Jal Business Class Flights Tickets

Japan Airlines or Jal Business Class

Japan Airlines or as lovingly called as Jal covers the second position of being the largest airlines in whole of Japan, just below All Nippon Airways, however is still the one to be picked for being the country’s flag carrier airline. It is currently holding corporate base in Shinagawa, Tokyo state of Japan along with major hubs being:

  • Tokyo Haneda Airport – Serving Greater Tokyo Area
  • Tokyo Narita Airport – Serving Greater Tokyo Area
  • Kansai International Airport – Serving Greater Osaka Area
  • Osaka International Airport – Serving Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto

Headed as Jal group of companies, apart from Japan airlines it also includes Jal Express, Japan Transocean Air, J-Air, Ryukyu Air Commuter and Japan Air Commuter in order to cater as domestic feeder while Jal Cargo facilitates mail and cargo services. Japan airlines in collaboration with Jal group caters for domestic as well as international passenger flights along with cargo, both non-scheduled and the scheduled ones networking over 200 destinations across 35 countries. To make this travel easy the group consists of about 279 aircrafts in their fleet with main categories being:

  1. Airbus A350 – 900
  2. Airbus A350 – 1000
  3. Boeing 737 – 800
  4. Boeing 767 – 300
  5. Boeing 767 – 300ER
  6. Boeing 777 – 200
  7. Boeing 777 – 200ER
  8. Boeing 777 – 300
  9. Boeing 777 – 300ER
  10. Boeing 787 – 8
  11. Boeing 787 – 9
  12. Mitsubishi Regional Jet MRJ90

The cities of the United States of America that are touched by Jal / Japan Airlines are listed below:

Massachusetts: Boston – Logan International Airport

Illinois: Chicago – O’Hare International Airport

Texas: Dallas – Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport

Hawaii: Honolulu – Honolulu International Airport

California: Los Angeles – Los Angeles International Airport

New York: New York City – John F. Kennedy International Airport

California: San Diego – San Diego International Airport

California: San Francisco – San Francisco International Airport

Jal Business Class


Comfort at its best with top notch seats designed to convert into fully flat beds for sweet slumber and naps.

Jal Sky Suite:

  • Despite being in a business class, almost all the benefits of First class seat are provided.
  • Comfy Fully Flat bed enabling full stretching of body.
  • Mattresses and pillows allotted to Jal Sky Suite in business class cabins are developed for undisturbed slumber or short nap.
  • The rows are far away from each other that easy maneuver around the allotted seat is possible.

Jal Sky Suite 2

  • Peaceful and comfort of top quality providing cozy ambience.
  • Boeing 767 aircrafts’ Jal Sky Suite is equipped with especially constructed seats offering utmost comfort and feel.
  • Highest order of comfort is guaranteed with super flexible and relaxing seats of Jal Sky Suite 2.
  • All the seats are structured around 1-2-1 formation that accords perfect ease of access towards aisle without stepping in someone’s privacy.

Jal Sky Suite 3

  • Comfort and total relaxation is the motto behind creation of Jal Sky Suite 3 seats.
  • Spacious and comfort go hand in hand where Jal Sky Suite 3 seats are concerned with ultimate amount of leg room.
  • Irrespective of the fact that a passenger has company or not, the time spent in these seats while away with utter relaxation.
  • Even when opened to form fully flat bed, the overall space is ample enough to maneuver around without much hassle.

Jal Shell Flat Neo

  • Fly away to dreamland to while away hours in super adjustable seats.
  • The seats are amazingly comfy and perfect to sleep through your long haul flights without any worry of post flight airport tasks and hassles.
  • The seat is designed to provide enclosed illusion which enhances the ambience even more and offers cozy private space. To each passenger.
  • Passengers are allotted with a secondary control to adjust seat in order to reach sleeping and sitting position without much effort.

Jal Shell Flat Seat

  • In accordance with the seat name, Jal Shell Flat seats are designed in the formation of shell which provides cozy environment and privacy as well.
  • The seats are quite flexible and can be adjusted for working, sleeping or just relaxing irrespective of the duration of the flight.
  • Passengers are provided with a secondary controller that can be used to adjust recline of the seat without much effort.
  • The seats are integrated with flexible light that can be adjusted to read or just while watching movies and videos.

