Virgin Atlantic Business Class Flights Tickets

Expediency and Comfort are two pillars on which Virgin Atlantic has based their foundation for a successful business and leisure airlines. From being the owner of legendary Virgin Records label to being the proud owner of Virgin Atlantic in the year 1984, Richard Branson has yet to own a business which has not seen success within limited time period. Virgin Atlantic airlines has improvised quite a lot on their services from being the first airline to offer individual TV access to their business class passengers to according passengers with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club that offers impeccable benefits. Some of the major cities of the USA that experiences Virgin Atlantic Airlines’ services are listed below:

Virgin Atlantic Flights

At present Virgin Atlantic operate a combination of flights ranging from Jumbo size to normal sized planes including Boeing 747-400, Boeing 787-9, Airbus A340-600, and Airbus 330-300. With re-fitting off all Boeing 747s flights it has empowered passengers with much more entertainment and comfort than ever before.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747s

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747s that flies from London Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow, has been completely remodeled with amenities that enhance the experience of all the travelers opting to travel with Virgin Atlantic. The whole remodeling project took about £50 million with 125 staff overworking themselves for around 95000hours to fit about 32,000 new parts. Some of the added features are enumerated below:

Enhanced Economy

Economy class passengers now can take advantage of better quality seats that heightens the comfort as well as relaxation and much improved entertainment with JAM entertainment system that accords 300 hours of non-stop on demand fun.

Top Notch Comfort

Premium Economy travelers have been accorded with new design seats with leather covering similar to that of the Heathrow fleet. The seats lengthen up to 38 inches with 21 inches of width.

Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy

Get ready for a smooth flight with Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy starting with prerogative check-in and easy boarding. In flight comforts start with welcome drink served in your private cabin, while you lounge in the luxurious seats accorded in Premium Economy cabins. You can also entertain yourself with Virgin Atlantic in-flight entertainment system or access your gadgets which can be kept at full power with in-seats power points. Some of the amenities offered are listed below:

Virgin Atlantic Baggage & Check-in

The on-land services for premium economy passengers comprise of priority check-in with fast track bag drop facility. Also you will be facilitated to be one of the first to de-board the plane.


With your seats measuring around 21 inches in width and 38 inches seat pitch along with headrest as well as footrest there is no more comfortable and relaxing seats than this.

Connected Always

Passengers’ seats are equipped with Inseat power system that helps to keep your electronics charged at all times on the flight. Some aircrafts also come with onboard Wi-Fi that keeps you connected with the world.

Dining Experience

Three delicious meals, sophisticated crockery and cutlery are just some of the examples of fabulous dining experience. As per the time of the flight you are also served with complete breakfast or a low meal that keeps those hunger pangs away for the rest of the journey.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

“When it comes to making the most of your time with us, we reckon we’ve thought of everything.”

Upper Class Cabins take luxury at its finest altogether to another level and makes for a memorable journey fully equipped to provide maximum comfort and entertainment. From stress free arrival to the airport in chauffer driven car to personalized check-in, passengers are made to feel special right from the word ‘Go’. Some other amenities offered are enlisted below:

Stylish Arrival

From chauffeur driven car facility to dedicated check-in, Upper Class passengers avail top class services from the Virgin Atlantic expert staff. Car facility, however, is only available with booking on C, D, I or J class.

Luxurious Airport Lounge

The airport lounge or Clubhouses as preferred by Virgin Atlantic give off the ambience and vibe of luxury in abundance. Some of them are even equipped with Spa facility that makes waiting for the flight just smooth and perfect.

Impeccable Dining

The dining experience of Upper class passengers are enhanced to another level with perfectly chilled champagne along with light and healthy meal served as per the time of the flight.

Comfy Sleep

Decked out with 33in wide flat beds that are designed to provide maximum comfort accords passengers with refreshing sleep. For non-sleepers there is ‘N’ number of entertainment options.

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