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Epic Battle: Business Class vs Economy Class

Travel experience means a lot to people. This is why the airlines that have gained credence over the years are able to charge more for the same service provided by low end airlines. Airlines offer you multiple types of tickets that vary according to the price and the quality of service. The two most prominent air tickets are Business class tickets and Economy class tickets. First class tickets used to be quite popular but they are dwindling into the shadow of Business class tickets. Many airlines have shifted to providing solely business class and economy class tickets as Business Class tickets and First Class tickets had basically the same amenities

Below we have listed the benefits of both Economy Class tickets and Business Class tickets. Feel free to choose the one which caters to your needs the best.

Benefits of Business class tickets


Business class is, as the name suggests, designed to cater to the needs of businessman or businesswoman. An entrepreneur as you may know is always working in order to augment their business. This is why it is imperative that they may be able to work while commuting from one place to another. Business class cabins are tailored to provide you all the facilities you might need for work. You will be provided with power supplies and desk. There is a lot of uncluttered space provided that you can clutter with your work tools like laptops and smartphones.


You get a variety of cuisines to choose from that will leave your taste buds tantalised. This is the best travel experience a gourmand can get. You can even select from the list of grand wines which can be combined with a great cuisines. The food is prepared by some of the best chefs. Sometimes food is complimentary with business class tickets. Though this depends on the airlines and also this offer might only be available on selected dishes and drinks. You may even get pre-flight meals and drinks.

Entertainment and Service

The comfort and leisure will sink under your skin. You will be provided with the best service. Some of the most experienced and amiable flight attendants will be at your service. These attendants are well versed in the art of hospitality and will anticipate most of your needs without you even informing them. You will also get more space and will be allowed more luggage without any extra costs.Your seats are more spacious and you will also get power ports and USB ports. Some airlines provide you with a bed so you can get a shut eye before arriving to your destination. These beds are decorated with premium sheets which increase comfortability. If beds are not provided then you will be provided with reclinable seats which will offer great amount of comfort.

You will be able to choose from a variety of tv channels, movies and tv shows while commuting in business class. You can put on a headphone and enjoy free music of your choice. You can also watch news and stay updated on all that is happening on the ground. Many airlines have a lounge for the people travelling in business class. These are proper lounge with drinks and meals available. You can accost new people and make new connections while travelling. Sharing a drink while have a conversation with someone will take out the loneliness out of travel.

Airlines also offer pick and drop facility. They will have you picked up by a chauffeur in premium or luxury cars. This way you are able to have a grand experience throughout the whole route you travel. Airlines like Emirates many others provide you with a fast track option. With this you are processed quickly through the airport security and verification process. The pick and drop facility depends hugely on the distance of your final destination from the airport.

There is a lot of competition among airlines to gain and retain more customers who book business class tickets. This is because of the fact that Business class tickets cost considerably more than economy class tickets. Hence, business class tickets are more profitable. Also, business class travelers are more likely to travel again and again as they are willing to spend much more than the people travelling in economy class. Airlines also make a huge profit on the cuisines and drink that you buy from them. Due to all of these factors, airlines are providing better facilities with the dawn of each new day.

Company Policy

Many companies have a policy in which they provide free business class tickets to their employees. This is something that you must check out with your employer. Sometimes corporation limit the offerings of free business class tickets for work purpose only. Not many companies will think of providing free business class tickets for leisure and tourism purposes but if your company does then you sure are in luck.

Earn More Miles

You can earn around 125 percent miles on your travel with a business class ticket. Frequent Flyer miles are offered by both Airlines and Credit cards. You get miles not according to the price you pay but according to the miles you commute. These miles are then converted into points and these points can be availed as a discount on the airfare. You can even get a free air ticket by collecting frequent flyer miles.

Hacks To Make Affordable

Business class tickets, many a times, can be exorbitant for some.There are many hacks that you can employ to make business class tickets quite affordable.