In-Flight Enjoyment

Abundant entertainment to keep you busy & relaxed for hours in stretch


Top Quality Entertainment System Called MAGIC

All the seats of Business class cabin in Japan Airlines is outfitted with state of the art entertainment system called Magic that ensures smooth accessibility with pleasurable activities like watching videos and movies, listening to latest audio tracks or playing games in clear big screen. The screen is integrated in such a position that it gives off the feeling of complete privacy while viewing ‘N’ number of shows and movies.

Top Quality Headphone Perfect to Restrain Noise

All the passengers are provided with comfortable and noise cancelling headphones with unparalleled sound quality of SONY brand. The headphones are structured to provide utmost comfort even after wearing it for long time.

Movies, Videos and Audio

Passengers travelling in Jal Business Class are entertained thoroughly through numerous all time favorite movies in numerous languages along with original videos of Jal group and latest news as well.

Passengers can also while away hours by listing to their favorite music bands and song through vast audio collection provided in the airline.

Games & Digital Book (Sky Manga)

MAGIC entertainment system is equipped with latest brain twirling and tricking games that can keep the passengers of all ages entertained and occupied for long hours. A flight schedule is provided through which travelers can easily locate entertainment options provided in the aircraft. For reading enthusiast electronic books including Manga – An in-flight magazine, can be accessed as well.

Fine Dining & Beverages

Where food & accompanying beverage give off illusion of sitting in 5 – star restaurant!!

Delicious Meal:

Close your eyes and picture this – a top notch 5-starer restaurant flying across countries while serving delicacies of all cuisines to their prestigious passengers in the cocoon of their seats. This is what is promised and delivered with Jal / Japan Airlines Business Class meal options. Jal takes fine dining to whole new level by according their passengers with privacy and comfort of a top notch restaurant while they are actually high above in the midst of clouds. The food is prepared by the top chef of Japan that ensures every morsel of the dishes accord different flavor and taste to the passenger.


Wine Selection: Jal Business Class caters with top quality wines selected and imported from famous vineyards around the world. Mr. Motohiro Okoshi is the selector of fine wine that are tasted and checked before being packed to serve in the aircraft. The cabin crew is experienced with qualification of sommelier in order to help incase a passenger requires it. Japanese Sake Selection: Another major attraction is in form of collection of Japanese Sake selected from numerous varieties, as per the season, including ever famous Jokigen and Hakurakusei along with sweet potato shochu options like Naka Naka and Tomino Hozan.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Numerous options are available under non-alcoholic drinks all of which are listed below:

  • Orange Juice
  • Tomato Juice
  • Apple Juice
  • JAL original drink “Sky Time”
  • Grapefruit Juice
  • Perrier (sparkling mineral water)
  • Coca-Cola
  • Mineral water
  • Sprite
  • Oolong tea
  • Ginger ale
  • Japanese cooled-green tea “Ayataka”
  • Coffee
  • Green tea
  • Herbal tea
  • Black tea

Jal Airlines in a Glance

Basis Status
Launched Founded on 1st August 1951,
Commenced on 25th October 1957
Corporate HQ Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
Focus City Nagoya – Chubu Centrair International Airport
Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka, Japan – Fukuoka Airport
Naha, Okinawa, Japan – Naha Airport
Sapporo Metropolitan Area – New Chitose Airport
Major Hub Cities Rome
Lounge Tokyo Haneda Airport – Serving Greater Tokyo Area
Tokyo Narita Airport – Serving Greater Tokyo Area
Kansai International Airport – Serving Greater Osaka Area
Osaka International Airport – Serving Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto
Frequent Flyer Program Jal Mileage Bank
Jal Global Bank
Premium Lounges Diamond Premier Lounge
Jal First Class Lounge
Sakura Lounge
Air Fleet Airbus A350 – 900
Airbus A350 – 1000
Boeing 737 – 800
Boeing 767 – 300
Boeing 767 – 300ER
Boeing 777 – 200
Boeing 777 – 200ER
Boeing 777 – 300
Boeing 777 – 300ER
Boeing 787 – 8
Boeing 787 – 9
Mitsubishi Regional Jet MRJ90

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