Korean Air Prestige Business Class Flights Tickets

Korean Air is the official name for Korean Air Lines Co. Ltd. and is the largest as well as the flag carrier airline for South Korea all on the basis of international destinations and flights along with the size of the current fleet. Headquarter of the airline is located in Seoul situated in Republic of Korea and was founded in the year 1946 as Korean National Airlines. It achieved privatization in the year 1969 after according several expansion plans and including multitude of services. The airline fleet consists of about 175 aircrafts of which main categories are mentioned below:

  1. Airbus A321neo
  2. Airbus A330 – 200
  3. Airbus A330 – 300
  4. Airbus A330 – 800
  5. Boeing 737 – 800
  6. Boeing 737 – 900
  7. Boeing 737 – 900ER
  8. Boeing 737 MAX 8
  9. Boeing 747 – 400
  10. Boeing 747 8I
  11. Boeing 777 – 200ER
  12. Boeing 777 – 300
  13. Boeing 777 – 300ER
  14. Boeing 787 – 8 Dreamliner
  15. Boeing 787 – 9 Dreamliner
  16. Bombardier CS 300

After combining both passengers division for international cities and cargo division for the same, the airlines cater for in about 127 cities in 44 countries with domestic destination being 12 in number. In essence considering all the hospitality and services accorded by the airline it is no wonder that Korean Air is listed amongst the top 20 airlines along with being one of the most highly ranked airline for cargo services as well. Its major hub city is Seoul with airport being Incheon International Airport. Out of 144 international destinations, the airlines cater for many of the United States of America cities. The destinations catered by Korean Air in the United States of America are listed below:

Prestige (Business) Class

  • Experience Travel Luxury from Taking off to Landing
  • Rejuvenate yourself Across the Route

Prestige Suites

Relax in Fully Flat Bed with Optimum Space

The seats are spaced carefully in the cabin with at least 75 inches of space between any two rows that provide space to roam without bumping into anyone. The relaxation is only enhanced by the spacious 21 inches large seats. All passengers are accorded with direct aisle access which only goes to increase the comfort level of the passenger.

The Prestige Sleeper Seat

Comfort of Home amidst Clouds

  • Relax in Fully-Flat Bed Seats with Option of 180 Degree
  • The seats are 21.6 inches wide with distance of at least 74 inches between any two rows. This facilitates bump free movement in the flight.
  • Flexible Seat Movement with One Button Touch
  • The seats are outfitted with support for back as well as with footrest and are completely flexible with option to change the angle of the seat at press of one button. Utmost comfort and relaxation is what these seats air for.
  • Private Screen for Entertainment with multifunction controller
  • All the seats in this class come outfitted with 15.4 inches touch screen LCD that is basically integrated with myriad range of audio and video on demand options. So just kick back and get entertained in most luxurious fashion as you fly across the globe.

B737 Prestige Seat

Boeing 737 Aircraft Prestige Seat with Added Benefit of Personal Monitor

The flights that are small in size are outfitted with Audio & Video on Demand (AVOD) feature that are perfect to spend quality hours for relaxation and enjoyment. On the other hand, aircrafts that are of medium or large range in size consist of quite comfortable seats having 21 inches width, along with leg and foot rests that ensures the flight is more relaxing than ever before.

Boeing 737 Aircraft Prestige Seat without Personal Monitor

Seating within Boeing 737 flight Prestige class are much wider than that of economy seats (at least 30%). Moreover, the seats are equipped with leg rests as well as foot rests for a well comfortable seating. However, not all the aircrafts are outfitted with foot rests comfort.

Korean Air Pre – Boarding Services

Feel Like a Star Before You Board Korean Air

Pre Boarding services that enhances your grandiose journey

Booking Tickets:

Travelers going for Prestige class Korean Air tickets are in for an experience like never before with services that starts before they even reach airport.

Select your Own Seat:

Passengers can make choice of seats 24hrs before the flight takes off.

Extra Care at Airport:

The airport staff will make sure all your needs are met before you board the flight and after you get off on your destination.

Exclusive Counter for Prestige Check-in:

Passengers can complete their check-in formalities much faster through their own check-in counter.

KAL Lounge services:

Prestige Class passengers can access the premium services of Korean Air KAL lounge in order to spend time before boarding the flight.

Priority boarding & baggage care:

Korean Air Prestige passengers are accorded with separate and priority boarding counters which ensures they are amongst the first to get on or get down from the flight. Their baggage is also first to be released.

Korean Air In-Flight Services

Summarize your Journey with Luxury & Utmost Comfort

When you fly with Korean Air, it’s not just travel but an experience

Fine Dining with Wine & Delicious Meals

Looking at the quality of not only meals but also the service provided by the cabin crew, you might get an impression of being in a 5-star hotel, which would not be that far from the truth when you combine the aura, ambience of the Prestige cabin with the beautifully prepared delicacies by top chefs of the world. Considering this artful combination, it is no wonder that this airline has been recipient of Mercury Award two times. The meals range from regional dishes of Chinese, Western, Japanese and Korean origin accompanying the top class wine selection that resemble the region the flight is going.

Comfort Kit Filled with Various Amenities:

The Prestige class passengers are accorded with luxurious cosmetic items from face cream and after shave to toothpaste and toothbrush of major brands in a convenient pouch. Other items also include hand cream, eye gel, lip balm (consisting of wine extracts) and eye mask. The only constraint is that this kit is provided on long haul flight journey to destinations in Europe, Middle East, Oceania and America.

Flexible Lighting Option:

The cabins are instilled with adjustable lights that can be altered as per the mood and activity of the passenger. Change the lighting around as you sleep, eat or complete your official work in the comfort of your spacious seats. The lights can be dimmed or brightened up in order to adjust your eyes comfortably.

Restrooms for Handicap:

The cabins are outfitted with washrooms for handicapped passengers in order for them to have complete comfort throughout their journey with Korean Air Prestige (Business) Class flight.

Never Miss a Thing:

Even while relaxing and having a comfortable sleep, passengers can be assured of being on time for all their schedules. Cabin crew can be informed to wake you up at your required time.

Power Supply Feature Integrated with Seats:

All the seats in Prestige class in the aircrafts Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A380-800, Boeing B737 – 800, Boeing B737 – 900ER, Boeing B747 – 400, Boeing B777 – 200 and Boeing B777 – 300 are outfitted with power outlets.

  • The power outlets integrated with the Prestige class seats are compatible with almost all types of plugs, some might require adapter as they are specific for certain regions only.
  • All the electronic gadgets can be charged by using the in-seat USB port. However, iPad charging is not feasible as well as RJ45 internet ports are also missing.
  • Passengers can charge their iPads by connecting them through standard charger to the power supply outlet attached with the seat.

Korean Air in a Glance

Basis Status
Launched 1946
Corporate HQ Gonghang – Dong, Gangseo-gu Seoul, South Korea
Focus City Gimhae International Airport,
Seoul, South Korea
Jeju International Airport,
Jeju, South Korea
Parent Company Hanjin Group
Lounge KAL Lounge
Frequent Flyer Program SKYPASS
Air Fleet Airbus A321neo
Airbus A330 – 200
Airbus A330 – 300
Airbus A330 – 800
Boeing 737 – 800
Boeing 737 – 900
Boeing 737 – 900ER
Boeing 737 MAX 8
Boeing 747 – 400
Boeing 747 – 8I
Boeing 777 – 200ER
Boeing 777 – 300
Boeing 777 – 300ER
Boeing 787 – 8 Dreamliner
Boeing 787 – 9 Dreamliner
Bombardier CS 300

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