Southwest Business Select Class Flights Tickets

Southwest Airlines started making rounds in the year 1971 but was announce back in the year of 1967. It is currently holding the name of being one of the most opted airlines of the USA, holding court in Dallas, Texas. As of October 2016, it boasted of having 53,000 employees providing expert services for more than 3900 departures per day. With a fleet size of around 707 aircrafts, following are the main category of Boeing 737:

  1. Boeing 737 – 300
  2. Boeing 737 – 700
  3. Boeing 737 – 800
  4. Boeing 737 MAX 7
  5. Boeing 737 MAX 8

The main cities that acts as the focus point for Southwest airlines are:

As of 2016 July, the airlines catered for more than 100 destinations within the boundary of the USA and 8 other countries. The states touched by Southwest airlines in the USA are listed below:

The entire collection of Boeing 737 aircraft serving under Southwest Airline is integrated with internet access, live streaming of TV for free along with eBooks, VOD (Video on Demand) and audio by Beats. The initial testing phase for inclusion of free Wi-Fi started in February 2009 and the airlines broadcasted its intention to include internet connection within its flights in partnership with Row 44 product on base of satellite broadband on 21st August 2009. After the announcement, in the first quarter of 2010, Southwest Airlines started equipping its aircrafts with Wi-Fi connectivity. For further entertainment for its passengers, testing process for both live TV and VOD started in summer months of 2012 and January 2013 respectively.

Business Select

Complete your journey with airlines that gives you priority

Southwest Business Select offers:

Assured Seating in A 1- A 15

With Business Select class seat travelers are given benefit of sitting right in the front amongst seat number A1 to A15. Also priority boarding and de-boarding ensures that you are the first to not only sit in the flight but also first to get off once you reach the destination airport. Being first on board helps to select your own space and place to keep hand luggage and settle in comfortably before the flight takes off.

Easy Check-in

Business Select class passengers have another advantage of checking in as per their comfort because they are booked for seats between A1 – A15. This ensures that they do not have to rush to book their seats and check-in in order to reserve a good place in the flight. They can perform required check-in through their mobile or as and when they enter airport as the boarding order is already selected.

Fly By Lane Privilege

Passenger holding Business Select, Rapid Rewards A list as well as the Rapid Rewards A – list Preferred member get benefitted with Fly By Lane option. This option allows passengers to check-in and board the flight much quicker as they are entertained at an exclusive counter and served on priority basis. However, if the passengers hold Global entry or TSA pre-check option, they will not require Fly By Lane for faster check-in.

Welcomed with a Premium Drink

Passengers once have seated in their Business Select seat are offered a premium drink once the take – off has taken place in order to relax and feel privileged. Only one drink is allotted per person for one flight which becomes valid as soon as the passengers show their Premium drink pass printed along side with the boarding pass after check – in and thus it is recommended to check-in again after entering airport, in case of mobile or Southwest Airline app check-in, so as to get this pass.

Rapid Reward Points

To garner points one has to become a member of Southwest Airlines’ frequent flyer program called Rapid Rewards. Those who fly with Southwest Wanna Get Away class are accorded with 3 points per dollar, which increases to 12 points per dollar for those who book Southwest Business Select class seat.

Southwest Airlines in a Glance

Basis Status
Launched March, 1967 & Commenced on June, 1971
Corporate HQ Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Focus City Phoenix
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego
Fort Lauderdale
St. Louis
Las Vegas
Operating Bases Atlanta
Las Vegas
Phoenix–Sky Harbor
Frequent Flyer Program Rapid Rewards
Air Fleet Boeing 737 – 300
Boeing 737 – 700
Boeing 737 – 800
Boeing 737 MAX 7
Boeing 737 MAX 8

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