About Porto Alegre

Let's have a look around into background of Porto Alegre

Let’s have a look around into the background of Porto Alegre.

  • Region: Rio Grande do Sul
  • Country: Brazil
  • Latitude: -30.0333333
  • Longitude: -51.2
  • Time zone: America/Sao_Paulo
  • Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT -2 hours

Weather in Porto Alegre

  • Climate: Humid subtropical climate
  • Best Time to Visit: November to March


Porto Alegre is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. In 1769, it was founded by Manuel Sepúlveda. It has a population of 1,481,019 inhabitants according to 2016 estimates. This data makes it the tenth most populous city in the country and the centre of Brazil's fifth largest metropolitan area. Interestingly, the city is the southernmost capital city of a Brazilian state.

The population consists of people of European descent in majority. Porto Alegre is located on the eastern bank of the Guaíba River or lake. This place has five rivers converging to form the Lagoa dos Patos (Lagoon of the Ducks) which is a giant freshwater lagoon. Even large ships can navigate in this area. This five-river junction has become a major alluvial port. It is also the primary industrial and commercial center of Brazil.

Distance from Porto Alegre center to Airport

  • Airport: Salgado Filho International Airport
  • Driving Distance: 5 miles / 8 km
  • Driving Time: 24 minutes
  • Languages: Portuguese followed By Spanish and English

Modes of transport

  • Airport: Salgado Filho International Airport
  • Metro: Rapid transit system operated by Trensur
  • Road: Bus - Porto Alegre Bus station, Taxi

Customs and Tipping

For Restaurants and Bars:

  • Waitress and Bartender – 10% service fee added to the Bill, no tips given separately

For Hotels:

  • Room Service: R$5 to R$10
  • Housekeeper: R$5 to R$10
  • Concierge: R$5 to R$10

Valet Parking:

  • Parking or Returning Car: R$2 to R$5

Nearby Tourist Cities

  • Canoas
  • Viamao
  • Gravatai

Emergency Contact Numbers in Porto Alegre city

  • Fire / Police/ Ambulance: 193/ 194/ 192
  • Airport: Salgado Filho International Airport [ +55 51 3358-2000 ]
  • Hospital: Santa Casa de Misericordia Hospital [ +55 51 3214-8080 ]


Let’s step into the extensive list of To Do’s in Porto Alegre.

  • Farroupilha Week
  • Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes Celebrations
  • Porto Verão Alegre

Tourist Attractions

  • PUCRS Museum of Science and Technology
  • Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art
  • Sunset on Guaíba

Theatre & Concerts

  • Theater New DC
  • Jair Chaveiro
  • Bobinagem Santana

Visit Top Restaurants in Porto Alegre

  • Koh Pee Pee
  • Atelier de Massas
  • Restaurante Gambrinus

Top Shopping Centers in Porto Alegre

  • Iguatemi Shopping Center
  • Praia de Belas Shopping Center
  • Shopping Total

Museums, Galleries and Gardens

  • Museum of Contemporary Art RS - MACRS
  • Galeria Bolsa de Arte
  • Porto Alegre Botanical Garden

Iconic Delicacies of Iconic Restros

  • Flounder grilled with potato salad with cod- Restaurante Gambrinus
  • Forestler pasta - Atelier de Massas
  • Steak parmigiana - Tudo Pelo Social

Sports Club

  • Sport Club Internacional- Soccer Club
  • Teresopolis Tennis Club 
  • Belém Novo Golf Club

Shelling Out Dollars

  • Imported beer: 13.33 R$ / 0.33 liter
  • Taxi: 5.18 R$ (base price)
  • 3 BHK (Downtown): 2,488.89 R$
  • Cheap meal: 20.00 R$
  • Gasoline: 3.86 R$ / liter
  • 3 course meal: 94.95 R$