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Alice Springs – Sterling Combo of Modern & Native Australia

Alice Springs is located right in the center of Australia making its location lie quite aptly in the heart of the country. Aptly because this city still holds strong connection with the old traditions of Aboriginals and their sacred sites coming alive with vibrancy of art depicting the emotions of the locals, their history and the deadly landscapes.
Many call this place the unofficial capital of Outback and consider their experience of outback null till they have visited Alice Springs. This place consists of small airport which only networks with domestic flights and allows international flights to Alice Springs on very rare occasions. alice springs As per the population census done in late 2000, it was found out that 18.8% of the population of Alice Springs comprises of Aboriginal Australians which is actually considered to be underestimated as well. The main attraction for Aboriginals toward Alice Springs is that it is centrally located in the country and is also considered to be the regional hub of the area. These aboriginal population generally covert suburb areas of the city or the surrounding area in the south near Amoonguna for short time leasing purpose or camps. alice springs

Peak and Off Season

It is quite often that many tourists try to avoid the peak season to visit a place due to onslaught of tourists coming in at that particular time period. Prices of accommodation and other necessities are running at all time high. However, the peak season is generally the ideal time to visit a place. Same is the case with Alice Springs in which the best months to enjoy the city without tourists are April and may.
The peak onslaught of tourists starts from May and goes on to September. For those fond of nature and its spiraling stories, August to October months are the best bet. However, the months to avoid at all cost are from November to March when the summer is at its peak. Although the costs of all things from accommodation to dining facilities are quite low but the weather can be downpour on any plans made.

Alice Springs Airport

The airport of Alice Springs ensures full comfort of their passengers embarking on their journey to Central Australia. Although the airport is of average length it only caters for domestic flights. However, at times even International Charters can land on the airport if need arises. The airport operates 24*7 and is not subjective to any sort of curfew. To ease up the journey of the passengers many facilities are accorded on the airport of which few are listed below:


Two ATMs are provided for travelers on the terminal, of which one is available right before the security check in point and the other is right after it. These ATMs are equipped to accept cards of many and major banks of the world.

Baggage Lockers:

Baggage services are accorded to passengers who wish to leave some sort of luggage on the airport in an baggage room located right next to First Aid Room and in front of the Management Centre. All the things and objects left in the lockers are first undergone ETD (Explosive Trace Detection) before being accepted. A small sum of money is also charged for this service.

Postal Service:

Those passengers who wish to send a letter or postcard from the airport can do so by using the post box put near the entrance of a restaurant right after screening and security check in.


To gain any sort of information regarding any flight status and reservation, the passengers can approach the Central Australian Tourist Information Association stand near the carousel for baggage claim in the eastern part of the terminal and vending machines.

Airlines Landing in Alice Spring Airport

The Alice Spring Airport caters to only domestic flights with occasional International Charters on emergency basis. Flights catered to are:

Fine Dining Options in Alice Springs

Alice Springs has much to offer in terms of art, culture and food. They consider every dish to be a piece of art. This makes dining experiences even more enhanced as the food is crafted lovingly by every chef making it as special as a precious jewel. Some of the best places to dine in Alice Springs are as follows

Grill Food

Red Ochre Grill:

This grill heaven is known for being the most intimate dining option with a local ambiance full of art depicting the aboriginals along with the menu being fully localized. They have certain specialization in seafood and meat of Australia as well as the bush food. If you visit this place do try a medley game with camel, kangaroo, barramundi and smoked emu. It’s quite exhilarating.


Todd Tavern:

In case you are one of those tourists who prefer to inhale your food while relaxing in an old pub environment, then Todd Tavern is just perfect for you. This pub is located in an old town established back in 1959 with mouthwatering traditional bistro with no frill just a plate full to sooth your tummy. Grills and steaks options are scrumptious with a salad bar to die for. Daily special like pizza and schnitzel or Sunday roast are kept in special for a particular reason.

Mexican Food

Loco Burrito :

This restaurant specializing in Tex Mex cuisine with a dash of extra spiciness to their dishes. You can order in for your favorite Burritos, Nachos, Tacos and Jarritos with added authentic flavors of Australia that will definitely make your dish even more appetizing. This restaurant is perfect for family setting in terms of relaxation and coziness.

Asian Food

Hanuman Alice Springs :

This restaurant provides authentic Asian mood by using decorations and lights so artfully that sits perfectly with the contrasting background of Australia’s desert scenic beauty. The restaurant is a must visit between both local Australians and tourists both.

