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Acclaimed by SKYTRAX World Airline Awards as
Flying Chefs on board to prepare food
Hors d’oeuvre in traditional Turkish style before meal
Onboard Bar and LED candles for candlelight dinner
Reclinable Seats, with massage function, that can turn into a Bed.
Tables and Charging Points to facilitate work
Luxury Amenity Kit
Entertainment tailored by Planet Digital System
In-flight Skylife Magazines
Lounges With

Best Business Class Airline Catering 2016
Best Business Class Lounge Dining 2016

  • Library
  • Wifi
  • Showers
  • Massage facility
  • Meeting Room
  • Billiards Room and Virtual Gaming Consoles

Turkish Airlines Business Class

With faces like Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant as their brand ambassador, Turkish Airlines is surely augmenting their business despite being one of the biggest players in the industry. The Turkey based airline has the one of the largest airports in the world. The airline was voted as the best by Skytrax regarding Passenger Preferences in 2015.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Aircraft

Being set up at Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, gives this airline an edge over its competitors. Istanbul is one of the most popular cities in the world in regards to tourism and air traffic. Not only this but Istanbul also connects the East and the West and this helps Turkish Airlines to augment its revenues and profits.

This airline has been named the ‘Best Airline in Europe’ for the fifth time. People who have travelled Turkish have always reminisced about the grand exotic food provided by the airline that can fill anyone with ebullience. Being the best in europe, we wanted to take a look into and review the Turkish Airlines Business Class. With high expectations and sheer alacrity we present to you a review of Turkish Airlines Business Class.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review

Turkish Airlines Business Class Food

Turkish Airlines was awarded the for the Best Business Class airline catering and Best business class Lounge Dining by SKYTRAX World Airline Awards. The acclaimed food is prepared by some of the best chefs in the world. The menus are constantly changed to provide the passengers with different options throughout the year.
Turkish Airlines is passionate about the way they want to tailor the experience of each and every passenger in their business class. ‘Flying Chefs’ is a concept initiated by them through which they take their chefs onboard with the flight crew to prepare the food and make it as tantalising as possible.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Flying Chefs

The ambience inside the flight is that of an exotic restaurant. The food is served in porcelain dishes and is decorated with the assistance of the chefs. Snacks and hot beverages are available as well. The menu is a conglomeration of international cuisines, lite snacks, exotic wines and hot as well as cold beverages.
Drinks will be served in a glass that is appropriate for it. There is a huge selection of exotic wines available with turkish airlines business class. You would even be greeted with a preflight drink. Passengers are offered a glass of orange juice. This shows how much this airline cares about the health of the passengers. The menu varies according to the aircraft and even according to the season. This is because, the food is prepared from fresh in-season ingredients. The number of meals differs according to duration of the flight. On longhaul flights, 2 meals are served. You may feel free to ask the attendants for some snacks.

You may also feel free to ask the attendants to surprise you with the best dish available on deck. Identifying the right wine for the occasion is considered an art and can take years to master. Thankfully, sommeliers onboard can help you decide the perfect wine to go with the dish you ordered. You should order as soon as you get onboard as the ingredients for the dish you want may become out of stock due to the huge demand.

All of this is really a dream come true for any gourmand. The a la carte menu will cater to the needs and requirements of many. The food servings even change according to the time of the day and the season. You will be served with anhors d’oeuvre before the meal. You can select to get a hot or even cold starter. You can even order a soup or some other appetizer. Sometimes you may get these between the meals. The starters are brought to you on a cart by a chef. This helps you visualise the food that you would want to start with. These starters will give you a taste of what is to come ahead.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Starters

There is a bar on-board as well. You can select from a wide range of exotic international wines and spirits. The bar also serves food for those who are hungry. The bar also provides the opportunity for passengers to mingle with each other and take out the loneliness from travel. Making new connections while savoring the wining and dining of Turkish Airlines Business Class will surely be something to reminisce about in the future. They also provide a LED candle that can be used for that perfect candle light dinner on a flight. It would be better than having a romantic dinner in “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

Turkish Airlines Business Class Food

The menu is available in different languages and features some of the most exotic and tantalising food. A chicken Caesar salad followed by Turkey Styled Grilled Beef Fillet with the right choice of wine followed by Apricot Marmalade Crepe would make a perfect balanced diet. You may feel free to order tea, coffee or soup anytime during your flight. The salt containers will remind you of the Sultan’s Palace from Disney’s Aladdin.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Services

You can send and receive emails to others while onboard. You can even stay updated about the recent news with the help of planet digital system. This system also enables people to send and receive messages and even get weather reports.
The seats are reclinable and can be turned into a flat bed. Ottoman has created one of the most comfortable reclinable seats for Turkish airlines business class. The bed is 75 inches long and provides ample of sleeping space. Furthermore, a reading light has been provided to enable you to read and work even while lying completely flat.

