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Gold Coast – Party Hub of Australia

Gold Coast is the hot favorite destination in Australia for people all over the world. This city can be visited in every single month of the year with summer and autumn being most visited season. This result in low prices in winter as well as spring season where the tourists can enjoy every outdoor activity as the weather is so pleasant. Considering the incoming of tourists of in every season, the Gold Coast airport caters for International airlines round the clock with some amazing facilities for the passengers in the airport. Domestic connectivity of the airport to other cities also Australia is also note-worthy.


In the 1920 with the construction of Surfers paradise hotel, the settlement in Gold Coast saw a massive change. In the year 1980 the city gained huge appreciation and came in the list of must visit city in the whole world, while in 1994 the local government of Gold Coast was forced to take over the metropolitan area of the city in order to accommodate for the increasing population that brought the city to second position in the list of Most Populated city of Australia right under Brisbane. In today’s scenario this city is considered to be must visit for its pleasant weather all year round, theme parks, surfing facilities, nightlife and rainforest. It has been announced that the Commonwealth Games of 2018 will be held in Gold Coast.


Peak and Off Season

Gold Coast weather can be enjoyed in any season and as such the city welcomes tourists in all four seasons as the weather in never very cold or very hot. However peak influx of tourists are in the months of December to February (summer) and March to May (autumn).

Humid but windy summer climate attracts many tourists as these months many countries are facing winters and thus it is recommended to book your tickets and accommodation way in advance. Surf Carnival in the month of February also attracts many tourists while rainforest is another reason of incoming of many people in Gold Coast. Autumn season has way different attractive reasons for flocking of tourists with the main being Annual Marine Show in Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast. This show is full of power packed showcase of yachts and boats. It is also the best season to soak up some sun on the beaches.

Winter season is as loved by the tourists as any other with the pleasant weather being perfect for outdoor roaming around like going for theme parks and activities like Kite surfing as the winds are just too perfect at this time. Spring season on the other hand brings out another beautiful sight of Gold Coast with flowers being in full bloom.

Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport, previously known as Coolangatta Airport, is one of the most visited international airports of Australia. It is constructed at the Gold Coast southern end. It is about 25 km away from Surfers Paradise in south direction and is also 100 km away from Brisbane. Considering it’s ever popularity the airport offers many facilities that can provide comfort and convenience to the passengers while being on the airport. Some of the facilities are:

Tourist Refund Scheme

Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) booth can be found in the Departure hall of International airlines in Gold Coast Airport. Under this scheme tourists can claim back rebate on GST (Goods and Services Tax) as well as WET (Wine Equalization Tax) paid on Australian products bought by the tourists. This refund, however, is subjective to rules and conditions.


Virgin Australia Lounge

This privilege lounge of Virgin Australia airline is right next to Gates 1 and 2. The passengers can socialize and relax in the comfort of Virgin Australia Lounge which is structured for Velocity Gold and Platinum members along with passengers of partner airlines of same status and single entry pass holders and lounge members of Virgin Australia airline. The lounge can be the perfect place to kill time before boarding the flight.

The Qantas Club

The Qantas club for Qantas passengers has opened recently in the Gold Coast Airport on left side of security check. The club is constructed in order to provide the customers with full relaxation and comfort while they get refreshed before boarding the flight.

Travelex Foreign Currency

The airport of Gold Coast accords for currency exchange services of more than 50 foreign currencies. The passengers can do so by visiting any of the three Travelex stores located in the airport. The stores are working all year round for both departing and arriving airlines’ passengers.


ATMs of Travelex are situated all over the airport with some of them providing currency of New Zealand (Dollars), Australian (Dollars) and Japanese (Yen)

Duty Free

Duty free stores are available in both the halls of arriving and departing flights which helps their passengers to buy some goodies at lower rate.

Duty Free Allowances

Passengers are allowed to bring certain specific goods in Australia which are charged Duty or Tax free. These goods and services are inclusive of all the goodies bought either from the Australian duty free stores or overseas while calculating the allowances for duty free.

