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Canberra – Witness Aesthetic Beauty of Australia in its Full Glory

Canberra is the capital of Australia and was the vision of architect Walter Burley Griffin and his better half Marion Mahony Griffin. The city is designed to offer vast open spaces that were richly influenced by the architecture of the 19th century. The city is preferably explored either on two or four wheelers and it is discouraged to explore the areas on foot. The international airport of Canberra is 7 km away from the center of the city in the east direction and although do entertain flights of Singapore Airlines; it is much geared towards domestic flights.


As per the population survey census done in 2011, Canberra caters for the population near about 3,55,596. The census demonstrated that the main population of people born in the city was around 1.4% of the total population, much less when compared with 28.6% of the people born in the countries overseas. Most of the immigrants have travelled mostly from United Kingdom, China, New Zealand and countries in East and South of Asia. Although the most common language spoken in the city is English, other languages have also risen in their popularity namely, Mandarin, Italian, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Spanish.


Peak and Off Season

Canberra can be visited at any time of the year depending on the activity that the tourists plans to do there. If you wish to roam the city and take in the many sight-see delights the city has to offer, then the most preferable time will be the months of spring from September to November. On the other hand summer season from December to February is just perfect for water sport and adventure activities in Canberra. Festivals like Summernats Car Festival in January as well as National Multicultural Festival in February are some of the special attractions in these summer times.

Another good time to take in some of the most famous festivals of Canberra is in Autumn season from March to May. Celebrate Canberra and Canberra Hot Air Balloon festivals are some hot favorites in the month of March. Try to avoid going in winter season from June to August as the frost cold winds and weather can put a damper to any outgoing trip planned for the day.

Canberra Airport

Canberra Airport serves not only the capita – Canberra, but also neighboring cities like Queanbeyan and the areas of New South Wales (generally only South Eastern part). The airport in terms of usability and size is considered to be the eight busiest airport of Australia and is situated in the North Eastern region of Canberra. The airport connects with other foreign countries from Canberra to Gold Coast, Newcastle, Singapore and Wellington and serves more than 3,250,000 passengers in a financial year. The passengers are provided comfort through following services:


Hotspots for Free Wi-Fi can be availed in the airport in the waiting lounge for Express Pick-up as well as the lounge for International Departure.


ATM machines to withdraw money can be found in both domestic and International terminals. Their location are:

  • Right Next to Travelex in the Arrival Hall.
  • Near Tuk Chop in the Departure Hall.


To communicate with friends and families while being in the airport payphones can be used on both terminal and levels. Although TTY enabled phones are only available in the Arrival hall. Their location are:

  • Right Next to Travelex in the Arrival Hall.
  • Near Tuk Chop in the Departure Hall.


These shops are specialized foreign exchange of over more than 40 currencies and with services like travelers’ checks, cash passports, money transfers and phone cards make the travel experience of a passenger hassle free and smooth. They are located in the departure hall and are open from 5:30 am to 6 pm every day.

Airlines Landing in Canberra Airport

Canberra Airport offers flight services to both domestic flights to cities like Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Gold Coast etc and to foreign countries like Singapore and Wellington (New Zealand). Flights for both domestic and International destinations landing in the airport are:

  • Singapore Airlines – Wellington (New Zealand) and Singapore
  • Fly Pelican – Newcastle
  • Qantas – Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide
  • Virgin Australia Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast and Adelaide
  • Tigerair – Melbourne

Fine Dining Options in Canberra

Australia is basically known for its awe-inspiring beauty, blend of desert areas with lush green forest locales, mixed culture and of course the decadent food prepared by the world renowned chefs and famous restaurants. Canberra is equally filled with brim of all these attractions. Some of the restaurants with best ratings in terms of food, services and ambience in Canberra are:


Mocan and Green Grout-

With Morning sunshine as the ambience Mocan and Green Grout cafe has made a name for itself in just few months for the best breakfast place in Canberra. The menu has a section labeled Free-Range-this and Local-that features some of the mouth-watering dishes along with baked Tripoli eggs and an espresso to wake your senses and gets you ready for the day full of tourist’s activities. Dinner dishes can be tasted from Tuesday to Saturday only with the show stealer being the Japanese soft-shelled crab.



For those craving the tangy flavor of Spanish food, Temporada is one of the best dining option in Canberra. Chefs specializing in Wood wired food as well as deliciously Smokey oysters along with marinated lamb and grilled sausage make for perfect meal after the tiring day full of touristy activities. Wash down the Spanish extravagant meal with cocktails, wines and Australian beers for a complete Spanish meal experience.

Modern Australia

First Floor-

With the beauty of Green Square in the background, there is no need of much décor following which the modern Australia cuisine restaurant offers range of fish and chips dishes in their ever expressive menu along with delicious stir fry and pastas. The desserts following the main course will ensure you have some space for them in your tummy. Sip on the wines made all over Australia while having this scrumptious meal.