The seats are endowed with a massage functionality which can be triggered just by pressing a button. This functions is only available in their premium airplanes like B777 and A330. Still, it would have been better if they had reverse herringbone seats like the ones in Cathay Pacific that offer greater privacy than the other types of seats, still they do provide ottoman to rest your legs on.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Seats

You are provided with a table that offers great amount of space for work. There is charging point provided that can keep providing power to your devices during the whole flight. The table can be swept aside in case you do not want to work.
Turkish Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit is a conglomeration of luxury and necessary cosmetics. The long haul flights feature a Cerruti Bag or a Jaguar Bag based on the flight departure and destination points. Both of these bags contain essentials that a passenger may require during the flight.
The bags are designed to have a luxury look and feel. Skin care products by Crabtree & Evelyn are packed into these amenity kits. Crabtree & Evelyn is a multinational company with stores spanning throughout the whole world. They offer a variety of goods for home based use. The bag also contains two stickers with one reading “Please do not disturb” and the other with “Please wake me up for meal.”

Turkish Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit

As soon as you enter the flight, you are informed about the rules and regulations and the safety measures you need to take while in flight. You will also be made familiar with emergency exit doors on the aircraft in case something goes wrong. The instructions include everything that you need in case of emergency and it will behoove you to know these just in case.

The restroom has ample of space and is always spotlessly clean. The hands free sink would allow you to wash hands without contacting germs from the tap. There are towels and toilet paper present in abundance inside the washroom.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Entertainment

Planet Digital System has designed the whole entertainment service for Turkish Airlines. The planet digital system has displayed all the entertainment options on a personal touch screen television for each passenger in Business Class. A remote control has been proved that can be used to select the media you would like to enjoy while enjoying the leisure offered by your comfy seat.

Turkish Airlines Planet Entertainment System

Approximately 400 movies are featured in the entertainment system and have been classified and organised to enable you to find the one that you would want to watch. You may watch classics or even the latest movies that you haven’t got around to watch at a movie theatre. Listening to your favourite music and reminiscing about the past will be an out of body experience for many. The music has also been classified according to genres. You can even check the footage of the camera that is set up in front of the aircraft. The data of the flight along with speed and altitude is displayed on the screen.

Instead of using the remote, your kids might enjoy playing around with the touch screen television. They may also get a kick out of playing games on this huge screen. This in turn will give you some time to relax. The entertainment system also features audio books and listening to them would a great idea for edification.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Playstation4

The inflight magazines encompass a wide range of genres such as business, lifestyle, movies, DIYs and so on. There are separate magazines for kids as well. Reading a skylife magazine while commuting will provide you with “the swiftest hours, as they flew.”

Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounges

Lounges open way before the first flight. International flight lounges open two hours before the first flight and domestic lounges open an hour before the first flight. Arrival Lounges are only for business class passengers on international flights and Miles&Smiles Plus members. Anyone arriving after a long cumbersome flight can relax at one of the lounges owned and operated by this airlines. These lounges have known to have anodyne effects on passengers from a longhaul flight.
You may enjoy a shower and get refreshed as soon as you get out of your flight. Libraries are a great spot to enjoy a book or two and even solitude. Magazines are provided for the people who would love to have a little time out experience while edifying themselves of what’s happening in the world. Ironing services will save you the trouble of getting to your next meeting in untidy clothes.
The amount of services augments when we come to departure lounges. Departure lounges are way better and give a taste of what you will experience on the flight. Turkish corporate club card owners and first class passengers along with Star Alliance Gold members are also eligible to access the lounges.
These lounges have a meeting room that can serve as a place to discuss business. Watching a movie would surely work as an analgesic before travel. There are showers as well as massage facilities to help you relax before the flight. There is nothing like sports that helps us take our mind off of stress and anxiety and that is why these lounges feature Billiards room and Golf Simulators.

Turkish Airline Business Class Istanbul Lounge

There are about 35 seats in the lounge and free wifi is offered. You can send emails and check news on your smartphone while working on your laptop. The wifi connection helps you stay connected to the whole world. There are about 6 showers in the lounges and a breakfast bar as well. You can personalise your dish along with a Sky Chef at this bar and then savour the tantalising food.

‘CurioCity’ inside the lounges has been tailored for children. Wait till your kids hear that this place features gaming consoles like Playstation 4. You would be able to witness the sheer alacrity and curiosity in them. Leaving your kids off to play would give you some time to relax alone. Scalextric slot car track are customizable and can help you hone your skills in toy car racing.

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