Emirates Airline Business Class Tickets!

Highlight Reel- Emirates Business Class

Reclinable seats that can turn into a bed

Seats with direct access to aisle

Amenity Kit provided by luxury brand BVLGARI

Exotic Wining and Dining

Cutlery by Robert Welch

Complimentary Chauffeur Service

Dedicated lounge access in 28 destinations and shared access in 60 destinations

Priority Check in and Check out

Online Baggage Check in

Attendants who will personally greet you

ICE entertainment system

Mini Bar and Onboard Lounge

Aircraft A380: The Best of the Best

Emirates Business Class Flight

Emirates, the airline you remember from Arsenal’s Jersey, has managed to stay at the pinnacle of Airlines industry for a number of years. The airline operates about 221 fleets and has a primary hub at Dubai. This UAE based airlines is known to operate flights in more than 142 destinations and is the largest middle east airline when considering the:-

  • Revenue
  • Fleet
  • Number of Passengers

Emirates Arsenal Jersey

All of this makes you wonder about how grand their business class would be and we wondered the same. This is why we analysed and wanted to present to you the Emirates Business class review.
Business class has always been the duke of airlines and with first class dwindling into shadows, it is soon going to be the king. Business class tickets offer you the best bang for every buck that you put in for the experience. You can:-

  • Savour exotic wining and dining
  • Work while soaking in the leisure
  • Take as much baggage as one can

Emirates Business Class Aircraft

What’s up with Emirates Business Class?

The Emirates Business Class is augmenting at a rapid rate due the substantial amount of facilities provided by this airline.

Emirates Business Class Amenities

The seats can recline into a fully flat bed. This means that you can just kick back, relax and even take a refreshing nap. Though this facility is available only on Emirates A380, Boeing 777-200LR and most of Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts only. On other aircrafts you can only recline your seat to 45 degrees but still there is huge amount of leg space available to enjoy the comfort and leisure.
All the seats in Emirates A380 and Boeing 777-200LR have direct access to the aisle. In the other aircrafts, direct access to aisle for every seat is still a problem which can be a huge deal breaker for some people. You are provided with your own private area and in case of aircraft A380, you get a colossal amount of personal area. You can even ask for a pyjama from the attendants on medium and long haul overnight flights.
You are also provided with an amenity kit like in most other flights. This kit is issued by BVLGARI, the Italian luxury and jewelry brand. This is one of the most celebrated fashion and lifestyle brands and provides a range of goods like fragrances, watches and so on. Your Emirates Business Class amenity kit includes some of the essentials made by this luxury brand. Men are provided with a polyester bag with buffalo leather trim and women with satin bags. Still these bags are available only on long haul flights spanning for more than 10 hours.

Emirates business class Amenity kit by Bvlgari

You should consider pre-ordering your food and selecting the right seat that offers you the most amount of privacy. In some flights, there is no direct aisle access for a few seats and it will behoove you to know about them. You will also need to book your chauffeur online.

Emirates Business Class Food

Emirates includes some of the most exotic dishes, prepared by the best chefs in their, Emirates business class menu. There are on demand menus with a variety of options to choose from. Global cuisines can be ordered and combined with wines to give out a tantalising flavour. You can select your own wine or have a Sommelier select one for you. These sommeliers are well trained in the art of wine tasting and can choose the best one for you according to your dining options.

Emirates Business Class Cutlery by Robert Welch

The food is prepared from fresh ingredients and presented to you in Fine Bone China dinnerware made by Royal Doulton. The cutlery is made by Robert Welch and will give the grand feeling throughout its use.

Emirates Business Class Bento Box

Emirates has also launched Flavours of Japan for the Emirates flights between Japan and Dubai. Emirates first class passengers get a traditional Kaiseki meal. According to Japanese Guest House, Kaiseki is a multi course cuisine and can consist 6 to 15 varieties of food. The whole cuisine includes alcohol, to appetizers to meals. A Bento Box with Japanese meals such as rice, pickles, fish or meat and vegetables will be provided to the Emirates business class travellers.

Emirates Business Class Services

Emirates Business Class Chauffeur

The whole grand experience starts from your door as you are driven to airport by a chauffeur in a luxury car. Emirates is one of the few airlines that provides this facility. The drop facility depends on the distance of your final location from the airport. This complimentary service is available in 55 destinations all across the world. The Emirates business class Chauffeur drive service needs to be booked but is complimentary with the Business class ticket.
You can avail shared Emirates business class lounge access in more than 60 destinations and a dedicated lounge access in over 28 destinations. You can also savour grand delicacies at these waiting lounges. Be sure to go hungry as some of the best tasting food awaits you. Heathrow airport, in London, is famed for the majestic view it provides of approaching aircrafts from the lounge. You also get free wi-fi at most of the Emirates Business Class lounges.
You can even avoid the stress of standing in a line and opt for priority check in. Through priority check in you are taken through the security without any hindrance. You do not even have to stand in a line. You will be at the check in desk in no time at all.
There, you can wait at the exclusive lounge of Emirates or a shared lounge if dedicated lounge is not available at your location. There is an option to check in the bags online. This will allow you to avoid the hassle of carrying around your luggage in the Airport.

