Finnair Business Class Flights Tickets

Finnair is currently rated as the largest airline catering to the population of Finland and is considered to be flag carrier for the same. It corporate headquarter is located in Vantaa area of Finland with Helsinki airport in Vantaa being its major hub for the aircrafts. The airlines along with its exclusive subsidiaries rule over the air travel scene in Finland for both domestic and international destinations and the major support comes from the Government of Finland who are the main shareholder party with 55.8% of shares under their name. It is also an esteemed member of Oneworld airline alliance and boasts of transferring near about 10 million passengers to destinations of 60 Europeans, 4 Northern America and 13 Asian cities in just the year 2015.

As per the survey done, it was found that the airline Finnair ranks on 5th position in the list of oldest uninterrupted airlines of the world. Its last accident transpired in the year1963 which also makes it one of the safest airlines to travel in. By networking with more than 100 destinations across the world, its aircraft movement on daily basis is increasing rapidly. Destinations touched down in the USA are:

InterContinental Business Class

Fly across continents with business class comfort of Finnair whose staff are professionally trained to be courteous and responsive in providing top notch service. When you travel in business class comfort of Finnair you get to relax and continue your work or watch movies without any sort of disturbance.

  • Passengers holding Intercontinental Finnair Business Class tickets enjoy priority privilege of following:
  • First preference for check-in, security and boarding of flight.
  • De-board from the flight first on arrival to your destination.
  • Admittance in premium lounges of Finnair
  • Business Class passengers can carry in 3 bags of 23kg each (maximum).
  • Delicious meals, snack and beverages on demand prepared exclusively for business class.
  • A luxury in form of kit made of top quality branded products.

Finnair Exclusive Business Class Seats

Intercontinental business class cabin offers fully reclining seats on selected aircrafts that offer more space to either work or sleep throughout the journey. The seats are outfitted with:

  • Massage option on the flat bed seats with Zodiac vantage.
  • The seats when reclined convert into a bed which is 6feet and 7 inches (200 cm) in length that accords full comfort needed for a restful sleep.
  • These fully flat bed seats are only available with 12 aircrafts of air fleet named Airbus A330 and Airbus A340.

Fully Flat Seats on Chosen Routes

Business Class seats that fully recline to give option fully flat bed are available on selected aircrafts flying off to following routes across the continent from the Helsinki airport:

The route between cities mentioned above and Helsinki accord business class passengers with fully reclining seats, but, at times that might not be possible as the aircraft might get changed due to technical and operational failures.

Fine Dining Option for Business Class

  • Intercontinental business class passengers furthermore, enjoy benefit of fresh and hot meal prepared by renowned Finnish chef. The attributes of the same are mentioned below:
  • Signature menu and exclusive beverage list is prepared and set by top chefs of Finland that can be availed on demand.
  • Passengers travelling business class on Aircraft Airbus A350 have the opportunity to try Nordic dishes included in the special menu for them.
  • Aircrafts taking off from Helsinki airport across the continent give the business class passengers options for pro-ordering meals. These flights do not include destination towards Ho Chi Minh City, Phuket, Krabi as well as charter flights.
  • The delicacies prepared are completely complemented with top notch wine options picked from popular vineyards around the world.

Lounge Privilege

‘It is not the destination but the journey itself that is important.’

Keeping true to these words, the warm staff and employees welcome the business class passengers into their grandiose lounge in Helsinki airport. The journey full of relaxation and luxury starts right from the airport itself with priority check-in and lounge access which is located in both Schengen area and non-Schengen area. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the peaceful environment of the exclusive lounge before boarding for your flight.
Privileged members of Finnair Plus Platinum and Gold club along with their esteemed guests can relax and entertain within the classic Premium lounge located right beside the Finnair Lounge of non-Schengen area.

Reinvigorating with On Board Entertainment and Communication

From catching up on sleep and enjoying couple of TV shows and movies to finishing up pending work or communicating through free Wi-Fi, business class passengers can while their time on Finnair with hordes of entertainment alternatives.

On Board Entertainment

  • All the business class fully flat seats of fleet Airbus A330 and Airbus A340 are integrated with touch screen TV of 12.1 inches with video and audio on demand enabled.
  • The entire on flight entertainment program are restored with modern and smart interface.
  • Relax and rejuvenate yourself on the business class flight with enjoyment in form of more than 100 TV shows, around 70 movies, music, reading materials like newspapers, books, magazines comics etc along with popular video games. All are provided for in many different languages.
  • Aircraft Airbus A350 business class cabin is combined with top notch entertainment system of Nordic Sky brand is made available in combination with wireless entertainment services for the gadgets of the passengers.
  • Working Opportunity & Communications with Outside World
  • The latest addition to Finnair fleet in form of Airbus A350 – 900 comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity. Passengers holding Business class seats along with member of Finnair Plus Platinum and Gold club as well as the member of Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire tier are accorded with free access to internet through which they can communicate with the outside world even e=when they are up in the air.
  • Travelers can make use of satellite phone through which they can connect with network on the ground with messages by paying $2 (USD) per message along with free charge call to any other person travelling on the same aircraft.
  • Business Class cabins come equipped with electricity socket which renders the need for adapters useless.

Finnair in a Glance

Basis Status
Launched 1st November 1923
Corporate HQ Vantaa, Finland (Helsinki Airport)
Parent Company Finnair Group
Major Hub Cities Vantaa, Finland (Helsinki Airport)
Brussels, Belgium (Brussels Airport)
London, England (London Heathrow Airport)
Lounge Finnair Lounge
Finnair Premium Lounge
Air Fleet Airbus A319 – 100
Airbus A320 – 200
Airbus A321 – 200
Airbus A330 – 300
Airbus A340 – 300
Airbus A350 – 900
ATR 72 – 500
Embraer E190

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