Italian & Sons-

As the name suggests, this hip restaurant has been named the best Italian restaurant in the whole of Canberra. This trattoria is known for being the best in thin crust pizzas, pastas and one dish especially for just one loyal customer. It is preferable to book table before visiting due to its popularity.

Spell Binding Experience in Canberra, Australia

Canberra is full of attractions, activities and excursion to fill up many days of vacation without needing any inspiration for day out. Experience excursions, perform activities and view beautiful scenic attractions of Canberra to make your holiday to the city worth every penny and dollar spent on it.

Day Tours & Excursions

Canberra Day Trip from Sydney:

Enhance your experience of Canberra the capital of Australia by opting for a day trip from Sydney. Famous places like Australia War memorial, National Museum, Parliament House along with National Portrait Gallery and the Lodge which is the home of the Prime Minister. Enhance the knowledge of Canberra and the surrounding architectural delights as you go with guide and stop on the way in many places for cult photos. Get to know the quaint town called Berrima and incredible beauty of Mt. Ainslie.

  • Duration: 13 hours
  • Price: Starting from $135


Canberra Hot Air Balloon Flight at Sunrise:

This capital of Australia is a brilliant combination of lakes, forest, bush land, mountains and manmade parks architected in best way possible. Explore the upper view of Canberra with all these sights intact via Hot Air balloon flight. This beautifully designed city as envisioned by Walter Burley Griffin offers spectacular views from above that is bound to broaden your perspective of city to another level. The tour starts from gathering of tourists in Hyatt hotel 30 minutes prior to sunrise and ends with celebration with wine and commemorative Flight Certificate. The tour lasts up to 45 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: Starting from $255

Incredible Attractions

Australia War Memorial:

Australia War Memorial located in Canberra is a tribute to those who laid their lives in WW1, WW2 and several other conflicts arising from the year 1945 to present date. Brush up on your knowledge of Australia’s inclusion in both the World Wars by witnessing the staged play called Striking by Night that recreates the scenario of Berlin operation in WW2 lasting an hour. From sound and light show staged in the Anzac hall to incredible aircraft hall segues is worth a visit to this War Memorial.

  • Opening Hours: 10 am to 5 pm
National Arboretum:

This National Arboretum is constructed in the area that had encountered bush fire in past and is now epitome of lush green nature showcasing trees from around the world. Although the plants and trees are still in the early stages of growing, it is still worth a visit for spectacular view of the city. Opt for guided tours as they provide much needed information and also adventure playground for kids offers brilliant way to keep your children occupied.

  • Opening Hours: 6 am to 8:30 pm



Explore the Namadgi National park and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve by Bushwalking the area and get in touch with the mesmerizing nature trails of Canberra in these places.


Get the best of Canberra’s nature while exercising the extra calories intake via delicious Australian food. Another interesting activity is in-line skating for which there are many places available in the city.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The International airport of Canberra is located about 7 km in the east direction from the center of the capital city. Although the airport does not cater for any direct flight to any of the International destination, its network connectivity with cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne is quite smooth.
  • The airport also offers shuttle services to the city center via Airport Express Shuttle bus. The trip on one side takes about 20 minutes. Alternatively taxis can also be availed that are available 24*7 in the front of the terminal.
  • Tourists can opt from any of the 6 car rental companies to go from Airport to their destination.
  • Canberra’s public transport via buses is named Action buses that provide services in almost all the touristy sites and the suburbs. For tickets passengers can use either MyWay smartcard (prepaid) or by cash.
    • Phone Number – +61 2 6207 7611
    • Website –
  • Greyhound bus services can also be availed to travel within the city without much hassle. It also operates from Canberra to Sydney and takes about 3 to 3.5 hours to cover the distance. The terminal of the bus is located in Jolimont Centre, 61 Northbourne Avenue.
    • Canberra City.
    • Phone Number – +61 2 1300 473 946
    • Website –
  • Canberra offers many beautiful sights which can be taken in while biking around the city. The best option to rent bikes is Mr. Spokes rental bikes found on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin’ Action Park.
  • If you opt to book a taxi for travelling you can do so by either hiring from the stand or flagging one down in the street. Some popular taxi hiring options are:
    • Canberra Elite
      +61 2 6126 1600
    • Cabxpress
      +61 2 6200 5144
    • Silver Service
      +61 2 6239 3555

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange No
Fine Dining Yes
Baggage Locker Yes
City Guide Yes
Prepaid Booth (TAXI) Yes
Terminal Interchanging Facility No
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge Yes
One Day Shelter Yes
Taxi Cost $1.99 / km (AUD)
Local Transport Yes
Apartments Rent Starting from $250
Beer $5.05/ 0.5l (AUD)
Mineral Water $2.75 / 1l (AUD)
Call Now: +1800-982-0425
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