Lufthansa Business Class Flights Tickets

New Lufthansa Business Class – Highlight Reel

Fast track through security

Exquisitely designed lounges

Work Zone, Quiet Zone and World Zone

Shower in Lounge

Exotic dishes and a wide range of beverages

Movies, Music, Magazines and more

All encompassing amenity kit

Lufthansa Airline Business Class

Lufthansa has always been among the best airlines in the industry. Aviation is marked with heavy competition and Lufthansa has certainly innovated in order to be ahead of the curve. The services differ for long haul and short and medium haul flights.

Complete relaxation, before, after and during the flight, is much appreciated by Lufthansa business class passengers.Still, in my opinion, you are going to love the overall experience.Once you reach the airport, you will be fast tracked through the security process.

Lufthansa Lounges

Both, welcome as well as departure lounges are endowed with state of the art facilities. The lounge facility is featured at most major international airports. Food and drinks prepared by some of the best chefs in the world is available on demand. You can sip on your drink while accosting someone new at the bar.

As far as the design of the lounges go, it would not be wrong to say that it should be a prototype for all business class lounges. One can also call these lounges the perfect workstation. There is a separate ‘work zone’ featuring a free wifi connection and charging ports for both laptops and phones. I mean, what else would one want.

You can go into the work zone and fire up your device to let the festivities begin. For privacy, dividers have been set up so no one sitting besides you would be able to see what you are working on.

Comfort zone, as the name suggests, is for people who would like to get a little comfortable and casual. This is the spot for you and your companions to be at. You can order food and reminisce about happy memories. At least this is how Harry defeated Voldemort.

To up the ante, a Quiet zone has been installed in the lounges. Passengers can get a fairly good nap before. World’s Zone is perfect for shopaholics and features myriad range of shopping complexes. You will easily be able to identify almost all the most famous brands in this mall like zone. Showers are probably the best part of lounges. Getting a good shower before boarding flight is indeed something every passenger would appreciate.

Food and Beverages Lufthansa

On-flight Food is something that most people care about. For a gourmand, Lufthansa business class food would be perfect. The exotic dishes, prepared by some of the best chefs in the world will tantalise your taste buds like nothing else can. On demand menu features a variety of food prepared with authentic ingredients.

Along with a welcome message, the menu contains food classified according to categories. Salads as well as fast food are available. Fresh Fruits can be ordered as an healthy option for dessert. Baked Apple cake with Vanilla cream is a regularly ordered dessert. You can select a multi course dinner and choose to customize it according to your own whim.

Champagnes such as Cham Jacquart Brut are available on board. Jacquart Brut is created with a secret combination of pear, a wide range of grapes and almond. The sweet delightful taste of this champagne will definitely make you crave for more. Red wine, white wine, spirits and beers are also available on board. Passengers can enjoy Absolute vodka, Jack Daniel’s as well as Tequila while commuting.

Along with alcoholic, non alcoholic beverages are also featured on the menu. Espressos, coffee, green tea as well as masala tea are also available. You can avail the Express Service to order food anytime during the flight in Lufthansa business class.

Lufthansa Entertainment

From movies to tv series to music to magazines, almost all form of entertainment is available on board. The in-flight entertainment system features myriad range of movies and music. All the movies are classified according to genre. You can find almost all the classics not only from hollywood but from international cinema as well.

Latest tv series are just a click away. You can binge watch Stranger Things… FYI, it is awesome. The best part about Lufthansa Business class is that they enable you to access their entertainment system on your device. You can just fire up your laptop, smartphone or tablet and watch or listen to anything that is available on their system.

The option to watch live television is obviously something that not all airlines provide. Staying up to date with the ongoing in the world couldn’t be easier. You can also ask for some earphones and listen to a few informative audio books made available in Lufthansa’s business class entertainment system.

The recyclable seats can be turned into fully flat beds. The bed is more than a meter long. This enables passengers to relax during long haul flights. In some premium air crafts, all seats have access to the aisle. The design of cabin makes it spacious. There are more than enough privacy options.

Lufthansa has also started providing Summer Kits to kids. Kids need to visit a longe of Lufthansa in order to get hold on one of those kits. The in-flight Lufthansa business class amenity kit is curated and created by Reisenthel. Almost all basic amenity, that passengers need while commuting, are featured in this kit. Skin care material along with toothbrush and toothpaste subsumed by this kit. The kit bag is made in order to withstand the test of time. This makes it easier for you to use this kit at home.

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