Airlines Landing in Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport is one of the busiest airports of Australia as the city is quite famous amongst the people all over the world. Airport caters for both International and Domestic airlines of which some of the major are enlisted below:

  • Air Asia
  • Air New Zealand
  • HongKong Airlines
  • Jetstar
  • Jetgo Australia
  • Qantas
  • Tigerair
  • Scoot

Fine Dining Option in Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast is no different from other cities of Australia where delicious food is concerned. Considering that one of the factor of Australia’s attraction is the simply mouthwatering food and sweets prepared in this beautiful country it is no wonder that Gold Coast is also full of restaurants that have won not only the awards for dishes but also the hearts of locals and tourists alike. Some of the restaurants are:


Barefoot Barista

The ambience as similar to name as possible is quite laid back and relaxed of this top choice cafe option in Gold Coast. This restaurant is declared as the hippest place in Gold Coast was a product of joint thoughts of a married couple where the bakery section is handled by the wife who herself is a certified professional baker. All the items showcased on the wide ranged menu are prepared using the local products and are heavy on organic herbs. The menu consist of dishes from pork to breakfast meals to kick start your day with a heavenly note.


Fish House

Visiting Gold Coast and not trying the seafood made totally in a new way by the best seafood restaurant – Fish House is a crime in itself. This quaint restaurant structured walking distance from the beach is loved by the locals and tourists for its underwater delicacies ranging from swordfish to John Dory. Dress to impress and show a little ruggedness while speaking as well as people watch as locals of Australia come from all over the visit this little restaurant.


Moo Moo

A heaven and food paradise for those non vegetarian enthusiasts, this restaurant has won the top choice award in Steak category. The signature dish Wagyu rump steak is to die for and is prepared with lots of spices and firstly char-grilled till it reaches Smokey stage and is then roasted before being served. Pastas included in the menu are equally mouthwatering choice for vegetarians.

Modern Australia

Cafe dBar

With scrumptious Modern Australian menu this restaurant has the perfect view as it is located on Point Danger cliffs smack down on the border of Queensland and NSW. Although the whole menu is planned in order to get customers to come back for another visit, its breakfast menu with freshly made salad and tapas is too delicious to be ignored.

Spell Binding Experiences in Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast or as popularly and lovingly called Golden Goose, is heavy on tourists things. It is numbered top in the bucket list of all the people in the world and the main reason behind that are the mesmeric sights worth every penny spend on them and cool things to do. Some of the best attractive points of Gold Coast are:

Notable Building

Jellurgal Cultural Centre

One of the most interesting cultural centres of Aboriginals located at the headland of Burleigh. It showcases the rare and unique way aboriginals lived about hundreds of years back. The centre is full of artifacts that can keep the tourist interested for hours and hours.

National Park

Burleigh Head National park

This national park of the coast is a must visit as it gives the spectacular view of 27 hectare large reserve for rainforest and bird life aplenty to watch as you take in pleasant walks around the park in one of its several trails made just for this purpose.

Amusement Park

Wet ‘n’ Wild

Amusement parks are present all over the world in almost every city, however, some of them have that one unique factor, or in this case ride, that ensures people visit it. Wet ‘n’ Wild is no different and its unique ride is Kamikaze which is a water slide where people dive down in two seater tube at speed of 50km / hour to complete the distance of 11m. Some of the other fun stuff is white water rapids, pitch dark slides and wave pools.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The Gold Coast Airport is constructed in Coolangatta just 22 km away from the Surfers Paradise in the south direction. For any query passengers can approach the travel and information desk located outside the arrival terminal of International airlines. Website –
  • A tourist shuttle service is provided that travels after every arrival and departure to Surfers Paradise. Tickets can be bought online in advance from the website –
  • Passengers can avail taxi services to travel to their hotel right from the outer point of the terminal.
  • To travel around Gold Coast, tourists can take up any of the public transport of their choice from buses and trains. The local bus by the name of Surfside Buslines is operated at regular intervals networking around most of the locations in Gold Coast. You can buy tickets for full week and hop on ‘N’ number of times. Furthermore shuttle services from same operator can be availed for travelling between theme parks.
  • To visit other places from Gold Coast tourists can opt for City train that manages a rail track in hinterland which goes further to connect with suburban rail network of Brisbane. The prominent stations where you can catch the train from in Gold Coast are Coomera, Robina and Nerang. Website –
  • To crossover or oversee the areas near river you can opt to travel through the water taxis. There two most famous and reliable water taxi companies:
    • Gold Coast Water Taxis
      +61 4 03 58 78 04
    • Regent Taxis
      +61 13 10 08

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange Yes
Fine Dining Yes
Baggage Locker Yes
City Guide Yes
Prepaid Booth (TAXI) Yes
Terminal Interchanging Facility Yes
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge Yes
One Day Shelter Yes
Taxi Cost $2.65 / km (AUD)
Local Transport Yes
Apartments Rent Starting from $275/week
Beer $5.31/ 0.5l (AUD)
Mineral Water $ 2.31 / 1.5l (AUD)
Call Now: +1800-982-0425
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