About Recife

Let's have a look around into background of Recife

Let’s have a look around into the background of Recife.

  • Region: Pernambuco
  • Country: Brazil
  • Latitude: -8.05
  • Longitude: -34.9
  • Time zone: America/Recife
  • Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT -3 hours

Weather in Recife

  • Climate: Tropical climate  
  • Best Time to Visit: February to June


Recife is the fourth-largest urban aggregation in Brazil which is the largest urban agglomeration of the North/Northeast Regions. It is also the capital and largest city of the state of Pernambuco in the northeast corner of South America.

Interestingly, it was the former capital of the 17th century colony of New Holland of Dutch Brazil. It was established by the Dutch West India Company. During the early Portuguese colonization of Brazil,as the main harbor of the Captaincy of Pernambuco, Recife was founded in 1537. 

It is well-known for its large scale production of sugar cane. The city is located at the confluence of the Beberibe and Capibaribe rivers before they flow into the South Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, it is a major port on the Atlantic. Its name comes from the stone reefs that are present by the city's shores.

Distance from Recife center to Airport

  • Recife/Guararapes-Gilberto Freyre International Airport
  • Driving Distance: 8 miles / 13 km
  • Driving Time: 17 minutes
  • Languages: Portuguese

Modes of transport

  • Airport: Guararapes International Airport
  • Port: Suape Port, Port of Recife
  • Metro: Recife Metro
  • Road: Bus - Asa Branca Tourism

Customs and Tipping

For Restaurants and Bars:

  • Waitress and Bartender – 10% service fee added to the Bill, no tips given separately

For Hotels:

  • Room Service: R$5 to R$10
  • Housekeeper: R$5 to R$10
  • Concierge: R$5 to R$10

Valet Parking:

  • Parking or Returning Car: R$2 to R$5

Nearby Tourist Cities

  • Olinda
  • Paulista
  • Jaboatao

Emergency Contact Numbers in Recife city

  • Fire / Police/ Ambulance: 193/ 194/ 192
  • Airport: Recife International Airport [ +55 81 3322-4188 ]
  • Hospital: Hospital Santa Joana Recife [ +55 81 3216-6666 ]


Let’s step into the extensive list of To Do’s in Recife.

  • Buscada- Festival of the island’s patron saint
  • Recife's Carnival
  • The Pro Rock music festival

Tourist Attractions

  • Boa Viagem
  • Ricardo Brennand Institute
  • Oficina Ceramica Francisco Brennand

Theatre & Concerts

  • Santa Isabel Theater
  • CDU Panelas
  • De computaçao

Visit Top Restaurants in Recife

  • Restaurante Parraxaxá
  • Camarada Camarão - 1º Jardim Boa Viagem
  • Chica Pitanga

Top Shopping Centers in Recife

  • Shopping Center Recife
  • Shopping RioMar
  • Plaza Shopping Casa Forte

Museums, Galleries and Gardens

  • Oficina Ceramica Francisco Brennand
  • Galeria Moldurarte
  • Botanical Garden of Recife

Iconic Delicacies of Iconic Restros

  • Tabbouleh - Chica Pitanga
  • Stuffed Fish - Ilha dos Navegantes
  • Churrascaria - Ponteio Churrascaria

Sports Club

  • Sport Club do Recife
  • Santa Cruz Futebol Clube - Football
  • Clube Náutico Capibaribe- Football

Shelling Out Dollars

  • Imported beer: 8.90 R$ / 0.33 liter
  • Taxi: 4.85 R$ (base price)
  • 3 BHK (Downtown): 2,323.08 R$
  • Cheap meal: 20.00 R$
  • Gasoline: 3.70 R$ / liter
  • 3 course meal: 100.00 R$