About Honiara

Let's have a look around into background of Honiara
  • Region: Makira
  • Country: Solomon Islands
  • Latitude: -9.4333333
  • Longitude: 159.95
  • Time zone: Pacific/Guadalcanal
  • Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT +11 hours

Weather in Honiara

  • Climate: Tropical Rainforest Climate
  • Best Time to Visit: November and April


Honiara is the capital city of Solomon Islands, administered as a provincial town on the northwestern coast of Guadalcanal. As of 2017, it had a population of 84,520 people. The city is served by Honiara International Airport and the seaport of Point Cruz and lies along the Kukum Highway. Honiara contains the majority of the major government buildings and institutions of Solomon Islands. The National Parliament of Solomon Islands, Honiara Solomon Islands College of Higher Education, International School in Honiara and University of the South Pacific Solomon Islands are located in Honiara as is the national museum and Honiara Market.

Distance from Honiara center to Airport

The closest major airport to Honiara, Solomon Islands is Honiara International Airport (HIR / AGGH).

  • Driving Distance: 10 miles / 16 km
  • Driving Time: 21 Minutes
  • Languages: English followed by Pijin being the most widely spoken languages.

Modes of transport

  • Airport:  Honiara International Airport
  • Road: Bus: Public Bus Network and Minibus.

Customs and Tipping

For Restaurants and Bars:

  • Waitress and Bartender – 10 – 15 % of the Bill.

For Hotels:

  • Room Service: Not Customary
  • Housekeeper: Not Customary
  • Concierge: Not Customary

Valet Parking:

  • Parking or Returning Car: Not Customary

Nearby Tourist Cities

  • Tulagi,
  • Kamaosi,
  • Auki

Emergency Contact Numbers in Honiara city

  • Fire / Police/ Ambulance: 999
  • Airport: +677 36077 (Honiara International Airport)
  • Hospital: +677 22160 (Vura Clinic)


  • Festival of Pacific Arts
  • Spear Dancing Festival
  • Lagoon Festival

Tourist Attractions

  • Honiara Central Market
  • S.I. Visitors Bureau
  • Solomon Scouts & Coastwatchers Monument

Visit Top Restaurants in Honiara

  • Market Street Kitchen
  • Hakubai Japanese Restaurant
  • The Ofis Solomon Islands

Top Shopping Centers in Honiara

  • Panatina Plaza Shopping Centre
  • Hyundai Mall
  • Prime Investment

Museums, Galleries and Gardens

  • National Museum
  • Japanese War Memorial
  • Saloon

Iconic Delicacies of Iconic Restros

  • Cakes – The Breakwater Cafe
  • Salads – Lime Lounge
  • Crawfish – The Bamboo Bar Cafe

Sports Club

  • Solomon Islands Football Federation – Football

Shelling Out Dollars

  • 3 BHK (Downtown): 17,500.00 SI$
  • Cheap meal: 100.00 SI$
  • Gasoline: 8.00 SI$ / litre
  • 3 course meal: 700.00 SI$