Italian Food

Casa Nostra Pizza & Spaghetti House :

Itching for some Italian food with a twist of Australian seasoning and flavors then Casa Nostra is the place for you. From scrumptious pizzas to myriad range of pastas created with perfection is worth every Australian dollar paid for it. Add in your favorite wine to sip with your dish and you are good to go for some while with Italian in your belly.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Airlines networking from Alice Springs airport include Qantas along with links to Tiger Airways, Alliance, American Airlines and Air North.
  • The best part about sights in Alice Springs is that most can be visited on foot and those which are a little way over can be traveled by tour or shuttle buses.
  • Travel to and from accommodation from and to the airport, respectively, can be made via taxi, awaiting passengers outside the terminal, minibus or free pick-up services from backpackers to the town.
  • You can avail services of Hop on – Hop Off buses to roam inner roads of Alice Springs town or alternatively rent bicycles from authentic dealers like Longhorn Bikes can be contacted through – +61439860735.
  • To book taxis in Alice Springs both phone and online mode can be used. Phone Number – +61889521877 and the Website –
  • In case of any injuries ASAP clinic can be contacted at any time. They are available even after hours for emergencies. Call on Phone Number – +618 89517577 or connect via website –
  • Looking for fantastic deals and offers on daily basis while in Alice Springs? Groupon and Living Social do cater to Alice Springs as well.
  • The best season in Alice Springs is from May to September when the weather is pleasant and most of the tour packages are active.

Spell Binding Experience in Alice Springs, Australia

Alice Springs is the perfect base if you wish to explore the central Australia. However, even a week for exploring the small town and its neighboring areas is just too less time considering the many possible activities and places to sight see that Alice Springs has to offer. Although some of the must see places are below:

    • Uluru – Mapping of distance in Australia is not done the same way in Australia. This beautiful must see Ayer’s rock, or Uluru as is known by many, is located about 450 km from Alice Springs in the South West direction which when compared to vast distances of Australia is probably considered to be a half day journey one side.
    • Kata Tjuta – The Olgas Kata Tjuta, – Mount Olga, or The Olgas, is quite like Uluru, but is erratic in shape. It lies on the way to Uluru in the direction of South West from Alice Springs at a distance of 365 km and can be seen together on the journey to Uluru. This combined tourists spots are quite common in tour groups and is worth every single dollar spent on these places.

Some of the group tours for nearby cities and places are as follows:

  • Red Centre Way:Enhance your knowledge of art inspired by Aboriginals along with avant-garde history of Alice Springs.
    • Alice Springs – West MacDonnell Range National Park – Finke Gorge National Park -Watarrka National Park – Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – Alice Springs
      • Itinerary:
        • Day 1: Alice Springs to Glen Helen Gorge or Finke Gorge National Park
        • Day 2: Glen Helen Gorge to Kings Canyon
        • Day 3: Kings Canyon to Uluṟu
        • Day 4: Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park
        • Day 5: Return leg to Alice Springs
  • Explorers Highway: Follow the trail of pioneer John McDougall Stuart and experience the cellar doors and vine-lined chateaus along with staying underground in the opal capital and lot more in just 11 days.
    • Adelaide – Darwin
    • Itinerary
      • Day 1: Adelaide to Port Augusta
      • Day 2: Port Augusta to Coober Pedy
      • Day 3: Coober Pedy to Alice Springs
      • Day 4: Alice Springs to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
      • Day 5: Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to Kings Canyon
      • Day 6: Kings Canyon to Alice Springs
      • Day 7: Alice Springs to Tennant Creek
      • Day 8: Tennant Creek to Daly Waters
      • Day 9: Daly Waters to Katherine
      • Day 10: Katherine to Adelaide River
      • Day 11: River to Darwin

Essential Information

Utilities Status
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Wheel Chair Availability Yes
Currency Exchange No
Fine Dining Yes
Baggage Locker Yes
City Guide Yes
Prepaid Booth (TAXI) Yes
Terminal Interchanging Facility No
Domestic Flights Connectivity Yes
Privilege Lounge Yes
One Day Shelter Yes
Taxi Cost $1.94 / km (AUD)
Local Transport Yes
Apartments Rent Starting from $235
Beer $ 8.00 / 0.33 l (AUD)
Mineral Water $ 1.95 / 0.33 l (AUD)
Call Now: +1800-982-0425
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