  • Discount offers: Due to the excessive amount of competition in airline industry, there are frequent discount offers that you can avail. There are many last minute flight deals that offer business class tickets at a lower price.
  • Tools: ITA flight matrix, a software owned by google enables you to find Y-up, K-up and Q-up tickets. These are secret fares that you won’t’ be offered directly by the airline. To know about these you can contact your travel agent. You can also enter in the details of your travel into Google’s matrix and it will list all the airlines that operate on that particular route.It can also inform you of the best time to book a ticket.Business Class Consolidators enable you to save upto 72 percent on airfare.
  • Comparison: By comparing the price of business class tickets offered by different airlines you can easily cut down on a huge amount of cost. Book as soon as you find an affordable flight deal as airfares fluctuate quite frequently and you deal may be gone within a blink of the eye.
  • Splitting: Splitting up your route can considerably reduce the price of travel. You can also try fifth freedom routes. These help you to undercut the cost by a huge amount.
  • Frequent Flyer Miles: As per the industry standards you get 100 percent miles on economic class booking and 125 percent miles on a business class booking. These miles can be availed to decrease the cost of travel. You can even get an air ticket for free if you would have collected enough points. Still remember that you may not be able to avail these miles during holiday seasons.


Benefits of Economy Class Tickets


Economy class which is also known as standard class or coach class is the most affordable air ticket. Coach class tickets have always been in vogue due to their cheap price. Whatever may be your budget for airfare, Economy class tickets will suit your pockets. You can save a lot by going the Economy way and then you can spend the saved money on enjoying your trip. You can get complimentary drinks and meals with some airlines. For any globetrotter, business class ticket will be exorbitant as the main focus is on sightseeing and experiencing the food and customs of different places. If all the money is spent on commuting, then travel experience will not be as great as it should have been.


Though the amenities provided with Business Class Tickets are considerably more, still you get some pretty decent amenities while traveling in coach class. Your safety needs will be taken care of. An airsickness bag is provided. A fold down table is provided. You get enough space to do some valuable work. You can ask for a blanket if feeling cold. Some airlines may provide you with option to choose what you want to watch. A screen is provided on which you can watch on demand videos or the video being streamed for every other passenger in the same flight as you. You can easily buy cuisines and alcohol including spirits, wine and beer.

Domestic Flights

For covering small distances Economy class ticket may be the best option. This is because you do not need too much comfort for a few hours of ride. Economy class may not provide the same level of comfort as the business class does, still the level of comfort and service will be good.

Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy Class has many benefits that totally outweigh the cost. You will get additional baggage at no additional cost whatsoever. The space provided is much better and much more than the one provided in normal economy class. Seats are adjustable and quite comfy. You can easily take a nap or two while commuting from one place to the other. You will also get a screen on which you can select out of numerous tv shows, movies and music. Reading a magazine, provided by the airline, while travelling will surely be amusing and informative. Premium Economy Class tickets will cost you a bit more than Economy Class tickets but considerably less than Business Class Tickets.

Who won, Who Lost? Let’s See


Economy class is the clear winner here. Business class tickets cost considerably more than economy class tickets. Business class tickets can cost 5-10 times more than the Economy class ticks.You can use the above given tweaks to make business class tickets more affordable than before.


Business class is the undisputed champion in terms of travel experience. You are provided with premium service and complimentary magazines, movies, tv shows and music. The food is exotic and the wines grand.


Business Class tickets provide a much more comfortable experience. The reclining seats and beds that are offered by some  airlines augment the comfort and enables you to feel refreshed when you reach your destination. The amount of space that you are provided with is considerably more.


You get a grand experience from your door steps to your destination with a business class ticket. You get a lounge and receive complimentary meals and drinks prepared by some of the best chefs while travelling business class. You may also get a priority check-in with which your security and verification is cleared as soon as possible Economy class tickets are cheap and you can buy meals and drinks and are provided with all the basic amenities and more. Some airlines offer complimentary drinks and meals in Economy Class as well.

Frequent Flyer Miles

The industry standard is to give 100 percent miles on Economy Class tickets and 125-150 percent miles on business class tickets. This means that you will be able to gather more miles by travelling in business class. Still you may end up spending more for these miles while travelling through business class.

There are many perks to avail while travelling through business class and economy class. With many airlines eliminating the option of first class booking, your only options are left to business class and economy class. With premium economy you can avail slightly better services than simple economy class.

Still due to the difference in the needs of people one cannot pick out a clear winner out of the two. Basically you need to pay more to avail better services. You may feel free to analyse the pros and cons of both these classes and book your tickets according to your own needs and requirements.

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