EVA Air Business Class Flights Tickets

EVA Air was established in 1989 by Dr. Chang Yung-Fa, Chairman and Founder Evergreen Group, taking the already well established container-shipping Evergreen Line into next phase of transportation and travelling. The wide network coverage connecting states and cities of Europe, North America to Asia and China with links in around 60 cities helped the EVA Air to connect and gain appreciation all over the world. With connections in almost all the states of the US, the EVA Air also accords for EVA Air Business Class Tickets in following US cities:

Eva Air flight passengers enjoy many more than just onboard privileges. Certain classes of the EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER, EVA Air 777 and EVA Air Business Class 747 flights like EVA Royal Laurel, EVA Premium Laurel and EVA Business Class etc also garner benefits in form of before flight and landing that enumerated below:

Before Flight

  • Private Check-in Counter
  • Elite customers of EVA Air travelling in Royal & Premium Laurel class along with business class get the benefit of exclusive check-in counter that is managed by highly professional and courteous ground crew.
  • Swanky VIP Lounge
  • Comfortable VIP Lounges catered by EVA Air in all the airports where it dwells makes for a relaxing and satisfying stay for all the elite customers who are either waiting to board the flight or having a stay over on the airport.
  • Special Baggage Benefits

Special baggage like impeccable deals and special tags are also provided to the travelers of Royal & Premium Laurel and Business Class. Landing: On landing passengers travelling in these classes get priority to de-board and also at the baggage claim counter. Apart from above mentioned benefits before boarding the flight and after landing, EVA Air accords much more in flight privileges

EVA Air Business Class

EVA Air Business Class caters travelers with snug, roomy and ultra modern seats fitted with power outlets that make for an extremely comfortable travel. The flight offers wide array luxurious services including:


To entertain one, business class passengers can view films and videos through 10.6 inches personal touch screen & Panasonic eFX film on demand system.

Flight Related Information

To gather any information regarding the route of flight, its arrival on chosen destination, baggage situation, connecting flights etc. travelers can go through in-flight Entertainment System with added benefits of Connecting Gate Information (CGI).

Lighting System

Business class travelers can also make the atmosphere around their seats more sensational through situational lighting that will depict the natural air conditions outside and also mimic moonlight.

EVA Air Royal Laurel Class

A notch above the business class seats and benefits, Royal Laurel Class consist of much more comforts. Some of the Key points for this class of travelers are:

Personal Cabin

Comfy and spacious flight seats designed to open into 2 meter flat bed for peaceful sleep.

In-flight Welcome & Dining

The special welcome catered by the cabin crew includes a glass of fine champagne along with delicacy of bread with butter and extra virgin oil. Dining entrees and main course is also prepared spectacularly by famous chefs.

Overnight Kits

An all inclusive amenity including refreshing products like moisturizer, lip balm, two new and branded cases etc, makes the journey of the passenger very comfortable and relaxing

EVA Business Class with FareMachine

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