Emirates Business Class Luggage

The clairvoyant attendants are amiable and will take care of all your needs and requirements even without you having to inform them. At the inception of the flight, you will be informed of all the mechanisms necessary for you to understand. In some flights, the attendants take it upon themselves to personally introduce themselves to each passenger in business class.

Emirates Business Class Entertainment

Select from a range of 1400 channels to watch while on board. The entertainment service is provided in collaboration with ICE entertainment. There are a huge variety of movies, tv shows and games that you can enjoy while commuting. You can even access your emails while in the flight. Watching news and sporting events would never have seemed better.

Emirates Business Class entertainment by ICE

Free wifi with a data limit of 10MB is offered to each passenger. This can be extended to 600 MB by undertaking an additional cost of only $1.

Emirates A380 and Boeing 777-200LR

These two would be what sports center is to ESPN. The amount of services and comfort offered on these aircraft is unprecedented. Emirates A380 is clearly the undisputed champion among all the aircrafts that Emirates houses.

Emirates A380

The seats in these aircrafts can recline into a fully flat bed and are 79 inches in length. The seats come with an inbuilt USB port, Power port and personal storage. You can easily work and charge your laptop and smartphone while keeping all your valuables safe inside the personal storage provided. The table provided in front of the seat makes for a huge amount of space to work on.
The entertainment is again provided in collaboration with ICE entertainment which includes more than 2500 channels on demand. You can even watch on demand movies and television series. Playing games on a huge HD screen might just be the thing you always dreamed of while commuting. Latest movies and tv shows are also available during your commute. You can even watch news and stay up to date on what is happening down on Earth.
You have access to your own mini bar. This mini bar is a conglomeration of a large variety of exotic wines. The onboard lounge is a perfect place to accost people and make new connections. This will surely take out the solitude out of travel. You can order wines ,spirits and even non alcoholic beverages in these lounges as well. Though this lounge is only available in Emirates A380 business class.

Emirates A380: The Best of the Best

According to Nick Rees, Manager for Emirates Singapore and Brunei, Integrating A380 is part of the overall plan of Emirates to expand the business across the Asia and Pacific. He also stated, “Over the years, we’ve seen strong demand on the Dubai-Singapore route, and Emirates has been boosting its flight services on this route progressively. Singapore is a prominent aviation hub in the region and naturally, it made sense to base an A380 here, which of course permits us to connect more Asian travellers to Dubai and beyond.”

Emirates A380

He proudly stated the fact that Emirates has ordered 90 A380 aircrafts and hence has become the largest operator of this particular aircraft. He also mentioned, “There’s so much growth happening within Asia and the Pacific, especially within the long haul segment. Both inbound and outbound traffic within the region are on an upward trajectory. China and Indonesia are still largely untapped, and we hope to be able to make further inroads into these markets.

Emirates A380 Seats

In an interview with imaginetvnetwork, Roger Reid, First officer of emirates a380, told the reporters that Emirates A380 is endowed with the latest technology like the latest weather radar. He explained that everything is displayed through pictures in the cockpit hence making analysis of the situation easier.

The reclinable seats of Emirates A380 come with an inbuilt massage function. The seats are extremely comfortable and provide a huge amount of space. There is a huge HD screen provided in front of your screen. Listening to music will serve as a catalyst for aggrandizing your experience. There is an in-aircraft lounge where you can meet people of same wavelength and make new connections. The lounge features on demand food and spirit that can be enjoyed with the company of a few new friends. The lounge can handle up to 15 people easily. The business class cabins are located in upper deck. The 1-2-1 configuration of seats assures aisle access to every passenger. The menu of Emirates A380 airbus is different from all the other aircrafts of Emirates. You can enjoy a Bloody Mary or a Johnnie Walker while getting comfortable in your seat. In breakfast, you can order a variety of snacks and beverages including waffles, coffee, spanishomelette and so on. A grilled beef steak with the right kind of wine will tantalise your taste buds. You can even order a seasonal salad, if you are health conscious.

Emirates A380 Shower

The cabins of Emirates A380 are as spacious as they get. Emirates is trying to get this airbus on most of its major international routes to give the customers the very best experience. You can even take a warm shower in the exclusive shower spa suite. All the basic amenities are provided in the shower for making you feel refreshed even on the flight. The showers have a built in alert function to let you know when your showering time is over. All passengers get 5 minutes of time to get refreshed in the shower. All of this truly makes Emirates A380 the best of the best.

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