About Zaragoza 

Let's have a look around into background of Zaragoza 
  • Region: Aragon
  • Country: Spain
  • Latitude: 41.6333333
  • Longitude:  -0.8833333
  • Time zone: Europe/Madrid
  • Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT +1 hours

Weather in Zaragoza 

Climate: semi-arid climate

Best Time to Visit: September to October


Zaragoza is the capital city of the Zaragoza province and of the autonomous community of Aragon, Spain. It lies by the Ebroriver and its tributaries, the Huerva and the Gállego, roughly in the center of both Aragon and the Ebro basin. On 1 September 2010 the population of the city of Zaragoza was 701,090, within its administrative limits on a land area of 1,062.64 square kilometres (410.29 square miles), ranking fifth in Spain. It is the 32nd most populous municipality in the European Union. The population of the metropolitan area was estimated in 2006 at 783,763 inhabitants. The municipality is home to more than 50 percent of the Aragonese population. The city lies at an elevation of 199 metres (653 feet) above sea level.

Distance from Zaragoza  center to Airport

Airport: Zaragoza Airport

Driving Distance: 23 minutes 

Driving Time: 12 miles / 19 km

Languages: Spanish

Modes of transport

Airport: Zaragoza Airport

Customs and Tipping

For Restaurants and Bars:

  • Waitress and Bartender – 10  % of the Bill.

For Hotels:

  • Room Service: Accordingly to bill
  • Housekeeper: Accordingly to bill
  • Concierge: Between Accordingly to bill

Valet Parking:

  • Parking or Returning Car: 10  % of the Bill.

Nearby Tourist Cities

  • Huesca,
  • Alcaniz,
  • Calahorra

Emergency Contact Numbers in Zaragoza  city

Fire / Police/ Ambulance: 112

Airport: Zaragoza Airport (+34 976 71 23 00)

Hospital: Hospital Universitario Miguel Servet (Zaragoza)


Let’s step into extensive list of To Dos in Zaragoza.

  • San Jorge (Saint George's Day)
  • Auditorium - Palace of Congresses of Zaragoza
  • Palace of Congresses of Zaragoza

Tourist Attractions

  • San Pablo
  • Source of Hispanidad
  • José Antonio Labordeta Park

Theatre & Concerts

  • Cine Palafox Aragonia  
  • Villa Misterio
  • Sala López

Visit Top Restaurants in Zaragoza 

  • Meson Martin 
  • Los Xarmientos Parrilla Aragonesa
  • Cafe Botanico

Top Shopping Centers in Zaragoza 

  • GranCasa Mall
  • Plaza Imperial Shopping Center
  • Linacero Disks and Gifts 

Museums, Galleries and Gardens

  • Museum of Zaragoza
  • Gallery Carrile
  • Vertical Garden

Iconic Delicacies of Iconic Restros

  • Meson Martin - Broken Eggs
  • Los Xarmientos Parrilla Aragonesa - Lamb chops
  • Cafe Botanico - Lemon cake

Sports Club

  • Gym Coliseo Center
  • Montecanal Sports Center
  • Zaragoza Paddle Club

Shelling Out Dollars

  • Imported beer: 1.77 €
  • Taxi: 3.20 €
  • 3 BHK (Downtown): 483.33 €
  • Cheap meal: 10.00 €
  • Gasoline: 1.12 €
  • 3 course meal: 35.00 €