go from Sydney, Melbourne to Fraser islands and Whitsundays. You will first go to east coast while participating and tasting wine testing and other similar contest and then fly off to Alice Springs from where traveling down to South will take you to totally different side of Sydney. The trip will start winding down as you travel via The Great Ocean Road to Melbourne where spacious accommodations and road trip to last destination will ensure that your 25 days become your most cherished days.

  • Duration: 25 days
  • Price: Starts From $4849
  • Itinerary
    • §  Day 1 Sydney
    • §  Day 2 Sydney/Nundle (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 3 Nundle/Bingara (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 4 Bingara/Yamba (1B)
    • §  Day 5 Yamba/Byron Bay (1B)
    • §  Day 6 Byron Bay
    • §  Day 7 Byron Bay/Brisbane (1B)
    • §  Day 8 Brisbane/Fraser Island (1B, 1L)
    • §  Day 9 Fraser Island/Noosa River (1B, 1L, 1D)
    • §  Day 10 Noosa River/Rockhampton (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 11 Rockhampton/Whitsunday Islands (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 12 Whitsunday Islands (1B, 1L, 1D)
    • §  Day 13 Whitsunday Islands/Airlie Beach (1B)
    • §  Day 14 Airlie Beach/Cairns (1L)
    • §  Day 15 Cairns
    • §  Day 16 Cairns/Alice Springs (1B)
    • §  Day 17 Alice Springs/Uluru
    • §  Day 18 Uluru (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 19 Uluru/Coober Pedy (1B)
    • §  Day 20 Coober Pedy/Flinders Ranges (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 21 Flinders Ranges/Adelaide (1B)
    • §  Day 22 Adelaide (1B)
    • §  Day 23 Adelaide/Halls Gap (1B)
    • §  Day 24 Halls Gap/Port Campbell (1B)
    • §  Day 25 Port Campbell/Melbourne (1B)

Sydney to Brisbane Experience:

Australia is always considered to be a little expensive as there are so many places to visit in just one city let alone the whole country. However, to accommodate the budget string tourist to experience Australia without going over budget on the holiday, Sydney to Brisbane experience tour was incepted. Here you will experience the wildness of surfing, relaxing on beaches while cooling your thirst, ship shearing amongst many other adrenalin rush activities.

  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: Starts From $1199
  • Itinerary
    • §  Day 1 Sydney
    • §  Day 2 Sydney/Nundle (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 3 Nundle/Bingara (1B, 1D)
    • §  Day 4 Bingara/Yamba (1B)
    • §  Day 5 Yamba/Byron Bay (1B)
    • §  Day 6 Byron Bay
    • §  Day 7 Byron Bay/Brisbane (1B)

Things to Keep in Mind

  • International Airport of Sydney – Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport, is considered to be the earliest most commercial airport ever constructed in the World that is still operational. It is constructed on the shores of Botany Bay in north direction.
  • Sydney Trains ( serves the passengers trough suburban trains that take off from the train stations located in both Domestic and International terminal at frequent intervals.
  • Local Public Buses by the name of 400 bus leaves from two terminals, namely Terminal 1International and Terminal 2 Domestic, to Bondi junction. Passengers can book seats in shuttle buses from the terminals itself.
  • Passengers can travel to their reserved accommodation by booking taxis that can be taken from right outside all the terminals. Another option in renting cars. Furthermore, car parking is free if exiting 15 min prior.
  • Public transport of Sydney is full combination of trains, ferries, busses and light trains. These means of transport are fully networking around the metro and surrounding areas of the city.
    • +61 13 15 00
  • One of the most comfortable ways to roam around Sydney is through Taxis. You can acquire taxi by booking them online or via phone, hailing them down on the street and the last way is through Taxi stands. Some of the reliable renting taxis companies are enlisted below:
    • Taxis Combined Services
      Phone: +61 13 33 00
    • Silver Service Fleet
      Phone: +61 133 100
    • Legion Cabs
      Phone: +61 131 451
    • Premier Cabs
      Phone:+61 131 017
    • St George Cabs
      Phone: +61 132 166
  • Sydney’s major post office is located in the city centre at 1 Martin Place. You can visit it on Monday to Friday from 8:15 am onwards to 5:30 pm while its opening hours on Saturday is from 10 am to 2 pm.

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange Yes
Fine Dining Yes
Baggage Locker Yes
City Guide Yes
Prepaid Booth (TAXI) Yes
Terminal Interchanging Facility No
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge Yes
One Day Shelter No
Taxi Cost $2.50 / km (AUD)
Local Transport Yes
Apartments Rent Starting from $220 / week
Beer $5.46/ 0.5l (AUD)
Mineral Water $ 2.53 / 1.5l (AUD)
Call Now: +1800-982-0425
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